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It's like a turd in a toilet bowl.
Elvis is admin in the building.
Josh Thomas after a nice viewing of Batman

Drawrawr was to be the next deviantArt rip-off which was going to be a totally original creation claiming to be more rebellious and free. In all reality, it's just amounted to nothing but forcing opinions down people's throats, memes, and Brony festism, all of course was run by adminz made of of self-important elite douchebags, moral fags, ugly loud mouths, grammar nazis, people who shoot up movie theaters when batman rises, closet pedofiles, and Jihadi artists anonymous.

It is as the old e-saying goes: "The problem with closed-minded people is their mouth is always opened".

It was run just like the republican party - once a user reaches a certain weight and/or vocal decibel level - usually 650lb or more/too loud for human ears to cope with respectively - they automatically gained more power, becoming a moderator on the site, to feed Josh Thomas's fatty fetish.

Drawrawr promised features too crummy to mention, with artwork that looked like it resulted from some new bastardized /lol/ board on 4chan - prior to it not making enough rent moniez from the adverts, prompting a closure - but not before loads moar drama inbetween - some of which still continues to this day, despite the site having been dead for six months at time of writing.



It was setup by an Elvis impersonator, and self-appointed CEO named Josh Thomas (AKA: Lambdanaut) WHO KNOWS EVERYTHING - and if you think differently, boy are you gonna be corrected! And if he doesn't know about something, he will not let it occur on Drawrawr. HE WATCHES ALL. You cannot join Drawrawr without first passing the Elvis-master's test of ability - unless you're lucky enough to have Elvis, some unimportant goth girl who poses as his girlfriend to cover up past acts of bestiality, or one of their other team-slugs to pay you a visit, forcing their magical propaganda down your throat to force you to join immediately.

Those who voiced any concerns criticisms of Josh Thomas or disrespected his self-imposed title of 'CEO' after he wrote the entire site in bad Python that required reworking by four different skript kiddies - would end up spend eternity in Elvis Master Hell, hearing him whine about how he deserves more respect. Oh and not forgetting how hard he worked to put Drawrawr together.

For the eight months Drawrawr was online, a dedicated fan possé whom couldn't for some reason contain their faggotry on DR itself, felt the urge to ensure everybody knew about Drawrawr, and ONLY said good things about it. If at any point that - heaven forfend - somebody said BAD things about DR, the same faces, (or feces, given the theme) from DR would decent upon the user, with one of the following statements:

  • How can you dis a site that's still in Beta?
  • This site is dead - there's nothing left of this community, I mean, whhhhyyy are you still here?
  • I am gay - come and join me and my friends on the Drawrawr webcam. Bring your penis, leave your pants.

You get the general idea.

Common responses were people ignoring the comments because they were laughing so hard at the piss poor attempt to get people to join their brony faggotry. Although some were tempted to post journals and/or artwork about their encounters with the DReich - who came back to humiliate themselves further on one or two occasions - the trick with trolling is to prove, not be provoked yourself, thus leading to epic failure for Drawrawr, but providing everybody else with somebody to point and laugh at.


How to artworkz on Drawrawr - as demonstrated by Catherine.

Drawrawr claimed to be an art site - but one browse around of Elvis Master's account showed you that artwork didn't have to be yours to post in the first place. Of course as everybody knows, hipsters invented tumblr about 100 years before Drawrawr, meaning there wasn't really much point for Drawrawr - and this is one of the reasons it doesn't exist anymore.

Unlike deviantart, drawrawr had a passion for hosting furry art especially anything by Snapesnogger - cuz that's some good shit bro! It has artwork drawn by 14 year olds who base their anatomy on desk-top dolls and store dummies, who think that because they aren't tracing artwork THEY ARE FUCKING GOOD AT ART and ANY attempt to tell them their work isn't good will result not with the usual butthurt, but instead a full-on boycott from drawwar's second reich, should you come across former members of this former community.

