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Buttercup Duck is a psychotic troll who is well known for her dozens of sock puppets. She has recently been released from a mental institution and has been diagnosed with chronic undifferentiated schizophrenia. This conditon is controlled with medication, yet she refuses to take her medication as prescribed because she says it dulls her senses and makes her unable to troll as effectively. She normally posts on The Soapbox board on IMDb, where everyone hates her. Still she is widely known as Buttercup Duck and Elspeth McGillicuddy, and her original troll name Sapersteen. She has caused most grief and malice though the use of distortion and misinterpretations and twisted, sick lies. She heaps accusation on posters like Susan with no proof and pretend she is so innocent. She's a liar, a fraud, a malicious bitch who wants to destroy people, mainly the women who are here that are bright and articulate, but most of all the popular. It should also be noted that the person who took the time to write all of this is obviously calling for a personal army against an obvious troll, and needs to stfu and get over themselves. It should also be noted that it was also probably written by a woman, so gtfo the internet and get back in the kitchen.

tl;dr Butthurt Woman Drama

Lies She Has Told

Buttercup Duck

Buttercup Duck claims to be a sexy blue-eyed blonde with a model's body, a nice house, a car, a boyfriend, and a busy social life. In reality, she is a grossly overweight dishwater blonde, without a car, a boyfriend, or a pot to piss in, who lives alone in her mother's unfinished basement. She has no friends, not because she is fat (though it certainly doesn't help) but because she is a crazy bitter hag who resents women for their beauty and men for their wealth.

Soapbox posters discovered that Buttercup Duck is currently working as a phone sex operator and living at home with her morbidly obese mother who now weighs 750 lbs and cannot get out of bed. Firemen had been called on several occasions to extricate her from the bathroom where she twice broke the toilet bowl and was stuck in the bathtub. Her mother requires constant attention and at least eight meals a day. Now Buttercup Duck has to change crappy diapers and wipe her mother's enormous backside day and night.

A model's body, if the model in question is for a cattle insemination brochure.

Online Activities

Duckie claims to be an attorney, but with her language skills it is unlikely that she would have been accepted in any law school in America, let alone pass the Bar. She is a snarky, onerous, opinionated, pseudo-intelligent poster who will never concede a point in a debate, no matter how much evidence there is to the contrary. She thinks that she is always right about everything, and when it becomes obvious that she's not, she will stalk, harass, insult, and falsely report the other poster. She loves to throw her weight around as much verbally as she does physically. Despite the fact that she has more weight to throw around than any three Soapbox posters put together, she keeps getting run off the board by posters who become aware of her constant lying about her life, her physical appearance and her occupation.

Needless to say, she has alienated everyone she has ever known on the Soapbox.

IMDb Aliases

Here is a partial list of her current sock puppets which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Carmalita
  • Chrentel
  • Doris_Day
  • Elspeth_McGillicuddy
  • Naturally_Selected
  • Notwhomostthinkiam
  • Notwhoyouthinkiam
  • NPS_4000
  • Nytrams Place Sucks
  • Sapersteen
  • Seen_And_Heard
  • Soapbox_Intervention
  • Touch_Of_Class-12
  • Vicky_Bozsteen
  • You're_Killing_Me_Nathan

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