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Card Crusher

Card Crusher, also known as the rude dude or Zoomjap is an old-as-the-internet-itself 4chan /a/ meme, consisting of a series of strips based on Professor Himonya (碑文谷教授 in moonspeak), a rude Professor of Linguistics from the University of Tokyo (who apparently is an expert on making people uncomfortable), who goes on Japanese TV and creates lulz by insulting various presenters. It began when a certain /a/sshole posted a YouTube link of him being interviewed.

The twist of the video happens when Professor Himonya gives the female interviewer a business card and asks her to pretend it's hers. She then presents the business card back to him; he looks at it, smiles, and then proceeds to crush it in his fist and hold it to her face, while maintaining a pose and goofy facial expression. In Japan, business cards are serious business, so doing this is the chink version of raping someone else's family pet in front of them.

And then there is this fail

The comic version

In response to the video, an eleven from Futaba made his own comic strip version of the scene, depicting Konata as Professor Himonya, Kagami as the interviewer and a choco cornet being crushed in place of the card. It was translated, and the comic and video circulated around /a/ for a while. The meme truly took off when an /a/sshole decided to make his own MSpaint version of the comic, featuring Simon, Rossiu and the core drill from Gurren Lagann. Shortly after, an Oh Exploitable template was made, and the meme took off on /a/. It also eventually made its way into /v/ and finally migrated to /b/ as is that sum Original Content

In the spinoff strips, a character usually holds something of immense value for the second character, before crushing it front of their face, followed by a zoom-in of the trademark facial shot.

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