Then of course, you have the artwork from those trapped on drawrawr who for some stupid reason were under a misapprehension that they couldn't leave either because they were basement dwellers who were too fat/lazy to do something off the internet. Or more typically they didn't want to have their online alias publicly shown up because when drawrawr chain-spammed them about how fucking good their site was on deviant art, artgrounds, sheezy or wherever, they posted a nice big journal saying OMG I'M LEAVING HERE - I'M ON DRAWRAWR NOW SO THERE! You know - the sort of artist who if trapped on a snow-topped mountain would think: I can't melt snow, so I better drink my own piss.

However, the style of artwork being uploaded to drawrawr puts it's artists in direct competition with PPPProject, which like drawrawr, never left beta mode.


But what of Elvis himself? 10 minutes after coming up with the idea for drawrawr, (which was 5 minutes after spending yet another day of googling 'Josh Thomas' to yield no results) OPERATIONZ WERE GO, and have since been overseen by the Elvis Master himself. He rallied up a bunch of fat loud kids who think they can program - but in reality will fuck up making a cup of coffee - and got to work. The rest is history in the process, as the site isn't making enough money to afford servers for a complete resurrection of the SS in order to take over EVERY FUCKING SITE ON THE INTERWEBZ AND MAKE THEM DRAWRAWR!

When in the building - Elvis ensures:

  • NOBODY badmouths Drawrawr. Infact, expect this article to be blogged about and requested to be removed...
  • Advertising is done! This includes going onto other art sites, forcing the notion of how crap that site is, and how the user MUST MOVE TO DRAWRAWR RIGHT NOW, BEFORE ELVIS GETS MAD!
  • Unoriginal features copied from Sheezyart are implemented ASAP!
  • The staff - including various fuck-wits from the failed and unoriginally named 'The Art Site Project', (or 'CRAP' for short) are kept as much in line as all great gestapo should.
  • BANFREE! Which takes the fun out of arguing with moderators...
  • Moderators whose presence is pointless due to the aforementioned bahn-free browsing, consisting of a crack team of asswhips banned from practically every other website on the internet.
  • Searching all instances of DR Hate on the internet. When found, all DR staff are notified, in order for them to spam the shite out of the comments/artwork/journals with 'Lol, they're knocking a site which is in beta' even though when complete, it's logo is still going to look like a turd in a toilet bowl, placed on a plate of cold sick.

Hean's Asswhippin'

On drawrawr, trolling was both allowed and rife - yet what the retards who setup this site were too retarded to see, was that if you can't lure people onto your site to troll them, the point of a trolling community is actually completely fucking pointless, because the people who they want to troll aren't likely to go there - because all children know not to walk into to an alligator pit.

In May 2011, this just so happened to include one Deviantartlet weeaboo, Chibi Dawnie, who posted her lurkings around the DR faggotry: lulling at that trolling that never happened.

Hean was retarded enough to have not realized that you don't flame somebody you want to piss off before they arrive on your artsite trollsite - making him stupider than the obsessive weeaboo whom he was trying too hard to insult - whom then posted the point-out journal 100 years before the butthurt response journal. But then it is difficult understanding other people when you have no friends, and only lurk questionable art websites because 100 years ago somebody was nice to you and drew you a nice OC which you use every-fucking-where and never update because you're a talentless prick.

Once the retard was discovered, Elvis and his girlfriend LVL-5-TONS, quickly purged the jew~retard from their pure, aryan, elitist trolls - and his butthurt has been heard on drawrawr ever since - because what makes this all the more funnier, is that on Drawrawr, nobody gets banned - failers at DR ended up interred and sent to concentration camps instead.

Having had the complete piss taken out of him, the online alias of Hean was gone forever. Though can probably still be found gaming somewhere on the Xbox moron saga.

His full fuckup can be found here:

Where is the Nazi gold hidden?

"I'm a complete idiot, and I'd like to invest in a website with the same future as the average Syrian, despite somebody before me asking for a refund!"

Even the likes of Chris Chan will tell you that any website up and running for more than two weeks is going to cost money to run - something Josh Thomas in his infinate at perfect wisdom had not foreseen. In order to continue the Drawrawr faggotry, something was going to have to happen to pay the rent on Catherine Kern's father's garage - without effecting the pristine and perfect design of the site.

