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Stop-snitching.jpg Ev0 is a known Fed enabler, avoid them at all costs.
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Don't do drugs kids

According to most mainstrem media outlets, ev0 (aka xyz or 'Robert Cavanaugh') is a member of the elite Anonymous hacker underground who was detained by police after being the first known member of LulzSec.  However, his true legacy is built upon his child-like behavior and threats of DDoS attacks to anyone who pissed him off. He boasted a large botnet, despite believing that they could be built with Google Chrome. His super-secret hacking kit proved to be ironclad in attacks on minor IRC networks that waged war with krack.in, his own skiddie network and four-man personal army. To this day, none of his victims have come forth, probably due to the sheer power of his attacks. He was charged with offences including hacking into the website of the Serious Business Organised Crime Agency (SOCA), the British equivalent of the Party Van. He was released on bail after being diagnosed with autism, so Topiary will be experimenting with a gay lifestyle on his own.[1]


�01[16:46] <ItsRaidDay> set you to op, im gonna let joe decide if you get sop or not
�01[16:46] <ItsRaidDay> joint managment afterall
�01[16:46] <ItsRaidDay> I'm fine with a couple people ddosing for lulz
�01[16:46] <ItsRaidDay> but I dont want it to be the focus
�01[16:47] <ItsRaidDay> we need to secure the archive before we fuck with them
�01[16:47] <ItsRaidDay> just as a precation
[16:47] <ev0> we can do both at the same time
�01[16:48] <ItsRaidDay> and that is why im fine with a couple people ddosing
[16:48] <ev0> ok
[16:48] <ev0> i may lose bots though
[16:48] <ev0> i dont know how long i can hold them down
�01[16:48] <ItsRaidDay> I just don't want it to be the focus
�01[16:48] <ItsRaidDay> shot off the front bow now what I mean?
[16:50] <ev0> yeah
[16:52] <ev0> yo
[16:52] <ev0> my friend with tons of bots
[16:52] <ev0> we can permanent ddos
�01[16:52] <ItsRaidDay> slow down on the ddosing
�01[16:52] <ItsRaidDay> be patient
�01[16:52] <ItsRaidDay> just as a precaution i really want to get the archive before we start fucking with them
[16:52] <ev0> i cant
[16:52] <ev0> the bots left
�01[16:53] <ItsRaidDay> then dont tell me about it and dont ask people to do it :P
[16:53] <ev0> ok
Session Close: Fri Apr 15 17:00:15 2011

Session Start: Fri Apr 15 18:25:51 2011
Session Ident: ev0
�01[18:25] <ItsRaidDay> why did you add h4x?
�01[18:26] <ItsRaidDay> and why didn't you tell me before hand?
Session Close: Fri Apr 15 18:29:02 2011

Session Start: Fri Apr 15 18:31:38 2011
Session Ident: ev0
[18:31] Session Ident: ev0 (AnonOps.net, ItsRaidDay) ([email protected])
[18:31] <ev0> hes the one
[18:31] <ev0> who i share the botnet with
�01[18:31] <ItsRaidDay> ah
[18:32] <ev0> hes a good hacker
�01[18:32] <ItsRaidDay> well that was a little sketchy that you didn't tell me about oping him
[18:32] <ev0> we root servers together
[18:32] <ev0> ccan you sop add me
[18:32] <ev0> please
[18:32] <ev0> im a big help
�01[18:34] <ItsRaidDay> this really isn't about title
�01[18:34] <ItsRaidDay> and we have everything under control
�01[18:34] <ItsRaidDay> so for the moment no
[18:34] <ev0> well i have +a now
[18:34] <ev0> im a big help
[18:34] <ev0> and h4x still has access
[18:37] <ev0> wtf
[18:37] <ev0> i ddos for you
�01[18:37] <ItsRaidDay> WE DONT NEED DDOS
[18:37] <ev0> so the server gets tos'd
[18:37] <ev0> who the fuck are you to say we dont need ddos
�01[18:37] <ItsRaidDay> that is not are mission
[18:37] <ev0> ive been anon longer than you have
[18:37] <ev0> i can ddos whatever the fuck i want
�01[18:37] <ItsRaidDay> and my dick is bigger than yours
�01[18:37] <ItsRaidDay> i really dont give a shit
[18:37] <ev0> im not doing this for anon
[18:37] <ev0> no its not
[18:38] <ev0> you cant even use irc properly
�01[18:38] <ItsRaidDay> I am aware of that
[18:38] <ev0> i run irc networks larger than this fucking channel
[18:38] <ev0> you cant root boxes
[18:38] <ev0> you can hack websites
�01[18:38] <ItsRaidDay> yep
[18:38] <ev0> you cant run botnets
[18:38] <ev0> so how do you root a box
[18:38] <ev0> tell me a way
[18:38] <ev0> you got in
[18:38] <ev0> any box
[18:38] <ev0> and how you hid yourself from the admin
[18:38] <ev0> tell me how rfi works
�01[18:38] <ItsRaidDay> hell if I know
[18:38] <ev0> how sqli works and how to protect it
[18:39] <ev0> im a big help
�01[18:39] <ItsRaidDay> I don't really acer
�01[18:39] <ItsRaidDay> *care
[18:39] <ev0> please invite me back
[18:39] <ev0> who are you to run a raid
�01[18:39] <ItsRaidDay> just because you are good at something doesn't make you better than everyone because of that
[18:39] <ev0> people were thanking me
[18:39] <ev0> yeah
�01[18:39] <ItsRaidDay> this is not a raid
[18:39] <ev0> cause when the ddos happens
[18:39] <ev0> ill stop
�01[18:39] <ItsRaidDay> it is an opperation
[18:39] <ev0> anon=raids
[18:39] <ev0> anon was always raids
�01[18:39] <ItsRaidDay> are goal is to archive, not ddos
[18:39] <ev0> since 07
�01[18:40] <ItsRaidDay> thats great
[18:40] <ev0> yeah
[18:40] <ev0> and when my friends ddos all of anonops
[18:40] <ev0> your shitty raid will be over
�01[18:40] <ItsRaidDay> lol k
[18:40] <ev0> so invite me back
�01[18:40] <ItsRaidDay> u do that skiddie
[18:40] <ev0> or i will ddos anonops
[18:40] <ev0> skiddie
[18:40] <ev0> yeah right
[18:40] <ev0> i run roots
�01[18:40] <ItsRaidDay> k
[18:41] <ev0> b0x:~# id
[18:41] <ev0> uid=0(root) gid=0(root) groups=0(root)
�01[18:42] <ItsRaidDay> cool?
[18:42] <ev0> w/e
[18:42] <ev0> you dont even know what uid0 means
[18:42] <ev0> newfag
[18:42] <ev0> dont talk to me
�01[18:42] <ItsRaidDay> lol okay
�01[18:42] <ItsRaidDay> go rage, I dont give a shit what you hack
�01[18:42] <ItsRaidDay> doesn't make you any better than anyone else
[18:43] <ev0> idc
[18:43] <ev0> im not even doing this for anon
[18:43] <ev0> i hate ed
[18:43] <ev0> and ill ddos your new wiki
[18:43] <ev0> as soon as i get more bots
[18:43] <ev0> so fuck off nigger
�01[18:43] <ItsRaidDay> lol okay
[18:43] <ev0> so you cant archive shit
�01[18:43] <ItsRaidDay> you have the maturity of a 12 year old

