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Typical drshnaps.com comic.

Drshnaps Productions is also known as "DSP Productions." Some say the "D" stands for Drshnaps, the "S" is just for decoration and nobody knows what the "P" stands for, but it can't be "Productions" because Productions is also the second part of the new name. Others don't really care. Until recently, DSP used to host webcomics, but now is just a page explaining that Jer cannot spell the word "originally." The forums and chatroom somehow manage to shamble on slowly, in a horrifying mockery of life. In a cruel twist of fate, the only part of the site with real activity is the roleplaying chatroom.

DSP has a roster of several retards. This comes as a surprise, because every webcomic author is a genius. Especially webcomic authors who can't even figure out php and wordpress to host their own webcomics.


  • Drshnaps - Site webmaster and founder. According to popular belief, he's over 100 years old, making him the oldest Kirby fanboi on Earth.
  • Sephy - A chronic pervert on a power-trip. Originally a nice and helpful assistant webmaster, he's turned into a real asshole. Everyone hates him, but the fact that he hands bans out like candy makes most people pretend they can stand him. He's also a pedo and his sick obsession with Tomoyo is common knowledge.
  • Lyarnos - Jer's sister. (Note: Drshnaps Productions does NOT promote nepotism. Totally.) Everyone on the forums has a disturbing internet crush on her.
  • KDR - Totally did NOT give Jer money to get admin on some pathetic website. Totally. Is now dead.

Special Users

almost as funny as America's Funniest Videos!! LOL!!
  • Drshnaps, author of Loser Sprites. Like any other webcomic author, he hates his own creations, so he stopped making Loser Sprites and spends his free time bitching at the rest of the staff. He is also a well known pedophile.
  • Brett, author of Turbo Velocity. A pompous DnD nerd that gets on the nerves, spends most of the time arguing about how his character, Turbo Velocity, the most godmoded hedgehog known to man, is NOT a Shadow the Hedgehog recolor. Used to be an admin, but he did nothing and was also MIA for several months. Is now dead.
  • Anja, author of Eye of the Storm. Dead.
  • Kuja's Little Mage - The self-proclaimed Yaoi queen and the author of Crazy Kitty Kage. Shows up once every never.
  • Angel Keeper, also known as Linkapprentice, is author of Wars of Peril. Only shows up in the RP chatroom now.
  • Leo Modesto, the young Brazilian orphan with a winning smile and the inability to draw more than one face. Fittingly, one of his favorite artists is Toriyama. For a time, produced absolutely all art for the site, but now just dicks around on his site Doublepuma.
  • Otis, author of Warped Paths. Dead.
  • Soursurfer, The silent dude who makes Great Limitations. Some think he might be a ninja. He is in fact, so good at it that he has not been seen in years.
  • UZ_White, author of Super Mage Club. He's a worm, and licks the anus of badgers. Is also dead.
  • King Guacamole, a great man and the author of Guacamole City. Considered by most to be a truly insensitive retard, so he must be doing something right. Had a secret love affair with Drshnaps, which is the reason why he's fired and rehired every 3 weeks. Used to produce disturbing rape art for the RP adventures, but has left DSP behind for more important things.
  • Jaster, the local Photoshop whore and author of Nameless. MIA, probably kidnapped by aliens. And then disintegrated after the typical probing.
  • Mouse, author of Adventures Through Space. Believed that he was a more perfect life form than the rest of the planet. No, really.
  • A person who actually goes under several different aliases to escape sexual advances by the founder. Originally Carnedo, then Soursurfer, later KLM, now UZ (Shnaps hasn't caught on yet).
  • A large group of people whose names are made of the letters "K", "D", and "R". One of them appears to write bad music and the others seem to be other people. Clearly these are witches. Thankfully, however, it appears that somebody dropped a house on all three of them.
  • Omega, one of the comic authors who still updates (even though there is no front page that could tell anyone that). Isn't actually part of the site, he just gets his comics hosted on there. That's right, DSP is so dead that they have to recruit people from better websites.
  • Sponge, Omega's special friend. Appears at first to only be capable of reprocessing jokes from the Internet, but then later discovered to produce violent cartoon porn.
  • A bunch of other people that should be noted.

The forum

The forum, known as The Asylum, is the place where all the 10 year old kids hang out. The main focus used to be the Comic Gallery subforum, but absolutely nobody cares about sprite comics anymore. Now the main focus is complaining about how dead the site is.

The forum had three guilds: Sephy Worshipers, Eye of Shadow and Guacamole Clan. Jer created guilds so he could throw contests at the guilds and use the contest entries as content for the main site. It also has a nice side effect of seeing n00bs getting pissed off when their guild applications get denied. People eventually got bored of all the stupid guild contests that Jer kept throwing at them and started ignoring these "tasks". This threw Jer into PMS mode (like everything else) and he deleted them all.

