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Aspergerbenice.gif This person has Assburgers Syndrome,
so you can't say anything bad! :-(

Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.

Crazyvideosandrants (aka Mik) is a 36 year old lulz-trolling pedophilic gook who spends most of his time on JewTube hanging out with his cool troll groups. Teaming with them, he can generally be seen bitching about how much everything sucks and out and about terrorizing people 30 years younger than himself with the cool 10 year old boys he is trying to impress with his undeveloped 13 year old I.Q, personally, vocabulary and trolling antics (The 36 year old pervert equivalent of roses and candy). He spends every day making butthurt rants and uploading videos of bands and random topics such as KMART(Clearly he hasn't realized they have a feedback section on their site for complaints). He is also known to be associated with the YouTube GoAnimate Club and is well known as a Christina Aguilera stan. Since he's Asian, maybe Facebook would be better for him as Facegook.


Quote of the month

"Sorry guys, I was going to spam Beyonce's music videos, but I thought it would be a waste of time, plus, you know how the butthurts are these days, they'd probably report me faster than a blink of the eye."

Yah, I can tell the Beyonce fans are the butthurt side of this argument

"Screwtube can go suck their own fucking dick and die!"


The typical title of the videos is "(Insert name of subject) sucks". All of his rants come in this style as well as making jokes of the subject


"(Insert name of subject), more like (Insert butthurt insult of subject), it's the most shittiest thing I've ever seen, just like (Insert other name), which also fucking sucks. Fuck (Insert name of subject, and any other names you have mentioned earlier)". The singer looks like a racist I bet he's a nazi since he's bald. His face is the gayest thing I've seen......



<video type="vimeo" id="57987624" width="500" height="450" desc="Remix of rants: Go Fuck Yourself by Korean Aspergal" frame="true" position="center"/>


When he's not making rants, he pulls out his best trolling styles. Here's some great examples

-KyleBenny123x:stupid fanboy faggot who has the intelligence of a 10 year old.

- lucasre4fan156 aka Lucas Dm:stupid faggot troll teenybopper shithead who worships a talentless slut.


—Crazyvideosandrants saying the most offensive and the most clever insults ever

'Pussy blocker' videos When trolling succeeds or the victim just doesn't care enough about him and he is blocked. He will prepare his special move, the 'Pussy Blocker' video. It involves him belittling one of the people he has attempted to troll who has blocked him as a result. These video's are usually titled '(insert name of subject) is a pussy blocker'

'Pussy blocking' When trolling fails he may resume his defense position and promptly block the enemy out of one or more of his channel and video's in order to rise his rank.

'Sending out army' If he knows that the person he is at war with is doing very good and is hard for him to shoot, he then sends out his army and they will then jog to their battle stations to cause terrorism on the enemy's channel. He will then resort to sending out his army with some M16 and AK47 rifles to take out the enemies. This is usually a last resort and involves him vomiting several small but slightly more intelligent 10 year old children out of his ass and deploying them to the channel of the person who is response trolling him in a desperate attempt to troll them.

This ends up resulting into an extremely goar woar which will make you scream off your tiny ass nuts that you ate for a snack, which is bad for your testicles and makes them detach. They will then start posting a comment war of nerd rage on one's channel. Shooting each other with their pissedols.

Possible triggers

Listed Below are some of the possible triggers for Crazyvidsandrants trolling


Crazyvidsandrants is known to have an aversion of anyone who is not a honkey or one of those people who like eating dogs, while at the same time saying he has an anti racism stance against beaners and Japs and stuff. Jokes for the lulz:

'Why do Japenis lover niggers, but hate other people? Japan shouldn't even be an Asian country since every other Asian country hates them. They should become an African country'

'So? Canada killed its own people too. Stupid Wapanese/Weeaboo faggot. Japan is declining now that ROK has surpassed them by sales.'

'and nobody give a shit about your wetback ass. get your beaner ass back, Mexico, where you belong.'

'blacks.....always playing the race card. STFU and get a life, negro.'

Specism Crazyvidsandrants is known to be extremely specist especially to cats. Be cautious when letting your animals outside and call the authorities if you see some gook staring at it's ass and licking his lips. Also know that since he's Asian, it's confirmed he'll want to eat dogs. So be cautious with dogs, too. As if you invite a gook to your house and they see your dog, they'll say "What's for dinner?".

Amanda Todd and other deceased people One of the more low trolling episodes, where Crazyvidsandrants, the transvestite Iamgod730 aka Jessica and several other basic bitches proceeded to troll video's and threads about recent teen suicide and bullying victim Amanda Todd by spamming them with comments calling her a whore,saying that she is burning in hell, deserved to die, etc.

