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No, nothing like that has ever been found.
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The crocoduck is a stroke of genius used by former child star turned fundamentalist Christian, Kirk Cameron as an elegant scientific refutation to the theory of evolution, from an idea related to him by his best friend Ray Comfort, who had stolen it off a small child he once sold some tadpoles to. After being pwned by some douchebag from the Rational Response Squad in a pissing contest over God, the butthurt Cameron appeared on Bill O'Reilly to prove once and for all that a deity of some kind does exist and that he probably hates you. Basically, his argument is that because noone has ever found evidence of a cross between a crocodile and a duck then it follows that the entire theory of evolution is wrong. No srsly.

Behold the Crocoduck in all its glory:

..look at the Jihadists in the name of Allah blowing up babies.



Bill O'Reilly stating pure FACT while defending the Crocoduck theory

Gallery of Crocoducks

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With no connection with looking like an ass twice in one week, Cameron also proposed the following crosses in case Crocoduck is in fact real. Ironically, every last one is more likely to be found before any proof of this God thing he keeps mentioning turns up:

Crocoduck Pals About missing Pics
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