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ED Logo Transparent.png Buzzen was restored from the depths of
Some material will likely be outdated, missing, and/or no longer considered funny in today's lulz standards. You can help by updating it and making it worth reading.
Buzzen Chat
BackgroundBuzzen, in beta for 6 years cause the cunts who run it can't code for shit
CEOJay Power
WebsiteBuzzen Home

Buzzen Chat or is the home of a chat site that copied the old MSN Chat word for word. Using everything such as the Code of Conduct to the theme and layout, this site is full of Nazi hosts, guides, and staff that will ban you for the smallest thing. As a clone of MSN, they try their hardest to act like them, employing dumber than apeshit IRC OPs. Buzzen Chat uses different levels of IRC OP status, while it's all the same thing on the IRC end, on the web site front end, "Hosts" are given hammers. I'll be damned if this doesn't get them off. These people have obviously never used mIRC or been on any kind of real IRC server because they think they "run shit" with their head up their ass with this magical hammer. When in reality, the "hosts" are nothing more than IRC op tools that do the admins bitch work. "Guides" or "Sysops" as they call them, are the only ones able to IP ban you, as well as view your IP, because they are all masked with Gatekeeper addresses. If they weren't, this shitty IRC server would have a lot less tools.

Guide's are known for giving out , and even selling your IP address for marketing and malicious intent purposes. The whole clan of happy-go-fucky Buzzen staff are down right shady. Everything from compulsive liars, to camwhores, pedophiles, and even semi-terrorist individuals. Which in turn makes a great stomping ground for 4chan, who frequently use and abuse the chat site for their own use.

Buzzen Staff

The current Chat Manager is Karen Spicer under the alias of "Sysop_Felicity". She holds this position despite a number of incidences which have tarnished both hers and Buzzen's image. She has been accused by, both former and current, staff members for the abuse of chat users and staff. It is rumored that this has been allowed to happen because of illicit relations she is having with the current Buzzen CEO, Jason Edwards. Their relationship extends to Karen possessing the password to Jays Admin Op' account on Buzzen. This situation has developed because Jay has abdicated most of the day to day responsibilities of the server onto a person who revels in possessing power - Karen Spicer. Using Jay's Admin account, Karan has indiscriminately silenced and quashed any serious attempts to remove her. However, this will NOT remove the glaringly obvious fact that KAREN is a slut who sucked, fucked, lied, connived and manipulated her way to the top of the shit-heap. Moreover, Karen fails to recognize that Jay, in turn, uses her fat, old, ugly ass to take up after him while he pisses off and actually enjoys having a real life. Not bad going for a grocery store clerk Fisty!

Error - Michael S McAlpin


Michael McAlpin is Buzzen's website director. Born in 1975, Michael grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Eupora MS where he attended high school and achieved nothing. McAlpin currently lives in Houston MS, where he found love in 1988 and destroyed it, breaking his wife's heart, Leigh Ann McAlpin. This affair ended in a bitter divorce. They spawned two children, Brian Michael and Baylee Ann. Michael does not see much of his family as they immensely dislike him. It is also rumoured he has dabbled in pedophilia.

Fiestybaby - Sysop Felicity

Karen spicer twitter.jpg

Karen has been responsible for server downtime as a result of improper relations with numerous users who have sought to use her position to infiltrate and damage the server. Most recently, Karen has been involved in controversy surrounding indecent images which have surfaced on the internet taken from a webcam chat session she had with an unidentified male. The pictures are attached below, however viewer discretion is strongly advised as the nature of the images are both vulgar and grotesque. The pictures, and their subsequent coverup, are hereafter known as "Clamgate"

Karen is an active member of the SM community, Devoid aka Naalo Profile is Karen’s master. With him, her nick is kåssiå●D.Profile Also note that Naalo is only 23 years old! You can find Naalo: here

Her old master calls himself Smikey and with him Karen’s nick was ○śıłĸŷ○Ś Profile

You can find Smikey: here

Master Legends AKA Stryker (no pic available as yet) abandoned her and ran away (can’t blame him).