03[18:49] * xyzd ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[18:49] <Seisatsu> Isn't it a Futallaby mod?
[18:49] <OpSaveED6732> and made it english cuz hes a hipster weaboo
[18:49] <OpSaveED7413> How do I set up my own chan?
[18:49] <poop> I AM POOP, HEAR ME ROAR
�03[18:49] * poop was kicked by Chuck (Turn caps lock OFF!�)
[18:49] <anonymous9x9x9> google.
[18:49] <OpSaveED7413> kk
[18:49] <Seisatsu> No, Futaba
�03[18:49] * poop ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[18:49] <xyzd> where's new wiki?
[18:49] <Radiation> 4 chan is ok to me, not really my taste though...
[18:49] <Seisatsu> 4chan is based on Futaba
[18:49] <Silivrenion> http://webecology.net/ED_archive.zip
[18:50] <gayfag> we don't care about japs and manga, we like gore and lulz
[18:50] <anonymous9x9x9> 4chan is only good because of how fast paced it is
[18:50] <@heyguise> i like japs, manga, gore, and lulz
[18:50] <@heyguise> all together
[18:50] <netjester> who cares if moot copied the idea from 2ch
[18:50] <anonymous9x9x9> it seems you need to make a choice, less fail but more threads/information  or less fail and stagnation
[18:50] <xyzd> where's new wiki?
[18:50] <Radiation> I just like all kinds of art, period
�03[18:50] * opsaveED4353 ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[18:50] <+Caturday> how does one combine lulz and gore?
[18:50] <anonymous9x9x9> how the fuck did you get here if you don't know where the wiki is?
[18:51] <OpSaveED7413> i googled futaba but it's just radio control stuff
[18:51] <Cancer> Im mostly for the lulz
[18:51] <netjester> you have to be a newfag if you dont think moot is a funny guy
�03[18:51] * opsaveED4353 ([email protected]) has left #OpSaveED
�01[18:51] <~ItsRaidDay> he is one hell of a troll
�03[18:51] * nazistguy ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[18:51] <anonymous9x9x9> I thought Chris Beer was a funny troll
[18:51] <Cancer> moot is a funny troll
[18:51] <syrup> Caturday did you see the one with the caption "I seem to have gotton myself into a pickle"
[18:51] <Seisatsu> http://www.2chan.net/script/
[18:51] <Seisatsu> this is futaba
[18:51] <Cancer> but he thinks hes the king of trolls
[18:51] <anonymous9x9x9> but there is a shit load of fuck I don't like about moot
�02[18:51] * afylite ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:51] <Deleted> I think moot is a total faggot
[18:51] <OpSaveED7413> i don't know japanese :-(
�03[18:51] * OpSaveED4213443 ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[18:51] <Deleted> and not funny at all
[18:51] <gayfag> idea is Moot just copied an old jap website, /b/ IS US and we are legion
[18:51] <anonymous9x9x9> how he thrives on fail, lets any riff raff make rate my cock threads,  etc
[18:52] <Seisatsu> Futaba hasn't been updated since 2003 it looks like
[18:52] <@heyguise> Once i picked up my usual new york times. I flip to the finincal section and on the FRONT PAGE there is FUCKING MOOT
[18:52] <Seisatsu> But it's the software 4chan was based on
[18:52] <anonymous9x9x9> I'd love to be a mod for just a day to ban as many furfags, namefags and facebook fags as I could
[18:52] <Radiation> I just hope that 4Chan doesn't ever get taken down
[18:52] <netjester> moot does not take credit for anything, and he does understand what we are
[18:52] <netjester> just check out his TED talk
[18:52] <OpSaveED4213443> ED archived in text form: http://www.webecologyproject.org/2011/04/archiving-internet-subculture-encyclopedia-dramatica/
[18:52] <syrup> once you get noticed, you get swamped with pressure to join one group or another...
[18:52] <OpSaveED7413> is it hard to set up? does it have mysql shit and that?
[18:52] <@heyguise> omg
[18:52] <@heyguise> moot did a TEd talk?
[18:52] <@heyguise> link!
[18:52] <Seisatsu> Futaba was later replaced by Futallaby, which was replaced by Wakaba.
[18:52] <netjester> yes
[18:52] <@heyguise> LINK!
[18:53] <netjester> ahttp://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_m00t_poole_the_case_for_anonymity_online.html
[18:53] <netjester> http://www.ted.com/talks/christopher_m00t_poole_the_case_for_anonymity_online.html
[18:53] <blackman> wasnt that the talk when he told zuckerberg to suck it?
[18:53] <Ganon> tbh moot would facefag anything given half a chance
[18:53] <netjester> maybe
[18:53] <@heyguise> why thank you
[18:53] <netjester> hahah of course he would
[18:53] <anonymous9x9x9> Why don't we just go to a mostly empty chan and set up home there
�02[18:53] * opsaveED4163 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout�)
[18:53] <netjester> you guys need to realise that moot is not anon
[18:53] <Ganon> he provided foundations, gotta hand that to him, but it was just luck - people had moved from one place that had collapsed adn landed on his stuff
[18:53] <anonymous9x9x9> it's easier than making a new one and serves the same purpose
[18:53] <Cancer> I've always thought that 9x9
[18:53] <netjester> thats why rules dont apply to him
[18:53] <raisin> so, all the oldfags went to lmp and the newfags went to ohinternet?
[18:53] <@heyguise> moots okay. We've had a very stable relationship. I visit his sites, i get banned, i get around the ban, i get banned again. For years now.
[18:53] <anonymous9x9x9> moot never claimed to be.
�03[18:53] * BurnTheIdea ([email protected]) has left #OpSaveED
[18:53] <Seisatsu> OpSaveED7413: If you want an imageboard all of these are really outdated. Use http://kusabax.cultnet.net/ or http://tinyboard.org/
�03[18:54] * Looking up ItsRaidDay user info...
[18:54] <Seisatsu> Kusaba is more popular and Tinyboard is easier.
[18:54] <Cancer> Why not just had to 7chan
[18:54] <mib_8v3ijl> Why is ED now oh hai internet?  Oh.  
[18:54] <anonymous9x9x9> <_<
[18:54] <netjester> ^thanks for letting the newfaggots know
[18:54] <OpSaveED7413> alright thanks
[18:54] <Seisatsu> heuhuahuehuahue
�01[18:54] <~ItsRaidDay> 7chan is stagnent
�02[18:54] * Oracle ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:54] <netjester> 7chan is awesome
�01[18:54] <~ItsRaidDay> although awesome lol
[18:54] <netjester> well *Was
[18:54] <Radiation> I am watching the Ted video
[18:54] <anonymous9x9x9> 7chan is slow as fuck now
[18:54] <netjester> i havnt been on in a while
[18:55] <netjester> so no idea
�01[18:55] <~ItsRaidDay> brb
