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Billy The Heretic, or The Dilbert for White nationalists, is a completely factual account of a young Christian boy struggling to overcome the hook nose influence of his adoptive parents. Using superior Aryan logic and morals, young Billy clashes with the media controlling sheenies he calls parents.

The Author

Fighting whiteys
I'm here to teach people about Jews and who they are as people. I grew up as an adopted white kid in a family of rich liberal Jews. I've had a lot of "adventures in diversity" with them, but I realized that there are a lot of goyim that don't understand Jewish people.

...and if you don't know what a goyim is, it means you probably are one. Hee! Hee!



—"Billy", on the comic.

The author of the comic is known simply as "Billy", and is the self inserted comic hero. The stories are supposedly based on his experiences being raised by adoptive Jew parents and struggling against their corrupt kike agenda. According to his bio, Billy was born to white parents who decided to give him away and "adopt a black baby they could use to brag about to all their liberal friends." Disgusted at such blatant use of affirmative action in the household, Billy dedicated his life to revealing the liberal disease. Fortunately for us all, Billy was eventually adopted by the gold digging masterminds of such degradation; the heebs themselves! Through Billy's courageous espionage, the world is now knowledgeable of the insidious Jew agenda that makes you laugh and think!

Unfortunately for Billy, he is Christian irl, and this affliction of his takes the otherwise hilarious and factual comic into often distracting complaining of being a poor suffering Christfag. And if he was adopted by rich money-grubbing jews, that would mean he got lucky. So he's just an ungrateful little twat.

The Comic

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