Josh couldn't just drop it and move on either - because he'd look even more of a fool than he'd already well-established himself to be - plus his hire-purchase server was on a contract which couldn't be broken for at least a year. This left only one course of action - a tarriff for extra services. Of course what was on offer was pretty much extra hugs from Catherine - often resulting in suffocation.

This was an unprecedented move, because it meant that for the first time, a big pile of shit was going to accumulate some sort of value - which as everybody knows, is impossible. Sure enough the shit hit the fan, cutting the money with it.

Most DR users were, and remain to be too fucktarded to ask where the money which was taxed to the users went - to anybody with half a brain it appears that money wasn't invested in the website itself, because it sucked more balls than a catholic priest in it's very, very short tenure.

The entire $1.52 probably paid to allow Catherine to visit a North Carolinian roadkill buffett for a good five minutes. There is talk of a Drawrawr 2.0, but this is unlikely as the internet it perfectly filthy the way it is, without a website which looks like shit and a line of piss. Besides, Josh much have lost his deposit on that hire purchase server by now - which is something that the total collection of $1.99 isn't going to get back.


A typical Drawrawr user.

The circus which was Drawrawr never attracted any serious artists - by which we mean a Deviantartlet with around 5,000 or so followers. One or two artists were initially attracted to the site who had a handful of followers, but after discovering that their followers couldn't follow them on there - BECAUSE DRAWRAWR IS IN BETA NEWB! - they took their art and ego with them back to Deviantart or Tumblr where they belong.

This left Drawrawr's faggy fanatical users - a sect of failtrolls who got banned from every artsite for fail trolling - such as Harpo Marx impersonator Ashes, who had has Lard-butt and Elvis running around on various sites defending his faggotry with uncredited statements such as 'actually ashes is nice!' because they STILL don't understand that being the boss means you get to order other people around to improve your image, rather than doing it all yourself - a prime example of this can be found by clicked 'discussion' at the top of the page for this very article!

That, and given that comic on DA by Emerilla, acted as a good warning to bullshit-avoiders, the rest of the internet, and what's worse for drawrawr, the trolling-fodder they so wanted to abuse because the people who actually used Drawrawr had no friends of their own.

This left those radical, horse fucking bronies, because they will do anything for a free fluttershy, and who else would enjoy living on a website which looks like throw up? As such, when the DR servers went South - or Josh Thomas and Catherine Kern's father spent his money on a new truck instead of the internet, this message appeared.

Any new incarnation of Drawrawr is more likely to be '' rather than 'Drawrawr 2.0'.

Life after Draw-drama Part I: OH NOES INTERNET!

Despite the Special ED school Drawrawr is, they realised that people were taking the piss out of them, (It took them a lot of time and head and butt scratching - but they got there). This provoked one giant lollercoaster, complete with a hydro-propulsion instead of a pull hill - just like on Space Mountain at Disnee world. The Drawrawr team - like any half decent Jihadists, Nazis or members of Westboro, or any other religious-nut group - do what they do best - DENY EVERYTHING!

Hean: Despite acting - and looking - like Eric Cartman - tried to laugh off the laughing at, but he sorta missed the bus with this response in his fuckup journal - responding to it around six months after the page was setup. Really - it took him that long to come up with a response effectively saying: "YOU WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORATARRR!" but actually crying into his my little pony collection.


Elvis himself: Josh did what he does best - drone on for a little longer about his self-importance - before again doing what he does best - dropping the whole thing and moving on. Oh wait, no that was the guy with common sense - this is Josh Thomas we're talking about here!

Josh decided the best thing to do was slip into his blue-suede keyboard and try to tell the authors of this article how to do their job - despite fucking up at his own job of running drawrawr - here's a wee clipette for those of you too lazy to click on 'discussion' at the top of the page:


Furthermore, he is also part of the team that made the website called 'The Gig Bureau' - by 'program' of course we mean that he spent 30 minutes putting it together in Wix, because it's well documented that when Elvis codes there's more security holes than the child-protection agency working alongside Jimmy Savile. Be sure to visit the staff page on 'the gig bureau' where he 'works' - if such a term can be applied to the adult-baby dumber than chris-chan, and see if you can work out which shitty instagram photo is supposed to be a of him on here

A recent image of Catherine and Josh in High Def. Found on the DR servers courtesy of a google image search.


