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The shitty BMR homepage. The Silk Road is way superior to this knock-off.

Black Market Reloaded (also known as BMR) was a shitty ripoff of the very popular e-marketplace, the Silk Road. Much like the Silk Road, you can buy drugs, weapons, alcohol, software, etc. It's a place where people go if they don't have enough bitcoin to pay for the superior items offered by the Silk Road. Besides being largely inferior to the Silk Road, there are a few main differences between the two. For one, BMR has a distinctive shitty blue website layout and fewer buying options than the SR. Also, like the SR, BMR didn't survive very long before getting shut down and seeing its inevitable end. Apparently, in the short time the site was actually live, it was frequently under DDOS attacks which fucked up the servers and slowed everything down. However, this likely a cover-up and an excuse for the admin shutting down the site.

Categories of Shit You Can Buy

Unlike the Silk Road, you are very restricted in your options. Everything you can buy is watered down to only a few broad categories. Unlike the Silk Road, there is no guarantee that you are going to get what you want.

Black Market Reloaded Gets Shut Down

As it turns out, Black Market Reloaded didn't get shut down at all. What actually happened is the site's owner got paranoid about the security and anonymity of its users and decided that the best thing to do was to shut the entire thing down to eliminate the risk of potentially "exposing" the static IP addresses of his customers to the FBI. He defends his decision with the excuse of "increased site traffic" and how the site can't handle large volumes of traffic. What's likely the reason is he was attempting to cover his own ass due to suspicions of FBI presences on his website.


A random faggot exploring Black Market Reloaded.

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