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2. Bestiality
3. Cuckoldry

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DoubleSAnimations, Supershadow124, and Vicious the Cykressian is a sonic recolor “artist” who made a big name for himself during the early years of 2009. His animations are typically known for being very flashy, over the top, random, and sometimes disturbing. Some have often labeled him as the recolor equivalent to Michael Bay. He used to be worshipped by a crowd of recolors, but eventually started losing more and more support over the years of his stupidity.

Humble beginnings

He first made his debut on youtube on March 15, 2009 which his very first flash series known as Trolls Unleashed. This was a series of animations where Vicious’s character goes through a series of misfortunate events which leads to him seeking revenge on the trolls who cause him such stress. The trolls in his series he claims to be recolors who believed to be superior to others.

The first episode is linked below.

Trolls Unleashed episode 1
Trolls Unleashed episode 6

Flash comparisons

After watching the video, for those of you who are familiar with Newgrounds this type of animation seems very familiar, especially with the overabundance of special effects. Vicious himself admits to being inspired by Lgdvegetto who is the creator of another flash series called Sonic Quest for Power. A series of flash movies where Sonic clashes with the world of Megaman X and goes to fight Sigma while having super amount of forms and over the top powers and weapons.

Link below is to an episode of Sonic Quest for Power for similarities.

Sonic Quest for Power

Vicious made his characters in the same fashion as they were in Lgdvegetto’s flash animation. They have over the top powers, multiple forms, and very flashy moves. These kind of videos got Vicious incredibly popular amongst other recolor artists. Some praise him for being the greatest animator ever, and having the coolest characters. Vicious would often get requests from people to have their recolors in his flash animations. Soon Vicious was dealing with so many people he got together a circle of his friends who would act as his approvals. They soon eventually became his staff for story writing while Vicious only animates.

Introducing Revan


Vicious then encounters a user known as Sparks the Hedgehog (currently known as Kendathki) Sparks was also a recolor artist who offered to help Vicious with story writing. Vicious and Sparks were on good terms with each other during this time, he got assistance from Sparks with story writing and a new friend. Sparks also helped Vicious make a few inside jokes to put in his flash animations such as a character named Skull. Skull is a parody of a character made by DarkDayton who would constantly go “Where’s my dick” in the most random of moments. After a while Vicious’s friends started suspecting someone from Sparks and told Vicious they believed he was only helping Vic so he could put himself out there, take over his flash series, and make it all about him. Vicious not bothering asking any the man himself questions backstabs Sparks and continues to speak ill of him even today. This led to Vicious eventually killing off Spark’s character in one of his flash animations. Vicious is also known for doing bash flashes where he kills off a person he doesn’t like. Sometimes being the current popular to hate recolor artist.

Commentary on the video where he kills Revan's character


Another case of his bash flashes is with a user known as DarkDayton. Dayton while not having the greatest reputation wasn't too bad of a person. However, due to Dayton refusing extra sprites from Vicious (because he didn't want his character having too many forms) Vicious started taking this very personally. During Vicious's sprite series Dayton was an ally to Vicious, however due to Dayton not wanting to use Vicious's sprites for his character, Vicious decided to make Dayton's character a villain for no real reason. This not only showed his petty side but how he doesn't care for the consistency of his stories. As long as someone else is inconvenienced it's all good for him.

Video to the inconsistencies of Vic's series, and his lies about Dayton

Corruption of Randomness

Soon Vicious started making a series known as Corruption of Randomness. They are literally as described, or it tries to be it's very confusing. It's a series of videos where Vicious literally shows he's run out of ideas and puts whatever joke he can find up on a flash canvas. These kind of videos go way over the 30 minute mark and are usually full of random humor, memes, explosions, multi colored lights, ect. However, despite it being something "random" he still tries adding story elements into it, almost to the point of trying to make it tie with his main series.

However, the real purpose of this series is not just to be random and get some entertainment in. These videos are actually bash flashes in disguise. Every single Corruption of Randomness, there will be instances where people's characters get killed off. Just for the sake of being worshipped by people who happen to hate the people who made the character getting killed.

< Corruption of Randomness

Friend collaborations

He's also had some of his friends get into bash flashes as well. One that's rather infamous is this one below.

50 Reasons to Kick Dayton's Ass

Vic has also made these during his spare time.