Catherine initially reacted to the ED article with 'Oh ED? Lol that place used to be good' - so nothing unusual about that behavior - but then she simply vanished from all her usual haunts on the more public parts of the internet. As anybody with even a basic grasp of physics understands, you can't hide an object that's 900ft look for too long without somebody finding it. Sources close to her say that she's helping McDonald's in North Carolina to get through the recession. The only time she trolls anybody now is when she whistles the McDonald's theme to bulls and cows in the fields she passes.

Even the 13 year olds she got banned for troll/pedo/vore baiting are getting savvy to her really, really crappy insults. Catherine hasn't been heard of since she joined Royal Caribbean International and had 'Allure of the Seas' stamped on her huge ass-side.

NEWS: There is also a rumour that Catherine lost some weight and is now a man. (Source: The picture on the right).


What happened to the jew/sers? After realising there probably was no Nazi gold in the first place, they stuck around for as long as it took them to realise how crap DR was - which was pretty much once everybody got sick of feeling that unnecessary desire to defend Drawrawr by responding with 'DR IS IN BETA YOU N00B!' to anybody who dared question their once beloved trollsite - possibly because they realised that people were only saying 'DRAWRAWR SUCKS ASS!' to provoke that lollercoaster flame reaction. Obviously being a retard is somewhat curable...

The other users who had half a braincell and were just there because they'd been told it was better than Nabyn, Sheezyart, ConceptArt...actually I'm going to stop typing because I'm going to end up with quite a long list here - the artists with even a nominal amount of talent went to tumblr, leaving the DR Mods to wallow in the unpleasant shit hole now known as 'DenialRawr'.

Today's Drawrawr is now emptier than Artgrounds - infact it's emptier than Hean's address book. Not even Josh Thomas's Google Adsense account can save him now. All we have left to look forward to now is the YOU DUN GOOFED! video from drama queen Josh Thomas when his employers at Gig Bureau find this page.

But you can still find the old DR adminz trying and failing to troll people, and subsequently getting banned for pointless and unfunny shit nobody actually cares about, because they're WAY too obvious when they attempt to troll. Should you encounter Josh, Catherine, Inter, A Fridgerator - posting as 'ZeAdmiral' on Sheezyart, or BilEBrony on one of their many ingenious alt accounts - trolling because the basement dwellers don't actually have any friends, or anything to do in life because they're all unemployed.

If you bump into them, don't neglect to say "Hey! didn't you run that crappy trolling site which burned because it was boring and unfunny?" and reminding them of how they can't troll for the love of Jack Shit - hell they can't even piss off the whiniest 31 year old weeabo - AND we have the following pictures to prove that they've tried:



This incident just goes to prove that there are no limits to the self-service embarrassment Drawrawr can dish up - an event possibly akin to an embarrassment all-you-can-eat buffet - but get there before Buttzygalore, ( current SA screename it got banned) gets there first!

This episode is now available on demand here:

Life after Draw-drama Part II: Elvis has left the building! THANKAVERRAMUCH!

On Friday the 23rd of November Drawrawr closed it doors - and the following message appears:


Perhaps Catherine tripped up on a half-eaten cupcake and flattened the 'server'? Perhaps somebody emailed Josh's employers at the Gig Bureau pointing out just how good he is at programming? If so and they've done some more enhanced background check than browse his CV, then they've possibly told him "WE'RE SERIOUS BUSINESS BOI, NOW GET THIS PRE-PUBE SHIT OFF THE INTERNET - IT'S GIVING OUR SERIOUS BUSINESS A BAAAAAAD NAME!!!!" which is the most common responses for somebody who runs an actual business, as opposed to bullying and trolling 13 year olds who didn't know any better, posting forced memes on 4chan, hosting brony fan-art, and make piss poor jokes nobody finds funny - such as his haircut.