[18:55] <Seisatsu> I only like 7chan for their porn boards and minecraft server.
[18:55] <netjester> but they would troll and pretend that the site is down for like 4 months
[18:55] <netjester> to get rid of all the newfags
[18:55] <Cancer> Lol
[18:55] <netjester> then bring it back online quietly
[18:55] <anonymous9x9x9> I've pretty much set up shop on not4chan for their loli board
[18:55] <Cancer> Thats what moot should do with 4chan
[18:55] <anonymous9x9x9> their /b/ board isn't bad either
[18:55] <anonymous9x9x9> just slow
[18:55] <netjester> Cancer: i agree, but i can understand why he doesnt
[18:55] <Ganon> Y'know, i just REALLY miss wirah.com...
[18:56] <Cancer> I mostly lurk /b/ boards so anyone with a good /b/ has my camp
[18:56] <syrup> damn he sounds like he's giving a corporate speech
[18:56] <Silivrenion> I know Abomination isn't here, but anyone know why there's PHP fail on lurkmoarpedia?
[18:56] <netjester> if /b/ went down, the internet would devolve into chaos
[18:56] <Cancer> good
[18:56] <netjester> thus moot must keep it online
[18:56] <Cancer> hopefully the chaos would kill the cancer
[18:56] <anonymous9x9x9> there are so many more /b/'s than 4chan's
[18:56] <netjester> it would only spread it everywhere
[18:56] <anonymous9x9x9> and I almost wish 4chan would go down in the summer
[18:56] <syrup> it's like he's giving a powerpoint presentation to his cronies
[18:56] <Cancer> Oh dear god your right
�03[18:56] * OpSaveED3491 ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[18:56] <Seisatsu> 2channel is the biggest chan, probably
[18:57] <anonymous9x9x9> newfags would lose interest and everyone else would go to overchan and find a new home for 2 months
[18:57] <Seisatsu> followed by 4chan, and then it's up between 7chan and many others.
[18:57] <Cancer> Lets all migrate to tor
[18:57] <netjester> torchan 4 lyfe
[18:57] <netjester> i used to frequent that
[18:57] <netjester> super slow board though
[18:57] <Seisatsu> 7chan isn't as active as you'd expect.
[18:57] <Cancer> I've never had any succes with tor
[18:57] <Cancer> so slowww
[18:57] <netjester> Seisatsu: i agree, and i think thats a good thing
[18:57] <Cancer> 7chan had no posts when I was there for a good 5 mins
�02[18:57] * OpSaveED4213443 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:58] <netjester> remember back when 1m get was a good thing?
[18:58] <anonymous9x9x9> I've gotten to a few decent onion sites but other than that it's not good for much of anything
[18:58] <anonymous9x9x9> brb
[18:58] <netjester> now there are GETs every other day
�02[18:58] * smx ([email protected]) Quit (Client exited�)
�02[18:58] * OpSaveED6704 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:58] <Seisatsu> Sometimes I think it would be interesting if 4chan disappeared.
[18:58] <@heyguise> its really hard to get a good chan site, gotta have just right amount of posters
[18:58] <Cancer> GETS is no longer GETS
[18:58] <Seisatsu> I wonder what would happen when millions of otaku basement faggots lose their home
�02[18:58] * OpSaveED3491 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[18:58] <Seisatsu> Will they rage and riot? Disperse?
[18:58] <Cancer> Not so much right amount of posters
[18:59] <Seisatsu> Does the world end?
[18:59] <Cancer> But more on the kind of posters
[18:59] <Cancer> Say bye to loli
[18:59] <@heyguise> seisatsu slowly they will gather
[18:59] <@heyguise> into a giant mass
[18:59] <@heyguise> of neckbeards and mt dew
�03[19:00] * OpSaveED9097 ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
�03[19:00] * OpSaveED9605 ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
�01[19:00] <~ItsRaidDay> hey guys, please take a note from ev0. Threatening the chan founder is infact not a good way to get oped.
[19:00] <@heyguise> lol
[19:00] <gayfag> Moot and girlvinyl are some pieces of shit, they aren't /b/rothers, they just try to rip us and make some bucks, if we realize it, we should fuck Moot also with his gay canv.as
[19:00] <OpSaveED9605> hi can someone give me link to newest loic?
�02[19:00] * OpSaveED9097 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
�01[19:00] <~ItsRaidDay> and lol hes threatening to ddos the archives on google
�02[19:00] * raisin ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client�)
�01[19:00] <~ItsRaidDay> with his big scarwy bot net
[19:01] <xyzd> where are the archives
[19:01] <netjester> !up
�03[19:01] * Chuck sets mode: +v netjester
�01[19:01] <~ItsRaidDay> let me get the ip so you can help hold on
[19:01] <Radiation> this is a good video and moot did bring up a good point about anonymity
�03[19:01] * ev0 ([email protected]) has left #OpSaveED
�01[19:01] <~ItsRaidDay>
�01[19:01] <~ItsRaidDay> ^ archives
[19:01] <@heyguise> seriously even moots never pulled any thing as fucked up as ED
�03[19:01] * OpSaveED5776 ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
�03[19:01] * smx ([email protected]) has joined #OpSaveED
[19:02] <xyzd> microsoft?
�02[19:02] * OpSaveED5776 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
�01[19:02] <~ItsRaidDay> lol no its in different web engines caches
�02[19:02] * OpSaveED5745 ([email protected]) Quit (Ping timeout�)
�03[19:02] * Looking up xyzd user info...
�02[19:03] * OpSaveED9605 ([email protected]) Quit (Quit: Page closed�)
[19:03] <smx> what was the name of the other lurkmoar chan?
[19:03] <smx> i got discod
[19:03] <Silivrenion> Was anyone else here given privileges on lurkmoarpedia?
[19:03] <smx> Willidarski_former_ED_editor: 
�01[19:03] <~ItsRaidDay> but your quite welcome to give a shot at ddosing microsoft h4x
[19:03] <Willidarski_former_ED_editor> ?
[19:03] <smx> #j lurkmoarpedia
[19:03] <smx> oops
�03[19:03] * ItsRaidDay sets mode: +b *!*@FD4E4426.833E8381.499E72F0.IP
[19:03] <+netjester> “4chan is an old-school, anonymous free-for-all. I love it,” Poole says. "[Canvas] is not meant to be 4chan 2.0, but it is in a similar space… It’s a more mainstream photo site.” -moot
�02[19:03] * Timer 1 activated
�02[19:03] * Timer 1 halted
�03[19:03] * xyzd was kicked by ItsRaidDay (Lol you suck at social engineering�)
[19:03] <Willidarski_former_ED_editor> smx: yes?
�01[19:04] <~ItsRaidDay> xyzd was ev0 btw
�03[19:04] * OpSaveED7413 is now known as Alex
�01[19:04] <~ItsRaidDay> so much lulz