Vic trying to mock Dayton for ironic reasons.
Vic again trying to mock Dayton for ironic reasons.

Vicious claims he no longer wants to make bash flashes, but the skepticism of some people are believing he'll go back to it anytime soon.

Vic's reputation goes viral


Safe to say he started getting more haters after this incident. When Vicious threw Revan to the side a user known as Sarahthecat has an unfortunate meetings with Vicious himself. Amongst the female population some have very disturbing stories about Vicious and his sexual pleasures. How Vicious seems to turn every single rp with someone into a cybering session. One day Vicious encountered Sarah and begged her to cyber with him. Countless times she refused and Vicious decided to get back at her. Vicious decided to get back at her he drew Sarah’s character as a futa. The image is long gone now in a DA storage but people who were around during the picture’s existence such as her, Titanlighthog, Drdeadman, Darkshinigamighost, and Louden Styles all still remember the artwork. From former friends of his they’ve shared stories about how Vicious had cybered with over fifty different woman. Sometimes even cybering girls who are under aged. He’s even tried to cyber with women who are married such as a user named MidnightPrime.

Link below is to a video of Midnight Prime’s personal experience with Vicious

MidnightPrime's video

Incest fetish

Link below is to a video of TOGProfessor, Youngbloodfantasy91, and MrSirRaven commenting on Vic's incest fetish.

Pseudointellectual Rant

During this time Vicious started getting a few more haters. Some people made pictures on Deviant Art pointing out his stupidity, people getting into comment debates with him, and even posting his recolored sprite sheets so anyone could obtain them. This angered Vicious the most and would cause him to change the appearance of his characters each and every time a sprite sheet of his was posted.

During when Titanlighthog stopped with recoloring, he decided to play a joke on Vicious and pretended to be an eight year old girl who was a fan of his work. After a while Vicious talked to the pretend eight year old fan and proceeded to cybering her. Titan revealed it was him showing just how desperate Vic was to get into sexual activity.

Pedophilic kink

Below is a Skype conversation from someone who was forced into a cybering session by Vicious.

[10:53:02 AM] Brianna The Hedgewolf/Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog/Seras: Yep. He touched my leg

[10:53:07 AM] Mr.Roovun: I am starting to miss the guy now (Referring to someone else entirely)

[10:53:10 AM] Brianna The Hedgewolf/Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog/Seras: Vic just....ew

[10:53:23 AM] Talus Yukimaru. The Demonhog: He tried to shove his hand in her vahjayjay if i can remember

[10:53:27 AM] Brianna The Hedgewolf/Maria Robotnik The Hedgehog/Seras: Mhm

Other strange sexual desires

Vic has also made a few rather disturbing pictures of things he openly admits to feeling proud of. These are pictures he will constantly show people who are on his Skype contacts, and he will keep showing them off despite not wanting to see them.

Vic taking DarkDayton's character and putting him into gay porn because he hates him.

Try making sense out of this one if you can.

Vic's undeniable and unstoppable pedophilia act 2016

Once again, Vic strikes again with his pedophilia act. This time, his sexual victim is a 15 year old innocent girl named Rose who is best known as Squidbae on DeviantArt. It all first started back in January 2016 all the way to April 2016. It all started when Rose first joined a gaming squad from the Splatoon fandom called: "TEAM NEXUS", Rose only intended to meet and greet a bunch of new people and make new friends with them. That is until she stumbled upon Vic in the Splatoon community fandom under the name as "ElectroNova" who approached her and asked her for Skype username. Their conversation took place in Skype and Vic was getting to know Rose. Until he began verbally throwing out inappropriate "jokes" to her. Some of the things he had said involving him wanting to ferociously, crazily, and lustfully ram his raging member onto Rose's sacred temple. Rose, on the other hand, being at a young age for a teenager, assumed that he was simply joking around. Rose continued onto her conversation with Vic while kept assuming he was joking then he "apologized" to her and asking her about how would she feel if he wasn't joking? The first thing that would come to a 15 year old girl's mind when she's talking to a pedophile man would normally be: "If he's apologizing to me for being sexual, why do it now when he could've simply apologized when he first made that sexual comment to me?" Nonetheless, despite having a good and wonderful heart, Rose accepted his apology. Then, out of the blue, Vic began to do a sexual roleplay with her without her consent. Rose simply thought of it as another joke that Vic wanted to pull but Rose was in for a big surprise. The two continued onto their roleplay using their two characters related to the Splatoon fandom. Vic then told her that he would not perform any sexual activity an underage girl around Rose's age behind the computer screen. However, he claimed that he would for a roleplay because it would be "good" for a roleplay. To be specific, he meant a Fantasy roleplay of fictional characters like his and Rose's engaging in a forbidden sexual act. This theoretically supports the fact that Vic suffers a mental illness or disorder. It is hinted that Vic may be diagnosed with "Exhibitionistic Disorder" which is one person having the urge to expose his/her gential to a stranger or other people and release it's sexual desire to satisfy his/herself. The evidence can be seen from a screenshot of Vic's reply to Rose in which he states:

