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Finally a wiki for the computer literate Christian Fundamentalist. Or as it claims on the site "The Christian encyclopedia that the saved can edit." Ah, there is that holier than thou attitude every wiki needs.

The day we all feared, Armageddon

This new horror the tubes have brought us is exactly what it sounds like. A place where anyone and everyone can add their own personal bias to anything. Such as this lovely article about our great leader: The Negro

Editing is limited to accounts approved by the admin XenonII. Most of the content is created by him and is usually racist hilarious in nature.

The site is still in it's infancy, but it's already building a small (8 registered members) army circle jerk of TOW style admins. Stay tuned for a lollercaust of retarded proportions.

Troll potential

The current Christopedia homepage. Well done anon, well done.

The trolling potential here is possibly limitless. As the wiki grows the lulz are predicted to grow with it. Even in the site's genesis trolling has already been committed.



1. Only True Christians™ may edit Christopedia. If you have not been Saved©, don't even think about editing or creating an article. Any edits made by unsaved trash will be immediately reported, and the IP of said trash reported to the Department of Faith. Possible repercussions for such editing include the filing of treason charges and a one-way trip to the waterboarding facilities at Guantanamo Bay.

2. Do not make any edits that contradict the Holy Bible (KJV1611). At Christopedia, we are all about following the Bible (KJV1611). Its Word illuminates everything that we do, say, and think; including what we allow others to do, say, and think. Edits that do not reflect a Biblical viewpoint run counter to the spirit of Christopedia and will be immediately reverted. Remember, America is a Christian nation!

3. Do not make any edits that defame the Republican Party or our Commander Chief. The GOP (God's Own Party) is the only political party in America that cares about Jesus Christ or freedom. Edits that reflect the GOP in a negative light are considered tantamount to treason and will be reported to the Department of Faith immediately, with the names of the editors added to the FBI's Terror Watch List.

4. Do not post pornography or sexually explicit material. Christopedia is, above all, a family-friendly encyclopedia. While some of our articles contain descriptions of homosexual intercourse that would make Allen Ginsberg queasy, this is purely for educational purposes; ALL pornographic material will be deleted by our editors. This includes any photographs of Hannah Montana or other teen stars in various states of undress -- if you wish to share such pictures, please submit them directly to our administrators via email rather than editing them into Christopedia.

5. Have fun! We at Christopedia wish you the best, and we hope you make full use of our services in converting all of your friends and acquaintances to Baptist True Christianity. GLORY!

Crapflooding material

In addition to their obvious physical differences, such as skin and eye color, facial features and hair texture, there is no denying that racial groups also differ in their behavior. All the statistics on high-school graduation rates, out-of-wedlock births, crime rates, and other behaviors regularly reveal substantial differences between Negroes and Caucasians.


Noob "raids" Christfagopedia.

The Caucasian race has crossed seas, harnessed rivers, carved mountains, tamed deserts, and colonized the most barren icefields. It has been responsible for the invention of the printing press, cement, the harnessing of electricity, flight, rocketry, astronomy, the telescope, space travel, firearms, the transistor, radio, television, the telephone, the lightbulb, photography, motion pictures, the phonograph, the electric battery, the automobile, the steam engine, railroad transportation, the microscope, computers, and millions of other technological miracles. It has discovered countless medical advances, incredible applications, scientific progress, etc. Its members have included such greats as Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, Homer, Tacitus, Julius Ceaser, Napoleon, William the Conqueror, Marco Polo, Washington, Jefferson, Churchill, Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Magellan, Columbus, Cabot, Edison, GrahamBell, Pasteur, Leeuwenhoek, Mendel, Captain Cook, Newton, Galileo, Watt, Ford, Luther, Da Vinci, Poe, Tennyson, and thousands upon thousands of other notable achievers.

Throughout 6,000 years of recorded history, the pure-blooded African Negro has invented nothing. Not a written language, weaved cloth, a calendar, a plow, a road, a bridge, a railway, a ship, a system of measurement, or even the wheel. He is not known to have ever cultivated a single crop or domesticated a single animal for his own use (although many powerful and docile beasts abounded around him.) His only known means of transporting goods was on the top of his hard burry head. For shelter he never progressed beyond the common mud hut, the construction of which a beaver or muskrat is capable.


The I.Q.'s of American Negroes are from 15 to 20 points, on average, below those of American Caucasians. These Negro\Caucasian differences have been demonstrated repeatedly by every test ever conducted by every branch of the U.S. Military, every state, county, and local school board, the U.S. Dept. of Education, etc. The same ratio of difference has held true over a 40 year period.

With an average I.Q. of 85 , only 16% of Negroes score over 100, while half the Caucasian population does. The Negro overlap of Caucasian median I.Q.'s ranges from 10 to 25 percent, equality would require 50 percent. Negroes are 6 times as likely to have I.Q.'s of 50 to 70 which put them in the slow learner category, while Caucasians are ten times more likely to score 130 or over.