The most likely of hypothesis is that nobody went onto the crappy site for the past few months except the 18 year old republicans from Tex-arse who were - until recently - moderators there on their wee ego trip. Google ads obviously did what it does best in these cases and told Josh Thomas that because the same people were logging in constantly that he was trying to generate page views this way, and as such they were going to stop paying him the $6.99c per quarter he had been receiving ever since the site set itself up.

This being his only income since all the 'donations' became 'refunds'.

It might say 'Game over' on Josh Thomas's screen right now - but the question is, will he select 'play again'?

Who shall choose the fate of the man-child?

  • If he gets fired, then yes - and the lollercoaster adds a few new loops, a twisty helix and a water-splash section,


  • If TGB keeps on Elvis, and DR2 never sees the light of day, then clearly the good people at the gig bureau misread the part of his CV, confusing the term 'site programmer' with 'shite programmer'.

NEWS UPDATE: In November 2012, the site went into white-out. In the first few hours, whiny DR users huddled together in the chat rooms and forums of other artsites which were actually functioning, praying that Josh Thomas's father-in-law Mr.Kern had simply unplugged the server so he could power up his drill to finish off a customer's car, but after a couple of days of pure white, the big fat republicans who had followed Drawrawr for the better part of three weeks, dropped the site like they did John McCaine after Obama was elected.

Life after Draw-drama Part III: Drawrawr - aka. Drawrchildpr0n

As a means to 'tap into' the lucrative pr0n market, and compete with the jews and showing them that Nazi-rawr is superior in EVERY way, they decided to offer hosting for child pr0n.

To advertise to a whole net load of sick fucks, the DR adminz, including in the example below 'Latchkey', decided to post a comment to the various blogs on various drawrawr journals on various artsites, clearly stating that kiddy-fiddling pr0nography for pedofiles is going to be readily available for various lurkers to fap to, and for underage users to post - given drawrawr doesn't ban anybody for anything.


Obviously Elvis had a tip off that the feds were going to be after him, hence the shut down. With all the evidence gone, Elvis and six-buts-galore and pals wouldn't have the fuck returned to them in the form of FBI penis in their asses.

It was the first - and only - time in DR's history that they actually thought something through - given the rest of their history, you'd have thought that they'd have plastered this all over their journals and got raided quicker...

Life after Draw-drama Part IV: Return of 'Where is the DR Nazi Gold hidden?'

Recently it has been discovered that back in 2011, Josh was willing to sell-out Drawrawr for a position in Sheezyart - it would appear given the conversation below, and the fact that he seemed to hate Sheezyart so much after the events timestamped in the image below that he didn't get the job.


Story of his life - which is probably why he's an auto mechanic working for 'Kern Technical Services Inc' which is the address which you are directed to if you do a WHOIS for the drawrawr domain. So the question is thus: In the garage are they storing Catherine, or hiding the DR Nazi gold?


It's more likely Catherine is stored in there, given the tell-tale spare lifeboat you can see in the middle of the back yard, (just under the place-marker) and it's close proximity to a major waterway which has access to the ocean.

Life after Draw-drama Part V: Here comes Lollercoaster 2.0 - the Big Shitter

Empty space now, but you just know it's going to be filled in in brown once Josh soils himself and starts flinging it around the Kern Technical Services Catherineee Hanger, which btw is currently in development...
In a crap attempt to make it seem like anybody actually cares, here we see Josh and Johnny chatting with each other. FACEBOOK ALTS Y'ALL!

Josh - who STILL looks like Elvis - is apparently STILL developing Drawrawr as of January 2013. According to the Drawrawr github account. Common sense would tell anybody else in their position that at this point it would be appropriate to face palm to epic levels, and then develop something totally different that didn't look like someone had shat on the top of the page, and wii'd a nice line where the menu bar is.

But not Josh Thomas and Jonny Littman - they're determined to recycle total shite - which is quite a nauseating thought - into Drawrawr 2.0. Indeed they are the turd that won't flush.

