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See also Article of the Now, Quote of the Now, and Picture of the Now

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  • Only Sysops and Editors may make VOTNs. Suggestions go on the Talk Page.
  • Captions are optional. If you can, pipe them to articles so they'll get more love and attention.
  • Don't forget to edit this page and add the video's title to the right day.
  • Protect the page so that no newfags can fuck with them. (Don't use cascade protection)
  • Try to avoid setting videos past (7 days) from the current day. Give others a chance to post. Put up good Suggested Videos.
  • It is suggested that you download the videos as they are full of drama which makes them volatile and prone to deletion. Should a video be taken down, please replace it with a mirror.
  • Use this JavaScript to easily generate the wiki markup for next month's Video of the Now.
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This article defines official ED Policy.
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