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Hey dudes! Bilano here.

Last name of "Billy B. Bilano" troll genius. Mr. Bilano posts incredibly plausible-sounding pleas for help on various alpha geek mailing lists such as the Sun Solaris Administrator's list and the [email protected] list. His messages and queries are full of very complex technical descriptions that - to the untrained eye - could very well be possible. His erratic posting and eccentric style of address make it seem to some that he is just a confused, concerned user wanting help with his various technical exploits, when in fact his descriptions are clearly technically impossible or improbable.

Since late 2005, the saga of Bilano has diverted from his typical IT exploits to the on-going story of his strangely beautiful wife and his perpetually ill children (afflicted with "chronic oral incontinence"). In December of 2005, Bill's wife, Mary Bilano, disappeared to Thailand after apparently being kidnapped by a suspicious gentleman by the name of Hanoi Xan, whose primary means of locomotion are his thigh-high roller-skates as his feet were eaten by a goat during his childhood in rural Iowa. Upon realizing that his wife had not returned from her New Year's Eve party sometime in May of 2006, Bill, who had recently lost his children in a custody battle with his father in law, embarked on a trip to Thailand to apprehend Xan and bring Mary home. Bill enlisted the help of a burly Mexican fellow named Rancho who works in his employer's mail sorting room to help him on his trip. After several months of inactivity, Bill returned to his blog on April 4th with news that Mary had returned of her own volition and that Rancho had been discovered by the Minuteman Project and has presumably been deported.

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Mr. Billy B. Bilano, MSCE, CCNA
Expert Sysadmin Since 2003!

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