Karen hides in plain sight and is known for stringing 2 or 3 men along at the same time using different nicks and different email addresses to keep them all straight.

Remember what Jay said when confronted with Karen’s perversions: "What she [Karen Spicer] does in her own time is her own business". But much of the domination-scene run by Karen seems to be based in Buzzen Chat. Is that still her own business?

Fiestybaby Whore Video

Preview of Karen Spicer video

Wanna see Karen aka Cum Bunny live? (WARNING!) If you are straight you will become gay. If you are a lesbian you will become straight. If you are bisexual, you will become a celibate monk or nun. Proceed with caution.

VIDEO IS BACK Click here

And now for the web forum/chat definition of Karen Spicer

Chat Management Response

Since the publication of images regarding the current Chat Manager, Karen Spicer, the Buzzen Chat team, under Karen's guidance, have sought to silence any user who introduces the images into topic or makes any correlation, direct or indirect, regarding them. Regular chat users have become victims of this crusade as Buzzen Administration attempts to limit embarrassment. However, in doing so, it likens Buzzen to the regimes of Communist North Korea, China and Iran. Instead of acknowledging the actions of the chat manager as bad taste and damaging to Buzzen's reputation, they server ban ANYONE who even asks the simple question of, 'are said photos real?'. This sort of fuzzy damage control only suggests further validity of this entire site. A serious blow has been struck to her on behalf of all the users of Buzzen she and her minions have wronged over the years. And boy is she pissed, with numerous attempts to blank this page. Lulz.

This is how Buzzen staff addresses this matter internally:

Hello all,

We have some jokers around who post links with nude pictures, they claim its Karen. It is not Felicity/Karen, they only want to bring her in trouble. Ban the people posting the pics and let it go, don't start a discussion about it, just ignore the comments. Ignore the accusations, don't defend Felicity, just let it go and ignore. They will stop when they see they don't get the result they want. If you have questions please come to me.


—卐Enya, Staff Forum dated 06/16/10

卐Some staff members had questions but when they brought them to the attention of the Feisty & Enya clan they were fired.

Upper Management Response

The images were quickly reported to the CEO of Buzzen Communications Inc, Jason Edwards aka Jay Power, Sysop_Banyu, Darth_Vegan, JayBuzzen. His official response to the situation was, "what she [Karen Spicer] does in her own time is her own business". However, her "own time" and "personal business" is constantly brought into Buzzen, and Buzzen itself is ground zero for various wars and attacks she has instigated. The infamous month long DDoS of Buzzen was the direct result of her having a bad break up with a chatter. She uses her "power" for personal gains, vendettas, revenge and giggles. Karen hands out guide/sysop positions to her friends and uses Buzzen as her personal play ground for her sexual conquests and perverted sexual lifestyle. Users have likened this to a pedophile teacher performing sexual acts with a child, outside school hours, as a justification for not firing the the teacher as they were not on school premises while committing the crime.

Upper management has failed to release a statement, despite numerous requests. A tactic common in Buzzen is basically sticking your fingers in your ears, closing your eyes and going LALALA I can't hear you!

Absolute Submission - Guide Jennie

Asbolute Submission welcome

Before you puke, read this – the revealing history of a failed character and a deeply disturbed personality:

I live as a slave to my master, which for the outsider will sound horrible but for those familiar with the lifestyle is not something strange.

It's been 3116 days since mg took me as his 24/7 slave. I am a 50 year old (circa 1955) mother of two girls, submissive by nature, with an inherent desire to please. I live in a little village on the south east coast of the UK, together with my master and our two girls. he (mg) is master and head of the House and his word is final, yet we can still discuss any issue and he will listen to my point of view, but the final say will always be his. I am his Slave as well as “Mother” to my girls, roles which I find are quite easily combined to the benefit of all concerned. That isn’t to say I am perfect, far from it, what it does mean is that this is how I wish to live my life and with that happiness, joy and contentment, anything is possible.Who am i, silly question, my master's Slave.



