Death to all Juice

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On December 28, 2008, a highly educated Arab from New Jersey attended an Anti-Israel protest outside of the Israeli embassy in New York. At the site, he held up a picket sign that should have said "Death to all (Zionist) Jews". Like most other Arabs on the planet, he sucked so much at spelling that he misspelled Jews and the sign read "Death to all Juice". The image of Carlos Almonte holding his sign became popular on Failblog, and thus, a meme was born.


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Whatever happened to Carlos Almonte?

Carlos and his half witted twin brother Arab.

According to the New York times, Carlos Almonte and his friend Mohamed Mahmood Alessa were arrested on July 5, 2010 at the John F. Kennedy airport on their way to Somalia. They were planning to join Al Shabab (a branch of Al Qaeda) in order to kill Americunt soldiers in Somalia. Nobody knows where they are now. They are most likely in Guantanomo Bay being interrogated and eating cock-meat sandwiches with extra mayonnaise while getting asshammered by the Man.

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