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Cryptic images lead us to believe that Robert hates psychical niggoics and believes women are whores and cunts, so he can't be that crazy.
File:Mothers are like hitler.png
Typical post by Robert Ray Hedges.

The Children's Immortality Project was started by a Respect for Life motive, and an amazing internet addiction (45,000 hours hacking algorthms), known for his epically long Moses-like beard and tanned complexion, by the name of Robert Ray Hedges (DOB possibly everyday since his birth Sept 20,1941, 9p.m. Kansas City, Mo.). It basically consists of hundreds of crawlerbait web pages, most written in all HTML and look like they were preserved in a time capsule, preaching about making children immortal, cryptic walls of text, and the occasional "women are cunts; they also cause all war witch they don't show up for.". Not much is known by me about the project itself (because I never bothered to email him to inquire (respectfully) other than theories such as it being lead by some sort of DIFFI-cult, is a possible CP ring, or just some person who actually cares with too much time on his clock hands? The "Algorithm" according to one of his retarded images involving Dakota Fanning FULLY CLOTHED, stated that it took him 45,000 hours to create this algorithm hack. This may hint at the possibility that he is not actually creating sites anymore, but having his stupid code evolve the internet and Google Bomb like a Concerned Citizen for him. On top of that, one of his sites claims the algorithm was written in a cafe in Arizona.

4chan Discussion Archives

First thread: ct

Second thread: (you need to be logged into the archive to see it)

There are others but failures to archive give less than lulzy results.

Main Page

Warning: staying on the following site for more than 2 minutes while logged in to Gmail may result in spam emails from the Children's Immortality Project.(Actually, in 14 years, Robert has never used Spam via emails.) Other unfriendly rumors circulate with more cryptic shit, but so far none of this has been are proven, and the only information we have on this came from 4chan, so god only knows how reliable any of it is. It is recommended that you browse with the NoScript Firefox extension just to be safe.

The main page can be found at or just Google child's Immortality Project. Other sites include:


From the vague, cryptic text on the sites we can tell that RRH believes that if children don't learn of death, they will never die. Like if they do not learn of The Game, they will never lose. He thinks that because this sound and concrete logic has not gained the massive attention it should have, his beliefs are being suppressed by Google and yahoo in an attempt to rob us of our innocence. Cool story bro.

He also redundantly mentions "Shesus", which is what he believes to be his female Messiah. He also mentions auditions for Shesus so it's been speculated that he wants to find his ideal preteen girl for him to profusely molest for the rest of "eternity".

As well as this, references to Indigo Children and other arcane bullshit are somehow mixed into the shit storms of nonsense.

Also, of note is his terrible pun on CPU (CP You), which has made several hyperactive /x/philes leap on the CP ring bandwagon.

/WHOIS Robert Ray Hedges

Robert Ray Hedges, Prophet of God, or Insane psychopath?

Phone calls have been made to a number (which he recently changed at the registar) found after performing a Whois on one of Robert's sites. It turns out this number (WAS a GENEROUS local tourist agency who allowed him to use the phone number for emergencies) where he gets his mail, he apparently lives in a large tent. Living with beavers and javelinas. Some argue that living out in the woods means that he has a house (Robert says he has no house but three ex-wives all live inside...somewhere else), with WildFlower's uptown Sedona free internet, that happens to be out in the woods. This latter theory seems less retarded. He may also does have two daughter's left (His son died March 15th, 2010) a twitter account, a facebook account, and many other sites that require updating alot (amen). This leads most to believe that he resides somewhere without electricity. Like a 10 minute walk northeast of Uptown Sedona.

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