... And now I'm torn. Because a part of me wants to stop but another part of me, likes em' young X3


— Vicious aka Bobby Nelson openly confirmed his irrational and dysfunctional behavior. Thus, confirming him being diagnosed with Exhibitionistic Disorder.

Vic then began asking Rose to masturbate for him as she moans for him via voice chat on Skype. This doesn't stop him, he continued to ask her more inappropriate things such as sending him photos of her masturbating her temples and videos of it as well. Rose did so simply because it was against her will as she was immensely pressured into doing so.

Realmwars joins the fun

After the debates he had with Sarah the Cat and Titanlighthog a user by the name of Realmwars decides to state his opinions on Vicious. Realmwars uploaded a journal on Deviant Art talking about all the things he doesn’t like about Vicious. He critiques his animations, his story telling, his attitude as a person, and Vicious took this as a personal offense. Soon he decided to do what he normally does now a days when someone tries to pick a fight with him, he sicks his fans at the person calling him out and stays on the sidelines as other people speak for him. Needless to say this backfired horribly as when Vicious started getting his friends to flame Realmwars he started getting backlash from multiple other people who were familiar with his shenanigans as well as people who agreed with the journal. In fact it was by the time Realmwars joined in with his say in the matter Vicious started sinking lower and lower. Since this journal Vicious and his friends have held a very unhealthy grudge against Realmwars and despised him ever since. There were stories from a user known as SpikeHedgelion8 where if anyone even mentions Realmwars’s name in a skype conversation with Vicious they’re removed instantly.

All you care about is making me look bad and making me leave the internet. Well guess what. I'm not going anywhere :3.


— Vicious's retort to Realmwars's criticsm and findings.

When his butt buddies couldn't defend him Vicious decides to spread some "wisdom" of his own. Needless to say that also backfired and he went right back to hiding behind his friends. All that happened was Vicious painted an even bigger target on himself, and wasn't just being chewed out by Realmwars but anyone who was intelligent enough to see through his stupidity.

XD I love how he decides to post a journal instead of taking it into pms. Insecure child XD.


— Posting a rant journal publicly where anyone can see it means you're a pussy and insecure #Viciouslogic.

Hiddenmew49 is born

The first round

Another year passes and Vicious encounters a new user on Deviant Art. He finds himself a woman who went by the name Hiddenmew49. Hiddenmew said she was a longtime fan of Vicious’s work and wanted to ask him a few questions about his work and what he does. She also asked him about his personal feelings about certain people, to which Vicious started saying very ill things. He even mentioned how he doesn’t like Spikehedgelion8 anymore all for being friends with Realmwars. When Spike got word of this he was never informed by Vicious himself which lead him to believe Vicious was holding out just so he can still have a “loyal fan.” After the conversation Hiddenmew49 revealed that she was actually Realmwars in disguise and he foolishly gave him information to use against him. After the conversation Hiddenmew49 became an archive account for displaying hilarious internet drama. The conversation also lead to the making of a video entitled “Human Behavior Rant: SuperShadow124 aka Vicious and the Vicious Cycle of Mediocrity” which included users known as Youngbloodfantasy91, MrSirRaven, and Tubers93 reading the conversation and putting their thoughts on what Vicious has said.

Link below is to the rant.

Human Behavior Rant

When this was made Vicious got infuriated, because now anybody can see the big mistake he made. So he decided to sink to an all-time low and started flagging anyone who uploaded that video under “hate speech” in hope to restore his reputation. People soon caught wind of his flagging spree and started calling him out for this. This ended up making Vicious lose even more supporters. He started losing over a thousand subscribers due to everything being said about him. This angered Vicious even more which led him to betraying even more of his friends.

