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Actual photo of MC Ride.

Death Grips (also known as “screamin' coon music”) are an experimental hip hop boy-band formed last Thursday by MC Ride (vocals), Zach Hill (drummer) and Andy Morin (producer). Geath Drips became famous for pretty much being a living, breathing Meme and sounding all cool & weird. Half of the time you can't understand what the fuck MC Hammer MC Ride is even saying and the instrumentals sound like they've just recorded feeding a TR-808 drum machine and some shitty old Black Metal vinyls into a garbage disposal.

Dick Grumps are also famous for being extremely edgy. The cover of their album "No Love Deep Web" is literally a picture of Zach Hill's dick. They're that fucking gay. (It is an all boy band after all!) They are also known for not turning up to their own concerts and when they do showing slideshows of suicide notes, because they're that fucking dank.

Death Grips are beloved by the hipster faggots on /mu/, who worship the band almost as much (if not more) than Neutral Milk Hotel and Vaporwave. The average Death Grips fan is aged 13-18yrs, wears ironic t-shirts/spouts memes in public, masturbates to Anthony Fantano videos and is more than likely autistic. Along with Yung Lean and Lil B, Death Grips are regarded as the faces of Meme Rap.

They broke up in 2014. DISREGARD THAT, they had good reasons for doing this.

La Lyrics

It is said that Death Grips have the most artistically stimulating lyrics in modern-day music.

Can't stop the groove licks jaws clear off them locks relentless raw movement

Fit to knock you from here to that g-spot body rock connected


— Guillotine

Get so fuckin' dark in here

Come come fuck apart in here

I die in the process

You die in the process

Kettle drum roll hard shit

Fuck I said fucker don't start shit


— You Might Think He Loves You For Your Money But I Know What He Really Loves You For It's Your Brand New Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat(no, seriously, they named the track that)

Triple six, five, forked tongue

Subatomic penetration, rapid fire through your skull

How I shot it on one taking it back to the days of trying to lose control

Swerving in a blaze of fire, raging through my bones


— Takyon

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin

La creepin' under my skin


— No seriously, that was the hook/chorus for "Big House"

Death, fuck

Let's fuck Just don't touch me

Just fuck-fuck me

Fuck-fuck me out

Why don't you just

Fuck-fuck me out 


— Fuck Me Out

Get get get get got got got got

Blood rush to my head bit hot lock

Poppin' off the fuckin' block knot

Clockin' wrist slit watch bent thought bot


— Get Got

Bitch please, you must be smokin' rocks

Real shit for my people

And it just don't


— Bitch Please


You'll catch a jpeg to the head

über reach

You're an intern

I'm Wikileaks

Most loved, therefore most hated



— Hacker

Let them eat shit and die

As I creep lit

Off the deep hits with a sick mind

On the secrets I rely 'pon to freak this


— Known For It

Soon all that’s left of you

Is your most primal desires

Ass clappin', dick suckin', lock the door to the bathroom – quick fuckin'

Find a whore and it could happen

But it's nothin', cause you're drunk and you'll be blackin' out

Before you even get a chance to think 'bout what you're doing


— I Want It I Need It (Death Heated)


Death Grapes are known for such great albums as:

Black Google - Black Yahoo, no one has listened to this.

Death Grips (Self-titled) - Dead Graphs, no one has listened to this.

Exmilitary - Excramentary, known for being the meme music that brought them to the forefront of the interwebz.

The Money Store - The Nigger Store, the first album theneedledrop ever gave a 10, and the only reason you know about this shitty band.

No Love Deep Web - That one album with a penis on the cover.

Government Plates - THEG VOERNMENT IS WATHCHING US!!! Regarded as their shittiest album.

Niggas On The Moon - First half of their shitty album The Powers That B.

Fashion Week - Does not have MC Ride's vocals, classified under: shit nobody cares about.

The Powers That B - 2 discs of meme music, consisting of Niggas On The Moon and Jenny Death.

Bottomless Pit - Bottomless Shit, their latest shitty album that's basically more electronic than rap.

Trolling Death Grips fans

1. Refer to Death Grips as "meme music" and purposely be as closed minded as possible.

2. Tell them Government Plates is the best Death Grips record to date.

3. Remind them that Anthony Fantano did not give The Powers That B a 10/10. Most music fans will disregard Mr. Fandango's opinions, but it's a fact that 99.9% of Death Grips fans worship Anthony.

4. Tell them Death Grips is Satanic music and remind them that they're all going to Hell.

5. Say that Death Grips is simply copying Kanye West's "Yeezus" album.

6. Remind them Death Grips is a band of homeless niggers (no seriously, these motherfuckers don't have houses).

7. Call them Autistic... they hate being reminded.

8. Inform them of their degenerate sub/mu/tant status & terrible musical taste.

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