Drug habit

23:01:13 |-INFO > rootkit [[email protected]] has joined #doxbin
23:01:58 | rootkit > yo
23:01:58 | rootkit > Aurora Sabu nachash Garrett
23:01:58 | rootkit > I got fucking locked up
23:02:29 | rootkit > my fuckin dealer was being watched and got pulled over
23:02:48 | rootkit > and threw 100 bags of heroin on the car floor
23:02:54 | rootkit > and I had 10 on me
23:03:51 | rootkit > I had to detox in jail
23:03:58 | rootkit > shit sucked so bad
23:04:03 | Aurora > one hundred bags of heroin on the car floor
23:04:15 | Aurora > awesome
23:04:43 | rootkit > I'm lucky I had needles
23:04:43 | rootkit > on me
23:04:43 | rootkit > I said I was buying
23:04:54 | rootkit > so I got court mandated
23:05:15 | rootkit > to a rehab for 30 days
23:05:50 | rootkit > and i got 3 years probation
23:05:50 | Aurora > then get the fuck off th einternet
23:05:50 | rootkit > and 90 days of outpatient rehab
23:05:50 | Aurora > youre being watched go away
23:05:50 | rootkit > shit sucks
23:06:00 | Aurora > youre being watched go away
23:06:00 | Aurora > youre being watched go away
23:06:00 | Aurora > youre being watched go away
23:06:00 | Aurora > youre being watched go away
23:06:00 | Aurora > youre being watched go away
23:06:05 | rootkit > I'm not
23:06:26 | rootkit > fuckin narc unit
23:07:01 | rootkit > I can't do drugs for 3 years
23:10:12 | tetsujin > rip
23:14:04 | rootkit > I'm probably gonna leave the state
23:14:04 | rootkit > and move to cali
23:14:05 | rootkit > probation is only state
23:14:26 | tetsujin > why cali?
23:14:26 | rootkit > and quit irc
23:14:39 | rootkit > cali is nice
23:14:45 | tetsujin > tru
23:15:07 | rootkit > I don't feel like
23:15:07 | rootkit > doing 1 year
23:15:11 | rootkit > if i violate
23:15:20 | tetsujin > you ever get your shit back?
23:15:20 | rootkit > I have a violent crime too
23:15:27 |~nachash > lol rootk1t
23:15:29 | tetsujin > or still tied to phone
23:15:29 | rootkit > on my record
23:15:29 | rootkit > don't care
23:15:33 |~nachash > I am loling so hard at this
23:15:47 | rootkit > computers are gay
23:16:04 | rootkit > if i ever decide to use them
23:16:07 | rootkit > ill stay away from irc
23:16:18 | rootkit > and ddos extort
23:16:22 |~nachash > Why would you
23:16:25 |~nachash > go to CA?
23:16:30 |~nachash > It's like
23:16:32 |~nachash > dying
23:16:54 |~nachash > unemployment is high as fuck
23:16:58 | rootkit > some girl i met in rehab I'm living with
23:17:00 |~nachash > and they can't pay for shit
23:17:03 | rootkit > wants to go
23:17:11 | rootkit > nachash professional cybercrime
23:17:11 |~nachash > Wait
23:17:13 |~nachash > what happened
23:17:15 |~nachash > to your gf?
23:17:22 |~nachash > Did she find out you were boning your ex?
23:17:32 | rootkit > yeah
23:17:41 | rootkit > I left her for my ex
23:17:49 | rootkit > told her
23:18:04 |~nachash > lol
23:18:05 | rootkit > my ex texted her when i was asleep
23:18:09 |~nachash > So what about the ex?
23:18:18 | rootkit > that I want her more
23:18:48 |~nachash > lol
23:18:54 |~nachash > did she also go
23:19:09 |~nachash > HOW DO I TASTE BITCH?
23:19:09 |-INFO > rootkit [[email protected]] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
23:19:12 |~nachash > etc
23:19:15 |~nachash > lol
23:19:20 | tetsujin > yep, still on phone
23:19:30 | tetsujin > rip his computer
23:19:40 |~nachash > He seems like the kind of guy
23:19:48 |~nachash > who would date girls who would tell other girls shit like that
23:20:00 | tetsujin > dramu
23:21:05 |-INFO > rootkit [[email protected]] has joined #doxbin
23:21:11 | rootkit > fuck
23:21:15 |~nachash > Welcome back
23:21:19 | rootkit > ya my ex told her
23:22:24 |~nachash > before or after you split with her?
23:24:38 |-INFO > rootk1t [[email protected]] has joined #doxbin
23:24:40 | rootk1t > fck
23:24:50 |-INFO > nachash changed the topic of #doxbin to: http://doxbinumfxfyytnh.onion Tell me if 
          the site seems faster or not. | dick_trace_U> the internet is for identity theft  
          <dick_trace_U> and porn | the juden have infiltrated the hacker community and poisoned it 
          with their hatred of the lord jesus christ, only doxbin can save us now | PROFESSIONAL 
23:24:54 |-INFO > rootkit [[email protected]] has quit [Connection reset by peer]
23:24:59 |~nachash > lol
23:25:24 | tetsujin > rip
23:25:34 | rootk1t > she has no idea
23:25:41 | rootk1t > I gotta call her
23:25:49 | rootk1t > shell probably leave me
23:26:16 | rootk1t > I have no phone
23:26:32 | rootk1t > gotta get a new one
23:26:51 | rootk1t > my mom probably told her
23:27:06 |~nachash > Wait, I'm lost
23:27:11 |~nachash > Who told who what?
23:27:15 | rootk1t > weve been back and forth for 3 years
23:27:22 | rootk1t > told her
23:27:30 | rootk1t > I got locked up
23:27:40 | rootk1t > rehab wouldn't let me call
23:27:44 |~nachash > lol
23:27:49 |~nachash > She probably thinks
23:27:53 |~nachash > you decided to ditch her
23:27:56 |~nachash > and run away to mexico
23:28:07 | rootk1t > I told her
23:28:08 |~nachash > thereby making her your ex again
23:28:56 | rootk1t > ya 
23:29:12 | rootk1t > I kinda like the girl I'm staying with
23:29:23 | rootk1t > but if i try n make the first move
23:29:34 | rootk1t > she might kick me out
23:29:43 |~nachash > inb4 you are friendzoned
23:29:43 | rootk1t > not risking that
23:30:04 |~nachash > So, tell me more about this bust
23:30:07 |~nachash > It sounds exciting
23:30:52 | rootk1t > I was in the car with my dealer
23:31:10 | rootk1t > I had a friend who wanted 100 bags
23:31:24 | rootk1t > he was gonna throw me 10 than 10 more
23:31:44 | rootk1t > and I was at a white castle parking lot
23:31:52 | rootk1t > about to shoot up
23:32:12 | rootk1t > when the fuckin narc squad pulled guns on us
23:32:23 | rootk1t > he threw the shit on the ground
23:32:35 | rootk1t > we both said it wasn't ours
23:32:43 | rootk1t > went to jail for 7 days
23:32:57 | rootk1t > came to court lookin like shit
23:33:09 | rootk1t > detoxing from heroin is torture
23:33:19 | rootk1t > without metadone or suboxone
23:33:42 | rootk1t > said i was a drug addict I said what was on me was mine
23:33:51 | rootk1t > and i want help
23:34:16 | rootk1t > I think he ratted out his supplier

