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"it was not an easy task to accomplish! Kuzco is not the usual tall dark and handsome kind of guy, he's not really nice (at first) and he's so skinny - not my type at all! :D But he's got one thing that always works - he is hilarious! And so full of himself - the perfect material for a Disney Hero Model!"

I won't be able to watch another Disney Princess movie without remembering this post... feeling REALLY awkward >_<


Say goodbye to your childhood.

On October 6, 2009, ohnotheydidnt released what could be their worst abomination ever: freakishly well-drawn and airbrushed male Disney characters in speedos. Apparently, these pics are years old, but the internet hate machine had somehow largely missed out on them so far.

These were all drawn with incredible detail by Deviantart-favicon.png David Kawena, an Israeli faggot in his mid-twenties. Obviously, he has a thing for drawing these "attractive" males from various Disney films, while leaving out the "ugly" ones such as Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame like a stereotypically biased fuck. Unfortunately Thankfully, things like The Lion King are left out.

Since posted on David's DeviantART, these images have been posted in numerous places, including lemondrop.com, some latina's blogger, allieiswired.com and other places that should not be linked lest they make your eyes bleed. However awkward the content of these pictures is, it appears that they get numerous page-views from soccer moms with too much time on their hands.

What you are about to see will either shock you so badly you'll need to spend thousands of dollars on hypnotherapy, or leave you rather aroused and wishing the artist had a request box.

LiveJournal Comments

Its all about the bulges for me.


Lj-favicon.png joes_lil_miss

I feel awkard.


Lj-favicon.png antisocialxgrl

I won't be able to watch another Disney Princess movie without remembering this post... feeling REALLY awkward >_


Lj-favicon.png agent_cavendish (who apparently is a cyclops)

Definitely. But this is way less awkward than the time I was 11 and wanted to print a picture of Aladdin and Jasmine and google images turned up porn drawings of them and I mean, they were pretty graphic drawings. Now I think they're lol-worthy but I've had ten years to laugh about it...


Lj-favicon.png dude_isotopes (who now has fap material for another ten years)

And did you notice Gaston's got big balls and a little itty-bitty dick?


Lj-favicon.png cleojones (this can never be unlearned.)

I always had a crush on Eric from The Little Mermaid. My inner perv and inner child are both celebrating right now. Separately, of course. I don't have an inner Chris Hansen to handle that situation.


Lj-favicon.png deadendqueen16 RIIIIIIGHT

I was..erm...attracted to Aladdin, Peter Pan...Simba and Carpet


Lj-favicon.png ace_nikkel

um what the fuq I do not want any of these scantily clad men. this is such a turnofff omg. but I guess the princesses have been sexualized ever-so-much so it is only fair to do the same to the princes. but gross. that dude from atlantis's glasses are seriously turning me the fuq off idk idk get better taste in eyewear, hunnay


Lj-favicon.png totalroyalty (offering fashion advice to cartoons since 1997)

Other Reactions

[21:44] <Infinite> enough

[21:44] <Infinite> PETER PAN IS A KID
[21:44] <Infinite> THIS IS CP



—Infinite, not being a shotacat



—An EQ2 player

dat ass


Rich Boy

meh the point of beeing 14 is beeing able to say i like little dick with out sounding like a pedofile.


—Teck. ?!

I feel awkard



Eric was so my first crush. I don't know if I could have handle this at 3.



Unf. I don't even care that they are drawings of pictures.






LMAO....these are hilarious. I've never gotten the hots for an animated character.








DAMN. Though I have to say that I never fancied the guys much. Except maybe Aladdin, and Kocoum could holla.




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