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Ecce Mono (known as Potato Jesus for mental defectives) is the newest method of trolling Christians.


Cecilia learns she is not Picasso

The whole fiasco started with a mural with depicting Jesus Christ crowned with thorns, entitled Ecce Homo (Latin for Behold the Man). Since the painting on the mural was deteriorating, a local 80-year-old amateur artist named Cecilia Jiménez decided to restore it. Because if your awesome artistic abilities haven't made you a dime in eighty years, you should definitely try your luck on your village's timeless art.

Meme status

Naturally, the senile old woman failed to differentiate between a Jew getting what he deserved and a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic and fucked the painting up Mr. Bean style. The botched version, like all stupid real life events, gained internet notoriety and was dubbed "Ecce Mono" (Latin for Behold the Ape). Like flies to feces, halfwits everywhere went to witness the slap to the face to Christians; but like all memes-of-the-month, fucks to give ran out, TV made people forget that any of this ever happened, and ED wrote a half-assed article about it.


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