Life Story

Robert drove his battered Ford pick-up down the dry wash and cursed as he hit another chuck-hole. Max, his 100 pound black lab chow mix dog, was thrown into Robert and gave him a look that said “ Hey, dickhead watch your driving.”

“ Ya, I know. This old two track is a bitch, but it cuts five miles off of our route.”

Robert worked as the well-head maintenance man for Cit Com’s oil leases in Idaho and Montana. He would drive nearly 500 miles each day as he made he way across the back roads and trackless hills that were the badlands of the mountainous North West. This work load did not leave much time for a social life, which is probably why his wife had left him six months after he had taken the rout over for his uncle after he got too old for the job.

Well who needed a wife any how? He had the internet and he could find the “special” kinds of sites that offered the sweet young girls, and boys that more and more made him hard. He had found that he was attracted to younger and younger girls. Once he had made peace with his conscious and taken his desirer young children as the way he was wired, he no longer berated himself for these ‘unnatural’ desires. He had a few experiences with real live girls over the years. Most had been a once or twice event with a neighborhood child and on one occasion with a sweet 12 year old babysitter for his sisters kids. However after he had married Becky, and they had moved out west he had not had the opportunity to play.

He was rather in good physical condition for a man his age, 45. The work in the oil fields kept him fit, and he tried to eat right. He was 6’ tall had short salt and pepper black hair. Robert kept a well trimmed beard . His body was firm from the hard work that he did six days a week. He did not smoke, drink, or do any kind of drugs. His only vice was that he enjoyed the use of children, mostly girls but now and then a soft young boy would enter into his nightly web search. He could get hard with either sex and fancied that an ass is an ass. He liked anal and enjoyed his puckered ass fingered, licked, and fisted.

He lived in a rather nice mobile home some 30 miles from the nearest cross road and about 50 miles from the nearest town. He enjoyed the privacy that the isolation provided. The home sat in a wooded lot with a branch of the Snake river winding its way down stream about 100 yards from his front porch. The east face of the Bitterroot mountains were the backyard. There was plenty of wild game, that is why he always kept his Remington .270 rifle in the gun rack in his pick-up. He carried a Smith and Wesson .44 mag with a six inch barrel in case he ran across a rattler or some other vermin at the wells.

The draw that they were bouncing down would take them under the Amtrak rail bridge. The draw had been formed by some long ago earth quake that had reshaped the topography of the land. At the point that the railroad crossed it was a quarter mile wide and about 500 feet deep with jagged red rocks sticking out like the teeth of some Jurassic dinosaur. Wind and water had carved and widened draw until at this point it was a canyon.

The same forces that worked on the land also worked on those made by man. The semiprivate corporation Amtrak had faced budget cuts along with the rest of the government. The maintenance of the nations infrastructure was not what it should have been. The old bridge had not been inspected for four years. During those years rust and rot with overloaded trains had taken its toll.

The Olympic Clipper from Chicago due to arrive in Seattle came roaring out of the east. The twin B290 Diesel engines pulling three sleeper cars, a club car, and a US Mail car had topped 70 miles per hour as they made the down hill run from Warren Peak. They needed that speed to make it up the long pull up Cain’s Back pass some 6000 feet higher that at the unnamed canyon.

Bill Hilton the senior engineer was at the controls of the big Westinghouse diesels. He looked out the left side of the train and saw an old battered black Ford pick-up come bouncing down the draw. He reached up and pulled on the whistle and let out a long blast and waived as the train began to enter the trestle. He saw the driver slow and wave back. He would be the last human that the drive would see.

Robert heard the train thundering over head. He did not like to drive under a rail bridge when a train was overhead for he had once had a piece of the bridgework knocked loose and come very close to braining him as it had crashed down through the roof of his last truck. He pulled the truck up short and watched as the long silver train started onto the bridge. Movement near the bottom of the bridgework caught his eye. He stared at the timbers there, and as if in slow motion the 12x12 timber exploded in a shower of splinters and chucks. It was as if someone had knocked over a domino as more of the timbers and cross members shattered. The front of the train was half way across the bridge when the rails on which it was ridding buckled and twisted to the left. The engine followed the rails and plunged down pulling the rest of the cars along with it.

Dust and smoke billowed up as the entire bridgework cascaded down into the canyon. The cars of the train slammed into one another smashing those in front of them into unrecognizable piles of twisted blackened torn metal. The fuel tanks on the engines ruptured and 6000 gallons of high-test diesel washed over hot metal and erupted into flames. The last car glanced off of the pile of death and destruction and rolled clear of the funeral pyre that the wreck had become. The silver car collided with the saw-toothed boulders and split open.

The sound of the destruction was felt more than heard as the noise reverberated through David’s body. The shrieking of tearing metal and the impact of tons of iron and steel upon the unyielding rock split the evening air. The sounds echoed down the canyon replaying the disaster until they faded away.

“Jesus Christ!” Robert cried as he sat stunned by the terror that he had just witnessed.

He grabbed his hat and scrambled down the rough bank of the draw toward the misshapen mass that had been the Olympic Clipper. He came first to the rear of the club car that had been the last car on the train. The front of that car was telescoped into itself and compacted to a quarter of its original length.