This Master-of-Disaster, Paul Knox, has to say about his slave:

When my girl decided she wanted to make a site for herself I agreed it would be a good idea. She has however asked if she may use some thoughts and writings from me too, and this then is that section.I am pleased that my cleo has created this site, which in some way may help others, especially Submissives, but dominants too, understand some of the inner workings of the Sub/Slave mind. To know what is going on in there is more than half the battle.



Temper temper, Guide Jennie, you need to follow the papal bull handed down by the almighty leader upon whose ass you plant kisses daily,

...let it go, dont start a discussion about it, just ignore the comments.


—Enya, guide forums 06/16/10

Shame on your Jennie, tsk tsk, keep to orders and JUST IGNORE the comments here and in chat.

However, Jennie responded to these revelations – she set her mood from ‘sunny’ to ‘appalled’ and added some nasty text which however she subsequently removed again. At the end it said: ‘Go to hell’. Well, let’s just say, ‘after you’ dear Jennie. Jennie removed most of the pics from her domination-site and put most of what was on their respective FB-pages out of sight. Don’t worry Jen & Paul, we took the precaution of copying all the pics from your site same as we copied your friends lists from FB. You never know, all that info may come in Handy!

Lets note this nasty trick cheated on her faithful husband, the father of her two daughters and left him for her present male influence, Paul Knox. While this, in itself, isn't the biggest smudge on Guide Jennie's record, it reeks of lack of moral integrity one should expect in a persons who's position is that of good and decent behavior. Yes, good wife Martha AKA Guide Jennie removed her daughters from a stable home and into the house of a deviant master/husband.

Jennie uses Taz to build her client so users don't suspect she really has the brain capacity of a goldfish. But who is really "using" who out of the pair? We hear wayne likes Jennies casual attitude towards her kids, rumors of his incestuous activities with his sister might be why Jennie and Wayne are so close. Maybe stepdad Paul and Taz share more in common than what appears. Who really knows with these deviants? Word to the wise Jennie, better bribe Wayne fast before he passes along all your dirty little secrets along.

Jennie even has her own master-Collar chat room now: Collars and Cuffs


Buzzen Comic Strip

Staff No Longer Monitor Rooms

...There has been a huge change in Buzzen BSR rooms. Jay Power has officially decided that staff will no longer monitor server rooms and only a bot will monitor for profanity and link kicks. This startled a lot of staff and started a huge gossip issue about what will happen to Guides & Hosts. Guides will stay in helpdesk and do not have the power to kick or ban. However, hosts have been fired. Guides must tell users to take screenshots of abuse and send it to Jay, as he will decide what to do. Disgruntled staff say there will be less chatters - well now it's time to see who stays and who goes in chat LOL! The Code Of Conduct will still be upheld (ie. a reason for higher management to still ban). Any complaints about these changes or any complaints about issues in the rooms, email [email protected]


—fgt, 27 March 2013

This is a good time to raep, pillage and create anarchy.

Buzzen Satisfaction Survey

Buzzen is dedicated in providing it's users with a service that they can be happy with. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your online experience, and to enhance your enjoyment of our communications. We ask that you please take a few moments to complete this anonymous survey. While it is important to be honest it is equally as important to be truthful and fair. With the information gathered we hope to improve Buzzen for our Users.