The chatroom

You can join the chatroom at #drshnaps on irc.drshnaps.com. Despite the fact that there are many kids browsing the site and using the forum, the channel OPs don't give a damn about that. Therefore expect to see lots of swearing, goatse ASCII crapfloods (stolen from GNAA) and people trying to cyber with the bot. While the channel isn't active 24/7, you can always talk to the creepy bot, BillyTheBot. These conversations usually end with Billy stating, "I was feeling horny." The real action happens in #uno, where retards can be found playing uno with the bot 24/7. This tends to be mainly frequented by Shonikado, who can be seen playing with four other versions of himself (which vary by day), Miles, and Firebird.

The Site Now

Sponge, the newest DSP author, doing what he does best.

Due to the fact they shoot newcomers on sight, DSP only has 20 members that actually frequent the site. These include:

  • Shonikado - A sonic clone who lives in San Francisco.
  • Kioson - A flying hat with teeth who lives in Canada. Everyone loves him on the internet but he has no friends IRL. Which means he has no friends whatsoever now, because he hasn't been on in years.
  • Rock - Every girl on DSP, all 2 of them, want in his pants. Only RPs.
  • X-Vid - Has evolved from a laid back dude into an awful superiority complex hipster version of Ron Weasley. Posts stencils like they're actual art, and is incapable of actually playing video games; he must glitch through them in order to prove his superiority.
  • Barlak - Spends all his time wanking to esteemed Internets Goddess Lyarnos
  • Zall - Son of a filthy whore. Only posts with Internet catchphrases now. Should have been put down a while ago.
  • Dr.Monkey - Some dude. Died upon going to college. Everyone was surprised that he was old enough to go to college.
  • The Mutericator - He's always right about everything.
  • Sara - The local girl of DSP. Died after posting lots of shitty animu.
  • E-man - Loves inflation, but claims that it isn't sexual. Also claims to be 18, but won't say the word "penis," instead using childish euphemisms. Is clearly a compulsive liar. Has a youtube account.
  • Afrohawkman - I think he might be black. Other than that, who cares.
  • Kojiro - Only seems to be dead.
  • Kiruin - Produces unbelievably lame writing and confusing prose whenever a simple statement is needed. Doesn't matter if he's still alive, because nobody pays attention to him.
  • Tigt - Likes to be an asshole and look for fetishes on DeviantArt. The only one that likes him is Lyarnos, which he loves to talk to.
  • Nanoko - Enjoys listening to a recording of a man taking a dump. Really.
  • Tyjet - Is one of the last remaining members of the Enjoyed FFXI species still left in the wild. Also known as the only endangered species wildlife preservation groups will shoot at.
  • Firebird - A phoenix that is also a Weeaboo. Was once (and may still be) a member of Gaia Online. Has an obsession with certain metal bands and making jokes. He fancies himself to be a hacker.
  • Faeryn - Has invented an entirely new gender to call its own. Pursues Lyarnos and Sephy at the same time.
  • Oni/Tenshi - a girl and weeaboo who revived #drshnaps from death. Commonly bothers Firebird about playing Pokemon with her and floods Sephy with pings for no reason.
  • TerminILL - ?
  • Creamer - The only reason that the forum has any activity whatsoever is because of Creamer's fucktarded opinions about video games (like, moreso than usual). Despite this debt, everyone hates him.
  • And a bunch of other super cool members.

They also got some new webcomic authors, but no one reads sprite comics anymore so it doesn't matter. And with the main page gone, what's the difference!

How to generate drama

  • Email Drshnaps asking if he can host your crappy comic
  • Bother Sephy (this can be accomplished by doing anything that involves communicating with him). This will get you insta-permabanned, but it will generate many lulz.
  • Post a comment saying you dislike Jer's comic Kirby Origins and that he should stick with updating Loser Sprites.
  • Tell Jer he swears too much in his comics.
  • Diss Kirby in front of Jer.
  • Try to hit on Lyarnos.
  • Make gay/Kirby lover jokes about Jer.
  • Post a link to this comic. Just mentioning the powerword BestComicEver.png works, too.

DSP's Glorious New Plan of Future

About Last Thursday, Jer announced a bold new direction for the site, where instead of having to navigate a shitty pulldown menu to find the awful comics, users could just clutter up their Bookmarks toolbar with brand new URLs for all of them. This plan shat out Doublepuma, which fractured what little fanbase the forums held, much like tearing a dollar bill to share. Doublepuma was a vision by Leo to host a video Let's Play, which was super cool and not at all unnecessary, and a multimedia Flash comic, along with a constant stream of new art and a vibrant forum and all that crap. For a few months, it worked. Now doublepuma is deader than the main site, if such a thing could happen. The LP was mercifully dropped, the Flash comic turned into scrawled Pokemon LP comics, and the #doublepuma chatroom only posts server info. As for the other comics to continue Jer's grand vision, the rest of the site disappeared from existence after a lot of preemptive fanfare, imitating the way Jer has sex. With this Glorious Plan in motion, the future of DSP looks brighter than ever!


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