Robert thought that no one could have survived in that part of the car, therefore he climbed over rubble to reach the rear of the smoking car.

He heard weak cries coming from inside. The car was at an odd angle as it was laying nearly on its left side and halfway up a bolder. He pulled himself up into the ruined car. He saw in the tangle of wreckage and seats several bodies.

The first one he came upon was an older man. He was laying across a broken table and had blood trickling out of his ears, nose, and mouth. Robert checked for a pulse but did not find one. He started to move the man’s head to see if he could give him CPR but the head limply twisted in his hands and a grating sound of bone on bone told him that the man’s neck was snapped and that no amount of CPR would help this poor fucker. He left him and worked forward to where the crying was coming from. He saw a petite leg protruding from under an overturned table. Robert lifted a pillow and part of a broken table off of the form below.

It was a young white girl. She seemed to be about three or four years old. She had a cute ivory and blue dress on. She moaned when he carefully lifted her from the tangled mess that had trapped her.

He could see that she had a few nasty burses on her legs and forehead, but he did not see any blood. She did not seem to have any broken bones, and she was conscious.

“ Are you Ok honey?” he asked as he ran his hands over her body looking for injuries and feeling her tiny frame trembled.

“I think so… I want my mommy…I am a scared!” she cried as she looked around the shattered car.

“ I know, honey. I have to get you out of this car before it catches on fire. I will come back and find your mommy.” he said as he held her in his arms and worked is way out of the twisted wreckage. He took her a few yards from the wreck and told her to lay where he had set her on a clear sandy spot. He climbed back into the carnage and looked for more survivors.

He found a young woman in her late twenties. She had the same blond hair that the little girl had and she was wearing a matching dress.

Odds were that this was her mommy. He hoped that it was not for this woman was quite dead. A shard of jagged steel penetrated the wall of the car and pined the woman to the other wall. A pool of her blood had formed at her feet as her heart had pumped her life’s blood out from the severed body. He left her there and searched for more victims. He found three more bodies two men and another child a boy. They were all dead. Robert found an arm severed and lodged in the wreckage but there were no more bodies or parts in the rear of the car.

He went outside and tried to gain access into the front of the car but there was nothing but tangled steel and crushed wood. He made his way to the major site of the wreck but was driven back by the intense heat and smoke. He walked to the other side of the crash and did not find any more bodies nor anyone alive. A large explosion knocked him from his feet. Smoke and flames shot up from the wreck and soon the entire wreck was on fire as it spread to the last car he had taken the child form. He ran back to the child and found that she had passed out. He quickly check her pulse and found that it was strong if a little fast. Robert scooped her up in his arms and jogged back to his truck. He laid her down on the seat of the truck. He looked back at the wreck and saw that all of the cars were now a raging inferno. No one would be taken of that hell storm alive.

He was only about ten miles from his house and twenty from any town. His cell phone would not work out here as he was too far from any tower. He did have a two-way radio in his truck. He knew that when the rails were severed that a signal would be sent down the line to let the railroad know that they had a broken line. They would stop all oncoming traffic until they had discovered what the problem was. He looked down at the little angel that fate had placed in his hands.

A thought crossed his mind. No one would miss one small body, hell it would be nearly impossible to find all the bodies. He could keep her. He could love her and raise her to love and live free like all children should be. He reached down and put his hand under her silky white panties. His fingers found her honeyed slit and he rubbed his finger deep into her clinging tight girl passage. He found her hymen and with a steady pressure penetrated her.

“Well that’s enough for now.” he said to Max as the dog sniffed the girls crotch and whined pawing at her girl slit as he wanted to lick and taste this little bit of flesh also.

“ You will get your turn to old boy. I will enjoy seeing that large dog cock thrusting in and out of her. Let’s get the hell out of here before the rest of the world discovers this tragedy.” he said as he shut the door and drove away from the rising smoke and destruction.

Robert drove the ten miles back to his isolated ranch. The young girl next to him had not yet come around. She had moaned a few times when the old Ford bounced over a chuck hole. Max had licked her face a few times to try to get the child to wake up and play with him.

He pulled into the garage then closed the overhead door. He carried her into his house. Robert laid her on his couch and covered her with her feet elevated in case she was in shock. He went to draw a bath for her. He was looking forward to undressing the little waif and fondling her elfin sexual parts.

He went back into the living room to check on her. She was still out. The girl looked so angelic laying there. He took off her shoes and small white stockings, then he lifted her dress up around her shoulders exposing her tiny pink nipples and her round soft tummy. Her cotton panties had ridden up into her crotch outlining her cutie pussy. He slid his hands under the waistband of her panties and slowly rolled them down off her diminutive hips. Her fat little pussy gleamed in the soft light and looked too inventing to pass up.

He bent down and drew in the sweet musty smell of her snatch. There was just a touch of pinkish blood on her cunt lips from his former forced entry. Pushing her legs open he examined the folds of her girl slit. His thick fingers opened those honeyed folds and found the nub of her clit. It sat poised just above her piss hole and below that was the miniature opening to her girl cavity.

Robert found the tight tiny rosebud of her anus with its dark little puckers that made up the ass hole. He stuck his index finger in his mouth wetting it and then pressed it against the firm ring of her ass. Soon he had the ass ring relaxed and was able to work his digit into the velvet softness that was her inner body. He pushed his finger up and felt the muscles of her vagina. He let a large drop spit fall on her cunt and then using his thumb he entered her there. He could feel his finger up her ass as he rubbed the two digits together.

His cock was throbbing and now fully erect. He let his other hand slide inside of his jeans and stroke it. The tightness of her body was driving him to new levels of desire. He undid his jeans and wiggled out of them. Letting them fall to the floor he kicked them off over his shoes and then striped off his jockey shorts. Robert pulled his fingers out of the girl. He moved his fingers to his mouth and sucked the sticky sweetness that came from each of her holes. He pulled her white and blue dress off and tossed it to the floor. His little princes lay nude and open to him. He put a small pillow under her ass and then knelt down and began to eat out her crotch. Pulling her legs wider he worked his tongue into the clinging slit that was her girl cunt. He began to suck and nip at the tinder soft folds of her pre-teen snatch. He filled her pussy with his saliva lubing her for the coming penetration.

He moved up and placed his hips next to hers so that the head of his cock was pressing against her tiny twat. He had to hold his cock as he thrust it past the tiny lips as it was bending because of the tightness of her cunt. With a pop he was inside of the tiny girl. She was so tight that it hurt his cock. He let it slide deeper in her. Slowly her cunt relaxed as her muscles stretched. He could now pull his cock in and out. He looked down and saw her tummy distend as he cock moved inside of her. Robert could feel the need for his release build. He wanted this first time last so he slowed down and moved his cock in small circles.