Second round

Another argument between Vicious and Hiddenmew occur on a journal Vicious made where he goes mocking people for being unoriginal. Vicious while debating with Hiddenmew stated a lot of things that ended up backfiring on him again which lead to a dramatic reading posted by BeastlyEevee. The line Vicious stated that made Hiddenmew’s points stronger was somewhere on the lines of “You’re the reason I can’t have nice things.” Which helped Hiddenmew prove Vicious was only making videos in hopes to becoming popular and respected. This caused even more people to view Vicious as a complete tool, which once again angered Vicious.

See... the block button is there for a reason. for people to not deal with people like you. People who believe they have to be right about every single little aspect that they think is wrong or if people have an undying hate for something for someone. It's people like that, is the reason why other people can not have nice things.


— Vicious's reasons for why he blocks anyone who doesn't like his content.

Revan's site schenanigans

Vicious treating a fan like garbage

If you want to see the tyrade Vicious went on when going on Revan's website follow the link below.

Ego thy name is Vicious (The post that Vicious wanted to die

Vic's horrendous poker face.

Private messages

During the time of Realm's termination of Deviant Art, a user known as ArianatheEchidna noted Vicious about not reporting Realm's accounts anymore and decided to use misinformation to make himself look like the victim.

Sure he's made the account a year ago, but that must have been the shortest year ever if he hasn't bothered me. Posting up stuff about me, claiming I'm a horrible person with a mental issue that needs doctors attention, saying that I can't animate in flash with sprites, claiming I have no life and I need to die in order for everyone to breath easy, and other things to get other people to hate/dislike me and agree to their one-sided argument when I've never talked to him directly. Setting up a fake account of me, (Might have been one of HIS followers), on a website I didn't even know existed, claiming I've said bad stuff in relation to the Sonic Community to further influence them to think I'm not a good person to be with, when I've been busy with other things elsewhere off of DeviantArt and the internet altogether. As for who got his accounts taken off, it may have been a number of people that had reported the bad posts about me that got the accounts removed. I'm sorry that I don't know any of their names and that it doesn't help answer your question, but lately I haven't stuck around deviantart a lot to know who got his account(s) removed."


— Vicious using blatant misinformation to play the victim.

The biggest case of this use of misinformation is when he states Realm said "I need to die in order for everyone to breath easy." everyone who knows Realm, personally or just on the internet know he has never once made a death wish to anyone. Nor has he said someone has no life. So right there you know he's lying. He also likes to use the term "claims" when technically he has posted presentations on Vicious's actions that were all from him. He also seems to be pretending he didn't report Realm's pages despite the fact that his name is clearly there on the report file. He also mentions people not liking him through one-sided arguments yet when his own fanbase decides to bash Realm through one-sided arguments Vicious laughs along and cheers. Vicious can't defend himself in any argument, in fact he doesn't even know HOW to defend himself, all he has are denials, and each denial he has further shows how guilty of a person he is.

FINALLY the biggest proof of this, is looking back at the date of the original Human Behaviors Rant (before it was flagged down) the original date of that video's upload was December. 24 2012. This was the first time Hiddenmew was used to get information from Vicious. Fast forward to the next time Hiddenmew was used to expose Vicious, and you'll run across this video.

BeastlyEevee's dramatic reading of Vicious

To which the first post made by Hiddenmew49 on that journal was on January 4th 2014. So it actually has been a year since last time Hiddenmew made any comment towards Vicious. A common routine of Vicious's when telling a story about a situation he's in, is to make himself look more and more like the victim as possibly. villainizing the other person as much as he possibly can, through lies and made up events.

personal conversations

Back when SpikeHedgelion8 and Vicious were actually friends, Spike would be nice enough to make Vicious into a MUGEN fighter. After a few days he finally made Vicious a playable character for MUGEN. This really pleased Vicious to see him in a fighting game. Spike then asked if he could be placed in Vicious's sprite series after of making him so happy with Vic's character in a fighting game. Vicious then responds with a simple.

"I'll think about it."

However several weeks pass and not a single word from Vicious about it. Jonah then asks Vicious and he responds with.