Obviously with their site on white-out at the moment, they have no active users - and by now all of their adminz have distanced their online aliases from Drawrawr as much as possible, and have fled like Nazi's at the end of WW2 out of the promised land to any artsite who doesn't know who they are for obvious reasons, and are finally, at last, NOT talking about Drawrawr AT ALL anymore. Even Catherine has gone silent - but that might be because she's on contract to P&O - she competes directly with 'Alure of the Seas' to sail saggy old people on saga cruising holidays. She's safer to sail in, because instead of a foghorn, when the sea threats appear she just starts talking about how other websites don't share the same high standards of functionality that Drawrawr does, (because drawrawr is oh so much more functional, y'all!) at the top of her lungs.

But who's complaining? Nobody - because people now love Drawrawr more than ever - it's set to be a perfect epic-lolcow for many years to come - especially as we appear to now be sailing into a new era at Drawrawr - the red neck era: DRAWRY'ALL!.

...Even though things are going to get a little more faggy now it's just Josh and Johnny.

Life after Draw-drama Part VI: Life after Draw-drama Part VI: SNEAK PREVIEW of the BIIIIIIIGGGG shitter 2.0!

Not 24 hours had passed since ED reported on DR's announcement that they had resumed development on their new shite - well, Josh Thomas had bothered to open a dictionary, look up long words like 'resume', and 'development' - AND then spelled it correctly - so we couldn't let allll that hard work go unnoticed now, could we?

We all know Josh works DAMN HARD on making Drawrawr what it is - he's whined about how hard he's worked on it oh so many times...

The occasion was marked by trolling comments left on the Drawrawr Facebook page - and of course, Josh and Catherine being who they are decided it was A VERY SMART IDEA to ensure that any comments were met by a well constructed retort, to ensure the fairness in the comments left by other facebook users. The effect in the eyes of...well, anybody who is everybody else on the planet - was that this PR campaign had about the same effect of that of Saddam Hussain's PR guru, Comical Ali.

We start with the entire convo:

But wait...what's this?

Now the second image raised some questions of fairness for the disadvantaged user Thomas Allen - for there is no Drawrawr website, and thus no publicly available Terms of Service for him to examine and defend his case against the DR add-mince that harshly banned him for simply uttering just one word.

What is left of the Drawrawr ToS is on the propaganda accounts on various art sites, and this is in stark contrast to this quote of Drawrawr's which we dug up here, posted on April 28th, 2011:


This quote can be found here:

What happened to all the hard-talk they were giving before?

Trollbait much?

I mean Jeeeez - just imagine how he's going to react when that truck full of manure arrives at Kern Technical Services Inc.

No, we at ED didn't really send him a truck load of manure - we were just describing the overly-filled contents of the new Drawrawr 2.0 servers.

But seriously - don't send him a truck load of manure - because Josh will get very cross, jump up and down with his shotgun, and soil his dungarees which say 'Kern Technical Services' on them - because as this shows, he can't take a joke.

Life after Draw-drama Part VII: Nearly at 2.0 - you can just about hear the overture from the fairground music...

Kern Technical Services Inc is almost ready to unveil it's newest lollercoaster - with some help from Jonny Littman's lack of imagination - who has by the way, now changed his name John Lettman on facebook, obviously he took ED up on it's point that it might be better for Drawrawreich to change their alias...

...enough said.

Moving on - DR still tried to defend it's reputation. Now normally when horsemeat is found in the burgers that have rolled out of your factory, or the board of directors at a bank cyphen off millions into their own bank accounts, you would try not to dwell on it, correct?

This is what happened next on the Drawrawr facebook page:


Josh and Johnny seeing the world in their own unique - even to go as far as 'special' - perspective of the world, feel that this isn't the right way to handle bad publicity. Of course they should know, because they've had to handle so much of it in their experience. So their plan to regain popularity was instead to focus upon what went wrong - citing the staff were never available, and that they fucked around with the perfect site design - possibly because they started to become put off by looking at that turd-brown and puke colour scheme - obviously Josh and Jonny couldn't see that their staff were just trying to help them out...

