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PROTIP: She has a penis.
Cktraveler totally copyrighted this so DON'T STEAL IT, OKAY?

Lj-favicon.png Cktraveler (formerly Lj-favicon.png lunatwilight) is a polyamorous, pagan, fanfic-writing livejournal user with an imaginary friend (who also has a livejournal, and an wishlist). He is a shemale, with both breasts and a penis, but wants you to refer to him as "she".

Facts about Cktraveler

  • He has a penis and breasts, and considers himself to be non-op transsexual
  • He does not want any males to physically touch him, because he feels upset by "male energy"
  • He claims to be a lesbian, and is in a polyamorous triad
  • He has an imaginary friend, and will scream at you if you refuse to acknowledge her
  • He is an "eclectic pagan"
  • He wrote the "Muppetcore Manifesto"
  • He writes quite a lot of Harry Potter fanfiction.
  • He practices voluntary poverty (as in, he doesn't have a job, and is dirt poor)
  • He is a lacto-ovo-vegetarian for "health reasons" and considers caffeine a dangerous drug
  • He thinks seaweed is a type of seafood
  • He LARPs.
  • He posts his naked pictures on the internet (including on nakedgirlparts), and gets angry when people post them on 4chan.
  • Even though he gets angry when people post his naked pics on 4chan, he also claims he doesn't care too much because he's "a semiprofessional model anyway"

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