The problem is, does it really take someone SEVERAL WEEKS to tell someone an answer as simple as "No you won't be put in my series." Almost to hoping Spike forgotten about asking Vicious to be placed in his series.

"I thought about it and the answer is no."

Top 50 Reasons to Kick Dayton's Ass

Oh yeah remember that part? Let's take a look at reason 50.

50.making a video of him killing Shadow and claiming the title of Ultimate life form. (HOW EPICALLY GAY IS THAT)

Actually talking to Dayton this is what really happened.

He got a private message from MidnightPrime pretending to be Shadow the Hedgehog. The message was on the lines of challenging Dayton to a battle. Dayton accepted and Midnight made the video of Shadow fighting Dayton and Shadow lost. Dayton had no part in making the video.

Something Vicious seemed to have left out.

lying to himself

"I'll be looking back at this and still be laughing."


— Vicious's last post on Realm's first journal on him.

He'll still be laughing he says. Look at him now. One of the biggest laughing stocks of the internet, terminating Realm out of anger, trying to hide all his shame from the public, and playing the victim.

Whose laughing now?

Vic's response to the opposing side.

Vicious is also very reluctant to use the same arguments over and over again no matter how many times they're proven false. Most of the time under the same circumstance as before.

-Retorts often made by Vicious-

Your comments make me laugh. - When you say he's mad during a comment response.
I don't care. - What he says, when he goes on a tangent believing he's better than you, but you present the contrary.
:3 - His proof as to why he isn't mad.
You're a stalker. - Usually when you point out his contradictions. He hasn't said this much to SarahtheCat despite the number of contradictions she's pointed out, but Hiddenmew49 got this comment a lot.
Get a life. - His response to when you expose a dirty secret of his.
You don't understand. - Sometimes when you point out a contradiction of his in a comment.
I've changed. - Often when you bring up something he did in the past (often times if not always a lie) in an attempt for you to forgive him.

Vicious becoming DSP 2.0?

Currently he's starting to make Let's Plays of Sonic games, full of loud mic pops, really bad jokes, pointing out the obvious, making up plot points, and some hilarious failings here and there. He also screams a lot every time he loses a life or when one of his co-commentators cracks a joke at him.

Vicious Cooping in a Let's Play of a Sonic Generations mod

I missed the extra life because I was too busy humming the invincibility jingle.


— Proof of Vicious's ADD?

Vicious has also recently started his own LP channel, in hopes to get partnered for Let's Plays. The first LP he planned for this channel was Five Nights at Freddy's 2, which shows Vicious is so desperate for attention that he'll jump on the biggest LP bandwagon out there just to get up to the ranks of other users like Markiplier and Pewdiepie.

Flagging for Copyright

Vicious's LPs have currently garnered a poor reputation, due to their lack of quality control. The humor, and competence of the commentators AND LP recorders are on the same level as DSPGaming. Eventually RealmwarssII goes in for another round, but mostly to expose Vic as a youtube money whore. So inretaliation Vic decided to false flag Realm's video under copyright infringement.

Vic false flagging as copyright infringement

The FUCKING RECOLOR is crying over copyright infringement, do you SEE the irony?


— RealmwarssII's words on the matter

Vicious's hypocrisy

Vicious has been known for being quite hypocritical. Under many occasions.

Vicious's hypocrisy

Another thing Vicious also states is, he doesn't want to get involved in drama. He doesn't care for what haters say yet he still decides to respond to the haters.

He also tells people he never gets angry over the internet. Despite from his Let's Play Videos he gets angry very, very quickly from the smallest of thing.

He also tend to tell his fans who think he's the greatest "I wouldn't say that about myself." even though when someone is to give him any critique on his work he backlashes and blocks people.

He also likes to tell people he never wants anything to do with Revan yet every month he can be seen stalking Revan's DA page.

Vicious on Revan's page

Whines how Realmwars is only trying to give him a bad name, yet collaborated with a video giving bogus reasons as to why Dayton is a terrible person.