—Buzzen Management, April 2013

Something off about the sample size? Survey is inaccurate in all ways possible.

click here to view the results of the survey

Use scrollbar to see the full text

4. If there is any reason why you would discontinue utilising Buzzen as your source of online communications. What would it be? (Required)

Response: no Right now, not that many people online at all times. The chats kind of die at night, so probably try to get it more global. i don't think i would chat in rooms anymore buzzen is awesome i dont have a reason harassment and poor chatting experience If "owners" of the room ban me because one of their friends dislikes me. Unfairness. It goes pay-per-chat. i would get banned poor administration. Chat room policing is unbalanced and serves mostly to remove "good citizens" while those who are disruptive tend to remain hosts and guides are atrocious Annoying chatters... Low ammount of chatters in there too complicated entry to the site too complicated to get in The server is far too unreliable. to many idiots and not enough hosts to help out if the server continuously goes down but lately its been good. The chat morons poor connections,script kiddies,virus threats,poor hosts Well, it sorta pisses me off that i lost all my points, I worked hard for those points! Favouritism its always going offline, some features dont work , like find a friend hmmmmmmmm . hmmmmmmmmm . *thinks this question is to deep .. next* Yes. Have Guides In The HelpDesk 24/7 uhm it would be b/c i found something better but have yet to come across that Money, ridiculous rules that benefit no one. At this stage I can't see any reason that would make me discontinue using buzzen. I would like to make a suggestion though. I personally would like a more variety of registered Buzzen rooms to choose from. Of course I understand you need more people to chat in those rooms but it may be something to think about in the future. no l am staying for good none The server crashes a lot. It puts chatters off. The fact that it is unreliable and that the hosts in the room i chat are..basically useless and are not consistant maybe, if I had to pay for it There is one chatter who I find extremely racist and outright nasty. I don't think there is any excuse for that behaviour and know of 4 ppl who have left buzzen becuase of this one person. I think that's terrible that one person can BULLY and pick on more than one person so much as to make them leave a place where they enjoy chatting. I think something seriously needs to be done about her, otherwise i honestly beleive many more will leave. Hosts need to be hosts and not back down cos their mates are there. IF it's wrong, then it's wrong no matter who is doing it. I don't take it personally if a freind of mine boots me for being a shit. As far as Mags goes, I know I am not the only person complaining about this. Just realise it has to be pretty serious for ppl to take this sort of action in numbers. Next action we might take is leaving buzzen. No the constant down time of server, periodical disconnections are annoying too, however its the only place i chat so im prepared to wear it. going to pay Nazi like Hosts being anal about Profanity, yet Sexual innuendo is ok ? Double standards anyone ? Server down time. If you began to charge get rid of jack maybe some of the personal attacks getting out of hand, most times its entertaining :D no Lots of reasons actually question should really be why do i stay... But I think some of the staff have big heads and need to be brought back down to earth. Not all the staff just a small part of them. I think Buzzen has went to shit lately compared to a year ago. Way I see it its the staffs fault for over reacting about every lil thing just to prove they have power. Which a lot of people could give a fuck less who can do what cause no one comes here to be bullied. As long as the staff are bullies people will continue to leave the server going places where the staff enjoy them being there instead of acting like you have to be in an elite special group to chat here on buzzen kinda fucked.. So yea theres one reason. I don't utilise Buzzen as my source for online communication because a good number of the staff does not respect the users, and the admins are breaking international copyright laws charging users for registered rooms while forcing them to use the MSN Chat OCX. In all honesty Buzzen is no longer a friendly place to chat due to some staff members who has let power go to their heads and made chat a place where chatters are afraid to say anything or enjoy themselves. Its like being in a prison and afraid to move for fear of being punished for something that wasnt wrong in the first place. I can name 2 of your staff who has done this several times to many of people but i am sure you already know who these people are. Over all if this wasnt a problem then Buzzen would be a good place to chat for all. Cuz u dont care about the reg chatters..and want money for the good service not being able to sign in. buzzen being down only if someone would ever upset me enuff to leave IF YOU COULD BETTER ENFORCE THE RULES AND REGULATIONS AS LAID DOWN IN YOUR CODE OF CONDUCT THERE WOULD BE HAPPIER CHATTERS. mostly because of the terrible job of guides and hosts, they are terrible, they are biased and unfair if ya tryed ta make us pay ta chat like the assholes at msn did It has the worse servers of any chat I have ever seen yes, your admins abuse their powers! Especially Timeless Only if it were to become fee for service. yes certain host herev Am a little tired of Buzzen being down so much. Its not my main source. hosts some people host when they are not gavelled continuing to manipulate conversations until they are interested in the topic Case in point is Birdy ALWAYS in the room with her coonies If she likes the topic it continues BUt try to insert logical conversations about world news events she gavels up and removes people This person is None My font can be seen in whisper boxes, but not in the main room. Its like a gag that goes continuously without a break. I cannot resolve this issue. Could you please help me. My email addy is [email protected] yes there would be because i get a lot of crap at me . plus buzzen keeps cutting me off etc . i get sick of it . the constant trouble makers that are allowed back in time after time even though they are known trouble makers Frequent server downtime! Being charged to chat! i get banned I have discontinued for short periods of time in past due to the consitant degrading remarks from certain chatters, it became like ground hog day nothing No reason to discontinue online harrassers or my computer totally going postal and blowing up:( none , i enjoy it very much, i love the people and it is fun, if it keeps fucking up like it did in the fall bad management. too many rules & regulations God doesn't usually use chat and instant messenger services. No If that was to happen it would be less to do with buzzen and more to do with the people that frequent it. the likes of dobe, attila, and the other chat al-quieda. I wish they were banned from the server indefinately The only reason is simply because the people in charge allow one certain chatter to abuse his priviledge to chat by threatening ppl, saying he will kill your children etc...yet he still hasn't been banned from the rooms. sickening really, and I've complained on numerous occasions well...the instability of the servers does not make it easy, and a problem chatter who insisted he be allowed to wreck others chats, and you folks really did help with him I truely appreciate your help there. None Scrollers, perverts none If sysop wayne or sysop gemini were to leave

