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It's me again. Your friendly neighborhood dildo lover.


— Dildo Lover about to tell the world his dog became an hero.

DILDOlover is the YouTube name used by an as-of-yet unnamed (although he claims to have had his MySpace hacked by anon so someone must know who he is) kid on the internets and a source of much internet drama. This kid has the biggest case of unwarranted self-importance ever seen in a human being. Upon watching people post their lives online he began to masturbate with his own video diary. Only this time nobody cared about poor Dildo Lover. Eventually some people happened across his videos and for some reason subscribed to this kid. Upon seeing that someone was watching him rather than waiting for over 9000, Dildo Lover seized the moment and created a shout out video to his lone fan. Oh Dildo Lover.

Gay Videos

Dildo Lover is tired of being called a fag due to the fact that it is unoriginal. Dildo Lover is seeking original content.

Dildo Lover is very excited somebody noticed him, he must be lonely.

People are actually watching me!!!


— Dildo Lover

I have some new videos that need to be put up and scrutinized. So whoever made this page... get on that. Nothx.


Dildo Lover has taken it upon himself to resist anonymous.

I am watching you. Hope you are watching me, because I am bringing down your empire. And I won't be doing it alone.


— Dildo Lover on Anonymous

Come and get me!


— Dildo Lover directed towards Anonymous

Dildo Lover starts his Jihad with Anon while wearing a retarded mask.

Dear Anonymous, it is I your friendly neighborhood leather face, or dildo lover!.


— Dildo Lover

His Dog

Ossie a German Shepherd, age 9 decided to get cancer to escape from the clutches of Dildo Lover. He cultivated a large tumor on his left leg. He refused radiation in an attempt to die faster. The dog requested a special marijuana injection to an hero peacefully. Upon hearing what the nurse was injecting him with, Dildo Lover said the following while still hoping that his dogs death was not really a suicide.

  • A conversation with Ossie's savior.

What is that like?


— Extrapolation about what Dildo Lover said to the nurse when she started injecting Ossie

Oh it's just like he's smoking a joint.


— Nurse

Bitch your fucking killing my dog, don't you dare joke with me!


— Dildo Lover in denial

Dildo Lover's video announcement of his dogs death including an explanation of the aforementioned conversation.

Other Nonsense

Dildo Lover believes that he knows how to shot web.

Dildo lover tries to explain the concept of memory with misinformation.

Favinninnin Butt finning venin-syphonin vinage DAMN! I can't pronounce it. I don't understand ar, I don't understand how you misunderstood what... God was trying to say there; um; yeah.


— Dildo Lover discussing bio-chemistry

When will they learn?

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