She began to moan and push her petite hips up to match his thrusting. He thought that she had come around but she was still semi-concusses. Her eyes were fluttering and her head rolled with each thrust into her body. He lifted her legs up to her shoulders so that he could fully enter her body. His balls were slapping her ass as he rammed her faster and faster. The orgasm was building deep in his balls and he arched to full penetration and let his cum flood her tiny bloody cunt. He pumped out more cum, more than he ever had.

Sweat was running down his face and his breath came in short gasps. He collapsed on top of her letting his cock grow soft inside of her. He lay on her for a few minutes until he had regained his breath, then he pulled out of her and watched his cum and her blood ooze from her cunt. He knelt down and took in the smells of her small body. Pulling her up to him he cleaned her pussy and hungrily lapped up the mung from her body.

Once he had finished he lifted her of the couch and took her into the bathroom. He lowered her into the warm water and washed her. Her long blond hair fanned out around her. The water down between her legs was tinged pink from the trickle of blood that was still coming from her cunt. She let out a low moan and then her eyes fluttered open.

“Where am I? What happened to my mommy?” she cried as she sat up in the tub.

“ You are in my house. Your mommy was hurt very bad in the train wreck. Do you remember the train crash? What is your name?” he asked as he held her in the water.

“ Where is my mommy? I want to see her now!” she sobbed as she clung to him.

“ Your mommy can not see you just yet. She is hurt very badly and it will be awhile until you can see her. I will take care of you. My name is Robert. What is yours? Do you know where your Daddy is?” he asked.

“Amie. Amie Scott. My Daddy went to heaven when I was only two. I am four years old now.” she offered as she looked at him with hurt and confusion in her oh so deep blue eyes.

“ Amie I am glad to meet you. I wish that all of this had not happened but we must make the best of it. Do you hurt anywhere?” he asked as he rubbed her back.

“ My head hurts a little, and my thingie hurts. Why don’t you have any pants on?” she asked as she looked him over.

“Well, I did not want to get my pants wet when I washed you. I will give you some pills that will make you feel better.” he told her.

“ We were taking the train to see my Grand Dad. I was going to stay with Gramps while mommy got a new job.” she stated as she stood up and let Robert dry her off.

“ Well that is good. I will try to get a hold of your Gramps. I will have to wash your dress because I did not find any of your other things. You can wear one of my old tee shirts.” he told her as he got out some vicoden to kill her pain, and it would make her sleepy and he was hungry for an other session of fucking his little bit of happiness.

He thought this time he would explore the wonders of her anal cavity. He smiled at her and carried her to his bedroom and laid her on the bed and then got in next to her and waited for the drugs to do their work. She cuddled next to him and he let his hand cup her ass and squeeze. Soon her eyes fluttered shut and her breathing slowed and she fell asleep. He reached into the nightstand and found a large tube of Ky jelly.

This would be a killer of a night. He though as he lubed up his erection and her tiny ass.

The child moaned when Robert got up off the bed. He looked down at her tiny body and that sweet little ass propped up in the air just waiting for him.

"Shit, the pills are not going to be enough.” he said as he reached under the bed and retrieved his wife’s old med kit. She was a RN and when she moved out she had left it behind. He opened the black case and looked at the rows of small glass vials. He selected one with a blue plastic top and pulled the fat round bottle out. He looked at the some what milky fluid and gave it a shake. The drug cleared somewhat. He took out a hypodermic, a number 6, and drew 5 cc of Panderdrim. The drug would send Amie into a deep sleep and also had the side effect of being a muscle relaxant. This would make his anal work somewhat easier.

He took a cotton swab from a plastic sack and wetted it with alcohol. Robert wiped a spot on her tinder bottom and then gave her the injection. A small dot of red marked the spot of the shot. He put the items back in the med kit then sat on the edge of the bed and watched his little love slave slip deeper into dream land.

Fifteen minuets later he gave her bottom a hard slap. The blow moved the child’s body off the pillow. He saw a pinkish outline of his hand where he had struck her. She did not register the abuse to her ass. She was ready to receive his lust.

He took a rubber covered sheet out from a dresser and covered half the bed. Then he moved Amie on to the covered half and then protected the rest of the bed. This was going to be a messy fun night. He did not want to have to wash all of the bedding therefore he used the protective covering.

He repositioned her body so that here tiny ass was in the air and her legs were spread wide. He knelt behind her and lubed his index finger. Robert used his left hand to open the ass cheeks of the little girl. He rubbed the pinkish red cavity and pushed his finger in pass her ass ring. The cavity was hot and silky soothe like a velvet glove that clung to his probing finger. He could feel a small mass of her shit move around as he reamed her hole.

Withdrawing his digit he found that it was smeared with her child poop. He brought his finger to his nose and took a hit of her ass mung deep into his lungs. The smell was so earthy and nasty that it made his cock so hard that it hurt. He thrust his finger back into her ass and mined for more of her golden brown ass mung. Soon he had her entire ass covered with Ky and shit.

Lifting her ass in the air he gripped her on both sides and shoved his engorged cock deep into her tiny ass. The wide head of his cock pressed in past the distended ass ring and then rammed deeper into her bowel. The hot clinging channel sent waves of pleasure through his groin as he now quickened the speed of his rape. Her body twitched as he rammed himself all the way inside of her ass. His balls were banging against her tiny girl cunt. He could feel the coming orgasm building deep in his balls. He thought of slowing to prolong this wonderful bout of sex however his little friend had taken over the thinking for the moment and he was just along for the ride.

He let out a deep groan as his cock exploded his load far within her body. His thick ropey cum erupted from the head of his dick and mixed with the blood, the shit and the K*y in her ass. He pumped awhile longer until he fell spent on top of the small child. Robert let his cock grow small and soft in her ass while he caught his breath.

He could hear Max outside the bedroom door scratching to get in. The dog began to whine. He could smell the mung and cum inside and he wanted to come and play to. He began to bark and jump at the door.

Robert pulled out of the tight ass and smiling went to the door. He opened the door and let the large black Chow-Lab mix dog in. Max sniffed David’s cock and started to lick the shit smeared organ. His long soft tongue lapped at the shaft as he hungrily cleaned the cock.

“ You like her shit, boy? Yea, I know you do. I do to. She is full of some hot goodness, along with my cum.” he said as he held the dog’s head to his cock for a thorough cleaning.

“Sit!” he ordered.

Max sat and watched as the man went to the bed and took the small one from the bed and moved her so she was laying on her tummy with her small legs dangling off the side of the bed.

