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If you even try to start a combo thread on /b/, chances are that you will be greeted by this message from the local combo breaking bot. To avoid this, wait a few seconds before posting the second image and slightly modify your old combo images. Some other elements of your posts might also activate the bot. Good luck, faggot.

Combofags are part of The Cancer That Is Killing /b/. Combofags constantly try to make combos, which are inevitably hit with a COMBO BREAKER. They just don't know when to give up and appear to not realize that Anon will never let them complete their shitty combos. Instead of bringing something worthwhile to /b/, they repetitively post the same pieces of crappy combos over and over again, leading to massive amount of Fail and butthurt.

Combofags also are proxyfags. They'll use over 9000 different proxies so they can post in like two seconds thinking that it's massive win, but it's just sucks nigger cocks.

Usually they try to make combos of Slowpoke, Bropoke or Mudkips.

Thankfully, the chemo that is curing /b/ has made the combofag all but extinct.


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  • Sagefag - Another example of failure to read then figure out how things work.
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the cancer that is killing /b/
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