Hiding his Shame

private videos

Ever since Vicious started realizing people were commentating on his videos, and making fun of him he's been trying to hide it all from others. Vicious has already put all of his let's plays on private as well as his corruption of randomness videos. As to think hiding what people are making fun of will get people to stop bashing him. Then when he's ever called out on it he likes to go on saying "Oh that's in the past" despite A. never changing from his past failures and B. constantly bashing other people for things they've done in their past (ie. Dayton, Revan)

talking with others

Normally when Vicious is on the receiving end of the questions, he'll often start playing the blame game. Every time something of his is criticized he'll normally go "Don't blame me, my friend came up with that." or "I didn't do that, this guy did it." Never admitting to any fault he's done he simply points his finger and places all responsibility on the other person.

white knights

When Vic can't think of a good argument he always get's one of his buddies to handle the rest of the arguments, while he sits back avoiding the fire. So he wants to go on about how Dayton makes him look weak, yet Vic can't defend himself in a battle without resorting to hiding behind other people. Vicious shows his true cowardice by stooping to this level.

-People he blames-

Story - Normally blames Frost or anyone else who collaborated with the story.
Bash flashes - blames the original maker of the sprites, trying to convince the questioner that he's in the right.
Reports - blames Jaytheneokid for reporting others.
Sudden rise in haters - blames Realmwars and accuses him of "brainwashing"

Vicious has never been one to admit any errors he's done, and instead of manning up and saying he was wrong he plays the victim and places responsibility into the hands of his own closest friends.

hiding comments

Vicious is very insecure about his image, so if he finds anything linked to his page that exposes him for the tool he is, he will have it deleted.

Vic removing comments from his page

So if you post links like this that expose Vicious on his own page he'll make sure it's removed.

Quotes from Vicious

Here are the hilarious quotes Vicious has been either known to saying, or just priceless rage.

It's not running away if you choose not to bother with it. Good Luck losing friends. It's as I told you, I have better things to do, but you chose not to respect that. You didn't care at all if I didn't want to bother myself with it,


— Vicious being a coward/pretentious person?

If you wanted to say that. Why not write that on my profile :3


— Vicious taunting people who he blocks?

Speak for yourself about sprites. You can't even sheet your OWNdamn character. You had to ask ME to do it for you, which I was going to do at some point because I'm a nice person like that, but no, you just had to give me a reason to not do it anymore.


— Vic being a "nice" person

Speak for yourself, maybe you should do a "Let's Watch" of that Bash Animation of Funnytime77 that you did. You talk about mine being shitty, then you haven't experienced having felt motivation to continue because of a bad animation. That's what happened to me when I sat through your entire animation of what looked like a Megaman recolor fighting whatever Funnytime77's character was at the time.


— Vicious pulling a Nou

Doesn't even look like Knuckles anymore. Sure my character is an Echidna, but in the slightest doesn't look like Knuckles at all, my older looks did, but not the more recent one XD.


— Vic's defense to his character not being a recolor.

See... the block button is there for a reason, for people to not deal with people like you. People who believe they have to be right about every single little aspect that they think is wrong or if people have an undying hate for something or someone. It's people like that, is the reason why other people can not have nice things.


— A personal favorite quote.

Emotions have nothing to do with rushing a response. I just simply typed it casually, and didn't notice the typo I made until I saw it when it was already posted. If the comment system had the ability to edit text then I would have done that, but you simply don't care. All you care about is bringing me down, well guess what. I'm not going anywhere.


— Vic denying his anger.

It's a common mistake some people can make, deal with it. Or go fuck yourself :3


— Another personal favorite quote .

He decided to side with the people who hate me, that's all I can gather.


— Vic's excuse to why he hates Spikehedgelion8.

You still have no chance of making me leave the internet No matter what ya do.


— typical butthurt response from Vic.

So of course your sheet I would have began making it in March and I would have you watch me sprite the sheet if that were to be the case, but what you've done is give me another person to add to my list of "People I use to call my friends."


— Wonder how long that list is Vic.

I also find it very funny that you would go out of your way and respond to every single DA response that I make here, but you want nothing to do with me on Skype


— more hypocrisy from Vic considering he does the same thing to Realmwars.

Just because I have the type of animation style that sticks out the most as "bad" in his eyes.


— Vic oblivious to everything.

Conclusions on Vicious

As for Vicious he couldn’t be in any worse of a state. He’s been exposed as a liar, two timing, abusive, sensitive, idiotic, a coward, and sexist. He’s practically becoming the recolor equivalent to Darksydephil. There are only a few people who seem to think there may be a way he can redeem himself but as for anyone else who has seen what he’s done, they’ve lost all faith for him to get better.

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