Robert went to the night stand and got out the leather pouches that he used to cover Max’s front paws. He often let Max fuck him in the ass and he had found out the hard way that the large dog’s claws could leave some nasty scratches on your torso if they were not covered. When Max saw the leather mittens he knew that he was going to have some sex. He started to whine and his dog cock became erect thrusting out of its black hairy sheath. The long pointed dog dong swelled and the knot the keep him inside a bitch grew to the size of a tennis ball. His balls drew in tight and already he was shooting out the clear fluid of his canine cum.

Robert put the dark leather mittens on the dog and lead him to the small child. He held the dog back as he used his finger to stimulate the girl’s ass to make her bowels move. He could feel her shit moving down the tight confines of her bowel. Max was bumping and thrusting his head at David’s hand wanting the man to get the fuck out of the way and let him at that wonderful smelly bottom.

A day in the life

Little Robbie


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ev0's mom thinks very highly of him.
I love ddos


I will ddos anonops


I will ddos ed


— [im high as shit]

[16:09] <@n`> where do we get the 0day from

[16:09] <@n`> who writes the virus
[16:09] <@n`> tests it etc
[16:09] <@n`> fyi
[16:09] <ev0> an exploit kit



pwnt by ev0


—His "deface message" whenever he finds a XSS exploit in some shitty blog

Ev0- Hacker .. he put spam in lobby



17:27 < pop> KoMoDo wanna send more btc

17:27 < pop> I actually did not spend it on drugs lol




Install Gentoo

This shows that he cannot into gentoo, take a look 47 seconds in.

((> > > SORRY! VIDEO BALEETED! < < <))

Escape to LA

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Coke heads

After being evicted from his apartment in New York, ev0 (now known online as pop) packed his bags and relocated to California. Robert had a job as a farmer on a marijuana plantation, which mysteriously burnt down.


16:36 -!- pop [[email protected]] has joined #lizardlounge
16:36 < pop> Yes hello
16:36 <~king_alex> h pop
16:36 < pop> Sup
16:36 < pop> I was in a psych ward
16:36 < pop> For 3 days
16:36 < Osmosis> Lol
16:36 < Osmosis> Why
16:36 <~king_alex> no way
16:36 < pop> I pretty much was suicidal
16:36 <~king_alex> wow
16:36 <~king_alex> no drugs?
16:37 <~king_alex> did you quit cold turkey?
16:37 < pop> No i got 32 days clean duse
16:37 < Osmosis> Good keep it that way
16:37 < pop> I need a job or some donations lol
16:37 < Osmosis> Lol
16:37 < pop> They put me on a controlled substance there
16:37 <~king_alex> chaturbate
16:37 < pop> Clonazepam
16:37 < pop>> 3mg a day
16:38 <~king_alex> pop you need a blog
16:38 < pop> Literally i illegally livw on the beach

Desperate For Money

Homeless and unable to keep a job, ev0 turned to the next best thing: dickriding LizardSquad for Bitcoin on irc.land and willing to do anything money.
How willing?

16:41 < pop> Ill masturbate on anyones photo
16:41 < pop> For btc
16:41 <~king_alex> nice
16:41 < pop> r000t #clamdown
16:41 <~king_alex> blair strater family portrait
16:41 <~king_alex> cummin'
16:41 < pop> I still gotta do that
16:41 < pop> My lifes been a mess
16:41 < pop> I tried to do it at walgreens
16:42 < pop> But i needed it on a sd card
16:42 <~king_alex> you tried to jack off at walgreens?
16:42 < pop> No print the photo
16:42 <~king_alex> oh lol
16:42 < pop> I was gonna cum on his mommu
16:43 < pop> king_alex you know anyone with btc that could help me out
16:43 < pop> Id even pay it back.when i can
16:43 <~king_alex> ryan
16:43 < pop> Yeah i dunno if hell help
16:43 < pop> I asked he laughed

His offer got taken up.

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Ev0 is very happy to see your family r000t.

Cosmo Puts ev0 In Rehab

05:26 -!- pop [[email protected]] has joined #NCA
05:26 < Dragon> what rank r u
05:26 < pop> king_alex lol
05:26 < nikki> on csgo?
05:26 < IAMTHEINTERNET> haah  H AH AHAH AH H ah ahh
05:26 < nikki> lmao
05:26 < pop> hooker was a bad move
05:26 <+Staze> would you guys smash or nah http://prntscr.com/9r6ifz
05:26 < Dragon> im challenger on league
05:26 < pop> We coulsnt fond white
05:26 < Dragon> you dumb stupid blonde
05:27 < pop> Well we dud
05:27 < pop> Haha
05:27 < pop> Big mistake
05:27 < IAMTHEINTERNET> i saved those pics
05:27 < IAMTHEINTERNET> to my pc
05:27 < IAMTHEINTERNET> for your ED page
05:27 < pop> Wow rude
05:27 < pop> Dont do that
05:27 < nikki> im bronze whatchu mean challenger dragon?
05:27 < Dragon> hey
05:27 < Dragon> nikki
05:27 < nikki> heey uchiha
05:27 < Dragon> wanna come to Amsterdam/
05:27 <~king_alex> 1000 PERCENT FUCK NO STAZE
05:28 <~king_alex> 10/10 WOULD NOT FUCK
05:28 < pop> I care much
05:28 <~king_alex> NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE
05:28 <~king_alex> ALSO POP
05:28 <~king_alex> WHY'D YOU FUCK A BLACK GIRL
05:28 < nikki> I'll kill u then lol
05:28 < pop> Dude
05:28 <+Staze> LOL
05:28 < nikki> im a murderer irl honestly.
05:28 < Dragon> You'll kill me?
05:28 < pop> Did u see how much
05:28 < pop> Coke
05:28 < Dragon> i'd throw you out of the hotel room
05:28 < Dragon> weirdo
05:28 < pop> Me and cosmo did
05:28 < nikki> lmao
05:28 < Dragon> BRB
05:28 < Dragon> LEAGUE
05:28 <~king_alex> N3RD
05:29 <~king_alex> GAMERS*
05:29 < pop> king_alex dude
05:29 < nikki> im a pro girl gamer :3
05:29 < pop> Im going to rehab
05:29 <~king_alex> yeah i saw vids of cosmo doing coke
05:29 <~king_alex> on instagram
05:29 < pop> Om here to say bye etc
05:29 < pop> How many
05:29 <~king_alex> just one
05:29 <+Staze> alex ur logs are the best
05:29 <~king_alex> "2nd nostril bruh"
05:29 < pop> Oh
05:29 <~king_alex> STAZE WAHT
05:29 <~king_alex> YOU LOG ME
05:29 <~king_alex> YOU KEYWORD LATER
05:29 < pop> Dude hes a chill guy
05:30 <~king_alex> seems like it
05:30 <~king_alex> glad you're going to REHAB
05:30 <~king_alex> :)
Paid For By CosmoTheGod

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