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BlogTalkRadio is a web-based platform that allows anyone who agrees with the right-wing views of the company to host a live call-in Internet broadcast using a computer and a phone as long as the right-wingers don't cuss or say mean words to hurt the fee fees of transfaggots.


How this shit works

BlogTalkRadio's interface provides a shite interface in which anyone can host online radio shows by shoving a microphone up their own ass and mashing their semen-covered fingers on a keyboard. This simple process allows thousands of self-proclaimed psychics, paranoid conspiracy theorists, and conservatard/liberal propagandists to spout their bullshit through their phone

This shit ain't free. It costs $40-250 a month to host with a premium account, so all you cheap EBT-swiping niggers get stuck with fifteen minute broadcasts. However, if you fork out for premium, you have access to "features" like having up to 250 faggots calling you at the same time.


After brutally murdering his own father by sodomizing him with a broom handle, Alan Levy collected his ill-gotten inheritance and set up an audio-based blog in 2006. Being the penny-pinching Jew that he is, Mr. Levy found a way to capitalize on this investment by making the service available to other bloggers. Later on, BlogTalkRadio was bought out by Fox Broadcasting Company and became inundated with neo-con christfag talk shows.

As of February 2011, anyone wishing to host a show lasting more than 30 minutes was required to pay a monthly fee, which eliminated half of the site's content as well as the bored housewives, batshit insane conservatives, and unemployed jelly-asses who lack the motivation or funding to pay for their own e-vanity.

A "variety" of shows

While BTR claims to cater to diverse audiences, every show fits into at least one of the five main categories:

  • Self-proclaimed psychics
  • Paranoid conspiracy theorists
  • Conservative/Liberal propaganda
  • Sports shows with incontinent hosts
  • Jeebus

However, the vast majority of BTR shows are variety-style and run 1-2 episodes before the hosts grow tired of shelling out money to keep three listeners entertained.


BlogTalkRadio is also the subject of much controversy, including the deletion of any shows that dare to question their right-wing views and also cases such as 9/11 conspiracy theory shows. This controversy segment has also been deleted by them in the past as it shows them in a bad light, however in the interests of free speech (something which they infringe upon, which is very un-constitutional of them) can be reposted freely. Also unless you are one of their staff members, the chances of getting your show featured as slim to none as BlogTalkRadio is incredibly nepotistic and reserves such rights for their favorite nepotists such as Shaun Daily and John Sweet. John Sweet himself is the main culprit of much of their infringement on the first amendment and as mentioned will delete shows discussing any topics they don't agree with rather than acknowledge peoples right to free speech as governed by the US constituion.Rather than rationally discuss any queries they have, they would much rather just delete hosts shows. BlogTalkRadio also seems to ban any shows that fails to see the US in anything other than a radiating light and deletes any shows discussing these foreign affairs such as shows from Canada and Europe. Another insult to the hosts is that they provide one of their other nepotists; FlyLady with their own bulletin board which was previously their help bulletin board and rather than provide customer support would much rather provide one of the hosts with a free community board, however they don't provide such a service to any of their other hosts. BlogTalkRadio also tends to hire 4th rate semi-celebs and places them in irrelevant positions such as Community Manager and Fitness Expert as this brings them in increase profit through advertising, this fails to contribute to any benefit to the hosts though. Their product is also exceedingly buggy and despite whether people may report these bugs to their inferior technical support, little seems to be done to resolve these issues. For more information on how they censor shows check out The Corbett Report which discusses such cases and also provides far greater detail and also exposes their "customer relations manager" John Sweet for the infringer of human rights that he is. They also regularly edit this article to remove any comments such as this one which can and will be reposted and also to advertise BlogTalkRadio against the TOS of any site. This would also indicate that they have nothing better to do with their resources and such loyalty to their hosts that they would rather remove something which makes their product look bad and for rightful reasons being that their actions border on the line of racism that they would much rather edit an online information document than actually work on improving their product which is failing due to poor customer relations as well as non-compliance of the 1st amendment of the American constitution. Anal Levy and Bob Jewish also have a history of being involved in some unsuccessful business ventures and very shady business dealings. To further this, they also silence anyone offering to show the good as well as the bad possibly in links with their political ambitions and will also resort to the editing online articles and uses bullying tactics to hide behind accusations of anti-Semitism which is not permitted on any online article the same as anti-Americanism like denying people the right of free speech a favorite activity of their staff it seems. They also paid Wikimedia (AKA Wikipedia) an undisclosed amount of money to be allowed to advertise on the desperate excuse for an information site and to also delete anything that didn't show them to be a bastion of light and freedom on the internet when in fact they silenced people because they were bully victims who got given swirlies at the special needs schools they went to.

Terms of Service

Strict legal guidelines are in place for most non-Jews who use the site. These apply to everyone except for Debi Daly who pays Shannon Dingleberry-Kramer to protect her "show".

Political Agenda

Having appeared at the Republican National Convention is it very much apparent that Anal Levy or at least BlogTalkRadio as a business body has some form of favored political agenda and by their own admission on their blog BlogTalkRadio at the RNC proves they are biased in the type of material that they allow and often ban any shows hosting left-wing view of current politics and quashes on their right of free speech. For a company to use their customers as political pawns in this manner is just plain unprofessional and such actions are unconstitutional. BlogTalkRadio will not stop with their Republican army of biased broadcasting until they've culled the first born of every family in the USA and drank their fresh blood. It's also believed that since BlogTalkRadio doesn't adhere to the 1st amendment of the American constitution that they've signed an agreement with Osama Bin Laden to host his future broadcasts on BlogTalkRadio and promote him as much as possible while kicking some kittens through a bi-planes propeller.


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