But you are died!

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But you are died! will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

But you are died! is a another example of the illiteracy that pollutes the internet. This forced meme started when a /b/tard was lurking on JewTube. What they found was a classic example of Engrish.

What was found

While the /b/tard was watching a Heath Ledger tribute video, they noticed a comment that said:

I love you heath ledger !!!

but you are died !


—JewTube fangirl

The comment was made by someone claiming to be at least 100 years old, and German. This means that the conspiracy theories are correct, and yes, Hitler are not died and still walks among us.

/b/'s response

This resulted in an session of lulz. In the mode of Pretty Cool Guy, the way to use this is to say

I love you (insert dead celebrity, fail celebrity or celebrity you want to be dead)!!! but you are died!


A Challenger Appears

Recently during the non-stop raid of Soulja Boy's chatroom, another illiterate ape spouted "The all gonna died!" or some shit like that (niggers don't speak English either)So remember kids, you are going to died. End of story. For now, you can mourn those who are but died before us. They gonna died, you gonna died, we gonna died, But they are died!!! Nevar Forget!


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