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Darktrap is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

darktrap lieks peas
fap fap fap
I can has my heterosexuality back nao?

darktrap is a very attractive female impersonating camwhore who is unreasonably reluctant when it comes to starring in a bukkake film produced by Anonymous. Ackshually, darktrap is a trap who was motivated and inspired by linetrap. Being able to outgirl a girl is nothing short of epic and girls who aren't as pretty as darktrap usually end up feeling an heroic.

darktrap started his assault on heterosexuality by trapping young male breeders all over the world with pictures of himself posted on 4chan and 420chan. He is probably Chinese as he goes to China every once in a while. Many speculate that darktrap is actually a spy which is actually quite plausible as he is a master of disguise.

Upon uploading erotic videos on the imageboards, a vortex has opened up due to the sheer amount of fapping and an heroism. Scientists that are not busy fapping are working around the clock to fix this problem which means that darktrap's vids will only be online for a limited time only.

darktrap's hobbies include:


Fun Facts

  • darktrap often wears skirts and sometimes a blue wig.
  • darktrap is currently on the front lines of the war against breeders
  • darktrap likes raep
  • darktrap likes Macross Frontier
  • darktrap kneels in some of his pictures
  • darktrap was the main character of the video game Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
  • darktrap is currently on female hormones
  • I am currently touching my dick to darktrap
  • darktrap wrote the article himself because he loves to suck his own cock


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  • [1] Darktrap's failed porn site. Content from it provided below.
  • [2] Darktrap's frequently updated(sic) boring ass blog.



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