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clip from the video

Dildo Chicken involves a slim, homely girl dildo'ing a chicken's egg hole. This is sometimes referred to as a butt. The video file is named "The Colonel's Daughter", a reference to the late Kentucky Fried Chicken founder. However, most internet 3rd graders can't spell "Colonel", the meme has been named "Dildo Chicken".


She starts by pumping the dildo in and out of the chicken's butt. The audio in the video is somewhat quiet but you can hear the pumping suction of the dildo action. She frees up a hand by inserting the dildo in her mouth and continuing with the chicken. Adding to the lulz, she rubs the chicken's crop like Adella on a choad. This mouth pumping continues for a bit. The chicken is silent and doesn't make any noise the entire time. One may think it's dead, but the chicken puffs its crop and feathers up and down in excitement.


It's unknown who the girl in the video is or where it originated. The first known viral distribution occurred on EFnet IRC in the channel #down by the infamous Nazi Colin. Today the video remains elusive. A payment of 2000 dongs will be given to anyone who can find the video of the chicken-lover fucker.

The video itself is called Thecolonelsdaughter:


Unlike Mr. Hands, Dildo Chicken was made without harming any chickens or faggots. During the insertion, the girl seems careful to make sure the chicken is having a good time.

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