The U.S. government's PACE examination, given to 100,000 university graduates who are prospective professional or administrative civil-service employees each year, is passed with a score of 70 or above by 58% of the Caucasians who take it but by only 12% of the Negroes. Among top scorers the difference between Negro and Caucasian performance is even more striking: 16% of the Caucasian applicants make scores of 90 or above, while only one-fifth of one percent of Negro applicants score as high as 90, a Caucasian/Negro success ration of 80/1.

Differences between Negro and Caucasian children increase with chronological age, the gap in performance being largest at the high school and college levels.

Caucasian/Negro I.Q. differences are constantly excused as results of environmental variations, but at least five studies that have attempted to equate socio-economic backgrounds of the two races indicate no significant change in relative results. As environment improves, the Negro does better but so does the Caucasian. The gap is not decreased. In fact, extensive research by DR. G.J. McGurk, associate Professor of Psychology at Villanove University, reveals that the gap in intelligence between Negroes and Caucasians INCREASES where socio-economic levels of both races are raised to the middle classes.

In 1915, Dr. G.W. Ferfuson took 1,000 school children in Virginia, divided them into 5 racial categories, and tested them for mental aptitude. On average, full-blooded Negroes scored 69.2% as high as Caucasians. Three-quarter Negroes scored 73.0% as high as Caucasians. One-half Negroes scored 81.2% as high as Caucasians. One-quarter Negroes scored 91.8% as high as Caucasians. All of these Negroes lived as and considered themselves "Negroes." Their environments and "advantages" or disadvantages were exactly the same.

Results of the Army Beta test given by the U.S. Army to over 386,000 illiterate soldiers in WWI showed Negro draftees to be "inferior to the Caucasians on all types of tests used in the Army." Additionally, tests were conducted upon pure-blooded Negroes, Mulattoes, and Quadroons. It was found that "the lighter groups made better scores."

Studies conducted with identical twins raised apart in radically different environments provide conclusive evidence that over-all influence of heredity exceeds that of environment in a ratio of about 3 to 1.

Even when Negroes and Caucasians have the same backgrounds, in terms of family income and childhood advantages, Negroes still have average I.Q. scores 12 to 15 points lower than comparable Caucasians. This includes cases where Negro children have been adopted by Caucasian parents. Their I.Q.s may be improved by environment, but they are still closer to their biological parents than their adoptive parents.

Equalitarian ideologists often discount I.Q. test results with the excuse that they are culturally biased. Nonetheless, NO ONE, not the NAACP, nor the United Negro College Fund, nor NEA had been able to develop an intelligence test which shows Negroes and Caucasians scoring equally.

American Indians, who often live in conditions far worse than American Negroes during their entire lives, still consistently outscore them on I.Q. tests.

The offspring of interracial "marriages" tend to have lower I.Q.s than the Caucasian parent.

(So far, so good. Not sure what this has to do with Christianity, but it sure is some good ol' fashioned racism.)

The Negro brain

Numerous studies have been made of the comparative weight of Caucasian and Negro brains with results that fell within the range of about an 8-12 percent lower weight for the Negro brain. Such studies have been conducted by Bean, Pearl, Vint, Tilney, Gordon, Todd, and others.

In addition to the difference in brain weight, the Negro brain grows less after puberty than the Caucasian. Though the Negro brain and nervous system mature faster than the Caucasian brain, its development is arrested at an earlier age which limits further intellectual advancement.

The thickness of the supragranular layer (the outside layer) of the Negro brain is about 15 percent thinner, and its convolutions are fewer and more simple, on average, than that of the Caucasian brain.

The frontal lobes of the Negro brain, responsible for abstract conceptional reasoning, are smaller relative to body weight, less fissured, and less complex than those of the Caucasian brain.


The name Homo sapiens was first used by the 18th Century Swedish botanist Carolus Linnaeus. The word "sapiens" means "wise". The name was originally used to speak of the Caucasian man and synonymous with "European". As a result, many later taxonomists and geneticists believed that Negroes and other races should be classified as different species. In fact, evolutionist Charles Darwin declared in The Descent of Man that the varieties of mankind are so distinct that similar differences found in any other animal would warrant their classification in different species, if not different genera.

The Negro skull, in addition to having a smaller brain volume and thicker cranial bones than that of the Caucasian, is prognathous; i.e., the lower face projects forward, rather in the manner of an animal's muzzle. In consequence, the Negro jaw is substantially longer, relative to its width, than the Caucasian jaw. A feature of the Negro lower jaw is its retention of a vestige of the "simian shelf," a bony region immediately behind the incisors. The simian shelf is a distinguishing characteristic of apes, and it is absent in Caucasians.

The skin of the Negro is thicker and possibly superior to the Caucasian's in the way it impedes the penetration of germs and in its protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The dark color of the Negro is due to melanin pigment which is spread through every layer of the skin and is found even in the muscles and brain.