-Sample Survey results

Anonymous Tips

The Fiestybaby and Monkey Love Affair

Context: Everyone knows Jess aka Monkey is kissing Karen’s ass, trying to obtain guide wings from her. Sooner or later Karen will make the moves on him. He's so desperate to be a guide he will probably cam that slut. Even Karen knows making him a guide will be a bad move. However, she is such a slut that her axe wound will over rule her rational thinking.

Dirt: BUT what she doesn't know and what he doesn't want ANY of them to know is that he was the one that supplied the msn and real name of Mike McAlpin aka err0r and George Hans aka chain

Can we say twofaced betrayal? How do you think they will feel knowing that?

What about the mockery monkey made of Karen when he used Sera's logins to abuse Fisty in Helpdesk right under her nose?

What’s so hilarious about that is she screeched "ip's dont lie". Of course not, but you need to know how to gather the Ip first, right?

That silly cunt doesn't even have the ability to read an IP because if she did, how come she never knew it was Monkey and not Sera abusing her all those times - the irony!!!

Note: Monkey tried numerous attempts to blank this section, failed, got mad, threatened to make a domain slurring the good names of people he thought responsible for this section and that also didn't happen. Guilty much, Monkey??? This person is not to be trusted.

JESSIENESSIE aka Nessie Lander

say cheese

single mother of 1 girl

is in a bdsm relationship with groovyaxis and wears a collared nick in maztal and phriek

accused her ex of molesting her daughter in order to justify cheating on him with groovy when she was busted

left the real life ex for chat cock (groovy) living on the other side of the world in australia

Nathan Scott

The former owner of Chatcore is queer

Chatcore never grew due to Nathan's incompetence and his infamous gay tiffs with his boyfriends

Bench was the brains behind Chatcore and when Bench left Nathan merged with Buzzen [1]

Nathan is a male model in the UK

he has an extensive portfolio including pron


As a result of copious bans carried out, Buzzen users began to deplete. Thus, Buzzen owner; Jay powers bought Chatcore. Accordingly, Chatcore users transitioned over to Buzzen, causing Jay to lose money from bad investment.