The musical that is DR - out now in closing down music CD shops everywhere.

What was even more amusing, was that following this there is a further comment from Joshua Speelman - A.K.A Ashes - defending the DReich now in hiding, launching a scathing attack on Josh and Rubber-Jonny who turned their back on his own staff and pretty much the rest of the world. One must remark on the intelligent comment: "You try removing spam with a 1.2kb connection, you fuckin' nigga" not really seeing that he lives in a ghetto given his internet interbuttz connection.

Of course, Josh and Johnny are the only people who are able to bring you such amusing entertainment - because only they could dick around instead of doing any actual coding. Of course that might be because they can't actually code at all - at least not without a dictionary to enable them to, in their own words: "Can understandz ter burrk weez gut from the libarary called: 'Programmin' for hick mechanics from North Carolina'. Gauhaeew!' -Spits on the floor-

As everybody following DR will know, when Elvis said "This post is coming down after the party is over" that the hick-to-English translation is: "I is going to bawwlete this comment knowing full well that the split second somebody else posts on our facebook page, I is going to jump up and down in a tizzy-fit, dump mah wrench on my father in law's garage floor...or is he mah father? I can't quite recall now - and head over to the computer, and type up a response right away - I mean, that is what ya call service now ain't it?"

Until that time arises, the world waits for Drawrawr 2.0 - excited about all the drama Josh and Jonnie will incur on their rampage of hating on the rest of the internet. If only Gay Marriage wasn't banned in North Carolina - then the two of them could get married! Ah North Carolinians - always shooting themselves in the foot.

If you fancy one foot in the drama, join in the fun!

Features of the shite

Poorly executed features, which Josh Thomas came up with whilst smoking the six bags of weed he requires in order to make Catherine look good enough to shag once a month, can be found all over drawrawr, none of them in a working order. Of course, whilst Elvis wants you to think that the site is in beta, he's just too retarded to either know how to code anything - including on one occasion when he published a password on github - and also too retarded to identify what a good feature is to begin with.

DR is planning to launch a radio station. It will go down about as well as a cat in a bath filled with ice cold water.

Interestingly enough, there is no 'watch' feature as commonly found on most art sites, because Elvis Master wanted the best for his Aryan race. So instead of a 'watch' button, in it's place is a 'JIHAD!' button instead - on Josh Thomas's moderator view though, it simply has 'BATMAN GO BATSHIT IN MOVIE THEATRE!'

The site will still look like vomit with a giant big shit streaked all across the top, with two sick-ofant dragon-furries giving that turd a good ol' prod!

Here's a gallery showing some of their features fuckups:


Far from sitting on the internet and waiting for users, the drawrawr gestapo have setup up propaganda profiles all over the interwebz, such as this one on deviantart. It along with the other DR mods got banned, as they are in practically every site on the interbuts because people can smell bullshit a mile off - it's a smell very similar to retarded republicunts.

Their tactics are simple - find any art site with users, and go on and on and on about how that site has BAD features, that should castrate the owners of the site to Elvis-Master Hell, to get users signed up for a Hitler Youth/Mosque Membership/Drawrawr account.

Anybody who says DR was written by an illiterate internet tough guy who failed to look up the meaning of 'CEO' before appointing himself as one, will have a load of DReich screeching responding comments: "DRAWRAWR IS IN BETA N00B!".

These include:

More brilliant marketing techniques! Catherine also went onto alexia net ratings and other web ranking pages which nobody ever reads, and gave rival art sites bad reviews, and hogged all the stars and praise for Drawrawr.

DR Promotional video

DR had Jennifer Connelly star in a promotional video, playing the part of a prospective artist's experience on drawrawr, covering everything from initially being bombardied with messages on some other art site - the faggotry part in the middle - followed by realizing it's all bullshit, and smashing the place up before leaving the nightmare.

To distance himself from his sideburns, Josh Thomas is played by David Bowie - instead of Josh Thomas's fugly, sideburn distancing nose.

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Those Dying Alone

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Their Methods

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