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Dimmuborgiress is a yet another pseudo angry, grammar impaired bi faggoth user of Vampire Freaks. Like many wannabe goth girls, she believes she is sexy. She is wrong. Although she is not quite as ugly as Marilyn Manson, she is certainly more manly.

You can tell by the viking hat that she is totally into black metal.

She also follows other gawth stereotypes by pretending to be bi and Satanic. One can only assume this is because her face is too torn for her to be picky, although there are a few other ugly faggoths that seem to be interested when she posts slutty pictures of herself.

Can't you see the dreamy look in her dead eyes?


If It's Rape, She's Not a Slut.

Despite Dimmuborgiress' claim of, "I won't fuck people I don't love so get a fucking life!!" she lists in all caps "SEX, BONDAGE, BEING DOMINATED, PLAY RAPE...DIRTY KINKY SEX" as things she likes on her Vampire Freaks profile where her default picture is a man with small tits wearing a fishnet shirt and skirt. This is actually her. She is obviously asking for it.Ironically, she says she dislikes "PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY'RE HOT WHEN THEY JUST LOOK A CUNT". On the bright side, her horrible tattoos are visible in this picture which may cause lulz since she also says she hates "SHIT TATTOOS". Did I mention she's bi?

Dimmuborgiress mentions that she dislikes "FLESH TUNNELS (THEY SMELL LIKE FUCK)", which one could only assume are vaginas. That makes perfect sense because she is bi. She is famous for getting super pissed when she found out a few members gave her a "1" rating and sending her friends to bomb them, which in turn got her banned.

this site is horrible hate site towards my friend please do not make sites like this

if you wish to talk please email me or add me to msn [email protected]


Shit Music

Some of Dimmuborgiress's shit music tastes include Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Limp Bizkit, Dark Lotus (listed twice). Never has the world seen such a black metal "fan" who listens to this much wigger rock. She of course loves Dimmu Borgir. Although Dani Filth is her date according to some quiz on her Myspace, Dimmuborgiress says she really hates him on her Vampire Freaks profile. This is probably because he is more feminine than her. But she can't be that fem because she's bi, of course.

I have met Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir at Download 07 and would love to meet him again as I didn't really say much just giggled like a school-girl, so I probably looked like a right royal pratt!! (lol)


—Dimmuborgiress on how she's totally not a teenybopper

Don't you wish your mom was hot like me?
She hates people who think they look hot but actually look like cunts.

Emo... Goth... Whatever. It's Whining.

While Dimmuborgiress may not actually be emo, she whines like one. This is lulzy considering she hates emos so much.

sorry to disappoint but I find your pathetic whining and such crap lame and unnatractive- try being in several kid's homes and being abused up untill the age of 15!!- I have so don't look at me for pity


—Dimmuborgiress on saying she hates whining emos by whining

If people arent telling me they want to fuck me I get down raters and faggots saying they want to beat the shit outa me cos of the way I dress...


—Dimmuborgiress on some hardships of her life

I am a cuddly person when you get to know me...but remember if your emo - fuck off!!


—Dimmuborgiress making huge lulz



—Dimmuborgiress whining about being judged on things she posts in a public profile

She also enjoys, "VAMPIRES", "BLOOD", and "BEING ACCEPTED". Go figure.

New Account

It seems the manly faggoth can't stop whining and whoring on VF, and has created another account since her Dimmuborgiress days. Her current account is named Dreaded-Jester. She's not changed much, and is now quite like the VF equivalent of devianTART's Snapesnogger. Mind you, at least Snapesnogger actually looks like a girl. Update: VF ACCOUNT BALEETED!! It probably became an hero.

STOP PRESS: It seems she didn't permaban herself from life after all. Yet another account created in all her moronic glory: Ringmaster Shade

Looks like the online presence of this one is gone now.

What ho! There seems to be another blasted page of this harlot's. Tally ho, what?


Now what happened to the other info that was here before the new account section was created?


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