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but I'm talking to her a lot and I would like to know what kind of person she is
<scuzzz> I'm pretty attractive, sorry to disapoint

The Undernet channel called #DYKEPALS is really full of dykes. All they do is belittle, fight, and certainly hammer any newcomers.

The owner of Dykepals is johnnyr. However, his girlfriend scuzz is the real owner of the channels and rules johnnyr to the max. If that wasn't enough, she is a psycho bitch from hell. She will not tolerate any other females to be in the channel. She will ban them, or demand that johnnyr ban them. Which he does to follow orders. Sounds like a dyke to me!!

There doesn't have to be any provocation, just simply saying "Hello" will be enough to get insulted.

It is note worthy that scuzz often changes her nick. And if you should happen to join any channel that she is in... you'll catch hell if you are female.

Here is a brief argument between the two (yes, they live together, but insisted on fighting this out in the channel) indicating what a psycho bitch she is:

[-+]Some fucking long IRC logs

[22:43] <scuzz> why am i removed now?
[22:43] <johnnyr> you left for no good reason
[22:43] <johnnyr> thought you were done
[22:43] <johnnyr> you want access back, just say so
[22:43] <scuzz> i left for a good reason
[22:44] <|H20|> stop fighting. you're in the same house. 
[22:44] <scuzz> you getting on my case any time i talk to anyone.
[22:44] <|H20|> are you guys yelling at each other in real life?
[22:44] <scuzz> why get involved
[22:44] <johnnyr> yeah thats it scuzz
[22:44] <scuzz> leave me alone when im talking to people, hows that
[22:44] <johnnyr> you cause a lot of trouble in my channel
[22:44] <scuzz> no i dont
[22:44] <|H20|> lol
[22:44] <scuzz> i know your channel is so important
[22:44] <johnnyr> lets not talk about it
[22:44] <scuzz> your social outlet, right
[22:44] <scuzz> no. i'd like to talk about it
[22:44] <johnnyr> i bet you would
[22:44] <scuzz> way to overreact
[22:45] <johnnyr> just leave people here alone
[22:45] <johnnyr> i like the chatters here
[22:45] <scuzz> yeah
[22:45] <johnnyr> harass other channels
[22:45] <scuzz> and nobody ever bothers me?
[22:45] <scuzz> check your logs, idiot
[22:45] <scuzz> there you go again
[22:45] <johnnyr> donna is nice
[22:45] <johnnyr> and shes mature
[22:45] <scuzz> such a fucking hypocrite
[22:45] <scuzz> so annoying.
[22:45] <johnnyr> you started all this drama in here tonight with donna
[22:45] <johnnyr> now look where we are
[22:46] <johnnyr> god damn
[22:46] <scuzz> where are we exactly?
[22:46] <johnnyr> thanks a lot
[22:46] <johnnyr> lets get the stress level sky high
[22:46] <johnnyr> lets fight over nothing
[22:46] <scuzz> somebody overreacted so my ops are gone and i asked why
[22:46] <johnnyr> theyre back
[22:46] <scuzz> and then you, like always, blame me for everything ever
[22:46] <johnnyr> just dont fuck with people in myc hannel
[22:46] <scuzz> because i ?always? start shit
[22:46] <scuzz> uh
[22:46] <scuzz> you know
[22:46] <johnnyr> if they dont start it
[22:46] <scuzz> you never get on anyone elses case for starting shit with me
[22:46] <scuzz> or anyone else
[22:47] <scuzz> whatever animosity you have towards me must be really pathetic if you have to take it out on me over irc
[22:47] <johnnyr> you are paranoid
[22:47] <scuzz> i am?
[22:47] <johnnyr> its almost funny but its more sad
[22:47] <johnnyr> thisis about you harassing donna
[22:47] <johnnyr> nothing else
[22:47] <johnnyr> just let it go
[22:47] <scuzz> she's never harassed me?
[22:47] <johnnyr> and everything will be smooth
[22:47] <scuzz> you let it go. stop blaming me for stupid shit
[22:47] <johnnyr> not until you did
[22:47] <scuzz> wah wah
[22:47] <scuzz> youre a whiner 
[22:47] <scuzz> you became an angel after the logs
[22:47] <johnnyr> im really fucking tired of your drama on irc
[22:47] <scuzz> now nobody can say anything bad around you
[22:47] <scuzz> are you?
[22:48] <johnnyr> can you just leave this channel
[22:48] <johnnyr> you always start problems here
[22:48] <scuzz> go tell your mommy about it
[22:48] <scuzz> fuck off cocksucker
[22:48] <johnnyr> its about word play and creativity
[22:48] <johnnyr> not some female sparring 
[22:48] <scuzz> disgusting homo
[22:48] <JabberJawwww> homo
[22:48] <johnnyr> see, you have issues
[22:48] <johnnyr> take them elsewhere
[22:48] <scuzz> what issues
[22:48] <scuzz> how about lets deal with them
[22:48] <johnnyr> anger
[22:48] <scuzz> instead of you never ever wanting to talk about any of it
[22:48] <scuzz> id say
[22:49] <JabberJawwww> yes talk about it
[22:49] <JabberJawwww> communication
[22:49] <johnnyr> i just wasted 8 hours last night rehashing the same old stuff you always bring up
[22:49] <scuzz> the person whos a fucking addict
[22:49] <johnnyr> how can you say i never talk about it
[22:49] <JabberJawwww> oh my
[22:49] <scuzz> i have to drag everything out of you
[22:49] <johnnyr> you know what scuzz im tired of living with you
[22:49] <scuzz> lol
[22:49] <scuzz> im coming down
[22:49] <johnnyr> you are immature and have inferiority complexes
[22:49] <scuzz> idiot 
[22:49] <scuzz> UH
[22:49] <scuzz> LOL
[22:49] * scuzz ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: <clownzo> ah fuck did i tear my groin | <HomelesSlice> i am suddenly filled with a sort of rage?)
[22:49] <johnnyr> stupid bithc
[22:49] <JabberJawwww> lol
[22:49] <johnnyr> so fucking immature
[22:49] <johnnyr> tired of her


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