Other deceased people such as Whitney Houston have also been subject to his trolling.

<video type="vimeo" id="65018684" width="500" height="450" desc=" Epic rage: Jessica having a spack attack." frame="true" position="center"/>



Phobia of Japs

Crazyvidsandrants has an irrational aversion of Japan. Even speaking Japanese around this strange little beast may trigger a tantrum which may last days. Very pressed over anime, stalks it's fans and calls them weaboos and otakus. Strangely enough many of his minions are fans of Anime like 'My Little Pony' and Japanese video games like 'Super Mario Hoes' by Shittendo.

<video type="vimeo" id="57987679" width="500" height="450" desc="Example (A) The Crazyvidsandrants groupie DryCandy Going postal over anime" frame="true" position="center"/>

Crazyvidsandrants groupie and crystal meth user 'Dry Candy' aka 'Crystal coco' getting a little excitable over Anime during Crazyvidsandrants' little troll war against the 13 year old anime fans. This video was taken down by Miss Candy only to be promptly stolen and re-uploaded. It seems Miss Candy didn't like the reaction she got from the community of youtube and decided to abort mission while she was obviously pregnant.


Crazyvideosandrants in action



Crazvideosandrants' apology video

I think we must call in Wattie Buchan

Communications with others


Below are examples of raging faggots/dykes online who feared his sexual fantasies for the children. However, they also are cyberpolice who desire to work for the FBI when they grow up. He has shot many of them as they are now bleeding out their asses but the twat/cunt/vagina/pussy if they're a cunt.










Below are examples of mostly small children that Crazyvidsandrants has lured into or is attempting to lure into his mini van with candy, fluffy toys, cooked dogs to eat, etc. They mostly are part of his army to take out the fags online.

  FuckInstagram Formally Queen Zeppelin aka Shea McCormick aka Spidey665 ([email protected]) [1]Another basic brony bitch, who claims to be 14 but when email is entered into google. The result comes up as a 25 year old from Halifax, Nova Scotia who has a clear addiction to sex chats and cam2cam (claims that his cousin is also called Shea McCormick and uses the same msn to save face)His mariowiki also states he was born 'I was born on November 28, 1993 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada' which makes him 20 and not 14.He has also claimed to be 23 years old on youtube. One can only imagine he pretends to be 14 in an effort to fit in/or attempt to molest his online friends who are mostly under 18 in a similar method to Crazyvidandrants.

      <Some bitch trolling with a stolen address that just so happens to be in Halifax Nova Scotia


  All details available on Jewgle.

  Iamgod730 [2] Aka Jessica (claims to be named Alec), tries to troll using recycled lines from the Rick the Mullet Man wiki.Has been kicked off E.D for threatening to call the F.B.I over the E.D article. Threatens to call the police on people who counter troll. Pretends to be his mother who in turn claims to have an international lawyer husband and threatens to press charges on counter trolls.

  destroymyEpets Aka Susan (claims to be named Ella), the stupid weed smoking half-donkey twelve-year old girlfriend of Shea (FuckInstagram) who doesn't even know what the fuck she's talking about because she's so damn stoned

  OfficerShiningArmor [3] (AKA Joey Maragno) Some pizza faced bitch who will remain a virgin for life.

  Keywizzle1997isBack AKA   Sonicisthebest6 A basic brony bitch, need I say more?

  ModernMusicSucksCock Aka Josh Markey, a syphilitic crackhead

  RantzAndFun1979 Aka Nick Moshuris, another 34 year old pedo that stalks kids on YouTube

  Drjamesaq2 Aka Benny Reyes, some 11 year old bitch who's one of Mik's sheep

  MainstreamPoPSucks2 Another basic bitch without a life who sits on his computer 24/7


  SHAZU1990 Shazu Ahad [4]

  Crystal Coco Crystal formally known as 'Dry Candy' [[5]]

His Description block me, i win report me, i win say i like justin bieber when i clearly don't, i win make a paragraph or video about why you hate me, i win spam my channel, i win threaten me, i win tell me i need a life, i win get mad, i win comment on my channel but yet you have friend lock, i win

10. you tell me to go fuck something, i win


1. MrSouth18881

Epic Fails

- "??? hahaha talent dosen't mean anything in the death genres if you want talent go listen to pop it's about brutality and heavy guitaring and drumming.."

- 7dayspking


Known B& YouTube accounts

External Links


  MikTheAsianMan Another recent account but just a replacement for KoreanAspergal which was shut down after BALEETED youtube partnership. Noticeable change in personality. Jekyl/Hyde.

His youtube partner was yet another small child.Bet you didn't see that one coming ,did ya?

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