Whores with a GoD COmpleX

Sysop_Stealth Sysop_Stealth AKA err0r and Karen's candyass - This guy has gone over to the darkside, blinded by pussy and nasty a one at that. Admittedly he is skilled (sort of, in some things) and just about the only reason the server is still being held together at this point is that he is on staff, otherwise every script kiddie on buzzen would be dancing around the staff like the joke that they are.
Sysop_Eternity Sysop_Eternity AKA Enya This misguided woman has her snout so far up Fisty's ass, she qualifies as grade A cunt. Enya is personally responsible for issuing the edict that no current staff members are to allow or engage anyone in discussion regarding the "Clamgate" images of Fisty. Enya alone issued the staff-wide denial that the images were of karen. That leads to the inevitable questions regarding her own moral and ethical integrity as she provides the lies and cover story that allows Fisty to continue to run the server. Enya is an enabler pure and simply because she allows Fisty to lie to her face and then she in turns lies to everyone else. This proactive enabling has led to her enacting zlines and bans for absolutely nothing, yet when questioned regarding her motives for random bans of innocent chatters, she instantly becomes mentally incapable of answering any logical question and hides behind HelpDesk staff like a coward. Can someone tell this typical blonde that IF she wasn't so ready to align herself to Fisty that 'maybe' Buzzen Admin would notice her and trust her for standing up to Karen, and maybe just maybe they will feel she was a contender to assume the role Fisty now occupies
Guide_Timothy Guide_Timothy - He likes to threaten chatters when he doesn't think any of his "bosses" are watching, calls people dumbasses, speaks freely about ass sex, sucking dicks and all around being a filthy homosexual, but runs in to ban anyone for even mentioning another race, religion or sexual orientation in what he perceives in his twisted little mind as derogatory.
Guide_Carter - AKA Dooley Guide_Carter - AKA Dooley Also uses the chatname Scrubs at present. Dooley started as a host under the old staff - this petty minded, narcissist with no discernible sense of humor is one of the few hosts that stayed on when Fisty's mafia came to power. He quickly made Guide as his sycophantic qualities were recognized and thus rewarded. Dooley claims he is a Surgeon, indeed this may be the perfect cover as nobody can challenge his claims unless they too are also a surgeon. So while this might technically get him around the fact he proclaims he isnt a "Doctor" per sè his lack of medical knowledge leads to the conclusion he is a liar and a poor one at best.
Guide_Jennie Guide_Jennie - ever had an unpleasant encounter with this well-trained monkey from Karen’s personal zoo? She’s an expert in kicking ppl from Helpdesk, endlessly repeating meaningless questions and stalling action if she doesn’t like you. Jennie apparently types with one hand, rumour has it that her other hand is readily placed on Wayne (aka Taz's cock). Jennie reports to Wayne any complaints that come into HelpDesk involving him and almost never kicks him for threats that he makes against other users. One of our favourite lines from Guide Jennie is: "management are code of conduct.. you insult management you insult Buzzen". Please look under 'Absolute Submission' and in the Fail Gallery for (much) more about Guide Jennie!
Guide_Paul Guide_Paul - He has a small penis. Which explains his need to bully people on the internet. Jennie's clit is bigger than this guys cock.
Host_Diamond Diamond AKA Opal - Can't spell beyond a pre-school level. Kicks and bans anyone that dares question her post-menopausal thought police ideals. Oh noes! don't speak about history! don't mention a historical person! That's against the rules! Just because she never graduated Kindergarten doesn't mean everyone has to walk around with a stupid expression on their faces and various kitchen appliances lodged in their ass.
Guide Kristine AKA Crystal, Enough said.


Average Chatter - Dobe


Craig Alan Diehm
I don't even - Buzzen Guide Jose - ICEMAN
The KrackerGnutterbar
BytchAmy The Fake

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