An African dentist can tell a Negro's tooth from a Caucasian man's at a glance.

Negroes have arms which are longer, relative to body height, than those of Caucasians. This feature, together with their much thicker cranial bones, gives Negro athletes an advantage over Caucasians in boxing. The skeletal and muscular peculiarities of Negroes' lower limbs have given them considerable success as sprinters, but have left them relative undistinguished as distance runners.


  • The hair is black, crispy, and "woolly" in texture, it is flat and elliptical with no central canal or duct like the hair of Europeans.
  • The nose is thick, broad and flat, often turned up nostrils exposing the red inner lining of the mucous membrane similar to an ape.
  • The arms and legs of the Negro are relatively longer than the European. The humerus is a trifle shorter and the forearm longer thereby approximating the simian form.
  • The eyes are prominent, iris black and the orbits large. The eye often has a yellowish sclerotic coat over it like that of a gorilla.
  • The Negro has a shorter trunk the cross-section of the chest is more circular than whites. The pelvis is narrower and longer as it is in an ape.
  • The mouth is wide with very thick, large and protruding lips.
  • Negro skin has a thick superficial horny layer which resists scratching and impedes the penetration of germs.
  • The Negro has a larger and shorter neck akin to that of anthropoids.
  • The cranial sutures are more simple than in the white type and close together earlier.
  • The ears are roundish, rather small, standing somewhat high and detached thus approaching the simian form.
  • The Negro is more powerfully developed from the pelvis down and the white more powerfully developed in the chest.
  • The jaw is larger and stronger and protrudes outward which, along with lower retreating forehead, gives a facial angle of 68 to 70 degrees as opposed to a facial angle of 80 to 82 degrees for Europeans'.
  • The hands and fingers are proportionally narrower and longer. The wrist and ankles are shorter and more robust.
  • The frontal and paricial bones of the cranium are less excavated and less capacious. The skull is thicker especially on the sides.
  • The brain of the Negro on the average is 9 to 20% smaller than whites.
  • The teeth are larger and are wider apart than in the white race.
  • The three curvatures of the spine are less pronounced in the Negro than in the white and thus more characteristic of an ape.
  • The femur of the Negro is less oblique, the tibia (shin bone) more curved and bent forward, the calf of the leg high and but little developed.
  • The heel is broad and projecting, the foot long and broad but slightly arched causing flat soles , the great toe is shorter than in the white.
  • The two bones proper of the nose are occasionally united, as in apes.

FACT #30: Blood group studies made during WWII suggest the American Negro gene pool is about 28% white. --This despite all manner of institutional discrimination, social segregation, etc. Keep in mind that the results of test from true Black Africans would show even bigger differences from Whites.

(tl;dr: niggers are apes. Of course, we here at ED already knew that.)


Negroes looting a store in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Looting was widespread in a city whose population was over two-thirds Negro at the time of divine retribution.

The rate at which Negroes commit murder is thirteen times that of Caucasians; Rape and assault, ten times. These figures, as given by the F.B.I. reports, vary somewhat from year to year but fairly represent the trend for the past decade.

According to the justice Dept, one in every four Negro males between the ages of 20 and 29 is currently in prison or on probation or parole.

Though only 12.4% of the U.S. population, Negroes commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60% of all murders in the U.S.

Approximately 50% of all Negro males will be arrested and charged with a serious felony during their lifetime.

A Negro is 56 TIMES more likely to attack a Caucasian person than vice versa.

Negro rapists choose Caucasian victims over half (54.9%) of the time, 30X as often as Caucasians choose Negroes.

The annual report from the Department of justice shows that when Caucasians commit violence they do it to Negroes 2.4% of the time. Negroes, on the other hand, choose Caucasian victims MORE THAN HALF the time.

In New York City, any Caucasian is over 300 TIMES MORE LIKELY to be assaulted by a gang of Negroes than is a Negro by a gang of Caucasians.

Many people argue that high Negro incarceration rates show that police center enforcement at Black crimes and ignore white-collar crimes. However, Negroes commit a disproportionate number of white-collar offenses as well. In 1990, Negroes were nearly three times as likely to be arrested for forgery, counterfeiting, and embezzlement as Caucasians.

Many people believe that crime is a product of poverty and lack of "advantages." However, the District of Columbia, which enjoys the highest average annual salaries and is second only to Alaska in personal income per capita, leads the nation in just about every category of crime including murder, robbery, aggravated assault, and vehicle theft. D.C. also has the country's strictest gun control, highest police costs per capita, highest ration of police and correctional officers per citizen, and highest rate of incarceration. Its permanent population is over 80% Negroid. West Virginia, which has the nation's lowest crime rate, suffers from chronic poverty and has the highest unemployment in the U.S. It also has the fewest police per capita. West Virginia is over 96% Caucasian.

(Okay, everything looks fine and dandy here. Note, however, that these people should still be trolled due to the fact that they are faggots.)

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