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Digimon World Gaia is a guild on Gaia Online about none other than Digimon. It is entirely comprised of basement-dwelling furries, social outcasts, morbidly-obese people and borderline-autistic fantards who carry around a 1st edition V-pet like it's the Bible. Troll at your own risk.

A common reaction to the faggotry of DWG.

In this cesspool of furfaggotry, you get to tame your own Digimon and make it stronger! You can also post on the forums about in-depth topics such as "how i get lightsabers?" and "THIS PLACE IS NO FAIR!!1". Not to mention that you can cock-fight your Digimon against others for no reason at all. Sound familiar?

The sad part is that the leader of this circlejerk cult claims that the concept of their guild is completely original, when really they just ripped it off from another faggy Digimon guild who weren't even original in the first place.

A typical guild "art". Notice the gaiafag's avatar pasted on to an obviously shopped background with a badly-animated ball of fur at his feet.

Actually, i'm 12 years old. How about you guys?


—The head artist iOath, admitting to everyone that he is actually a 13 year old boy.

Having a fursona doesn't make you a furry...


—The guild leader Digitized, in denial about being a furfag.

I actually like the Rickroll and have several versions of it on my iPod.


—Guild co-leader Geo Creek, expressing his undying lust for Rick Astley's cock.

The Rules of DWG

DWG is a Gaia Online guild who trys to please all of their members. DWG gives all their art, and everything else in their guild, free.

DWG was created when Digimon Tamer Island failed at a guild. DWG is an awesome guild, where everything is free, unlike Tamer Island.

EDIT: Gtfo, Digitized.

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