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Eric M. Torgerson
Age: 36
Birthdate: April 23, 1983
Race: Caucasian
Occupation: Whataburger, BMC, Inc. Lake Balboa, CA (AR/MA Clerk)
Location: Van Nuys, California
Physical Description:
Weight: Heavy set
Organizations: BoyChat, alt.support.boy-lovers news group
Crispydruid AKA Eric Torgerson is a pedophile who has frequent contact with children through the Palmdale, California Youth & Community Orchestra.
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Crispydruid AKA Eric M. Torgerson is a self-confessed boylover and pedophile, who is also a known member of BoyChat. At one point, he was rather prolific in the newsgroups, such as alt.support.boy-lovers, and served as a moderator on the now defunct site, eboysecrets.com. Even more disturbing, is the fact that Torgerson claims to be currently associated with the Palmdale Youth & Community Orchestra, giving him access to underage children with great frequency. He has stated that his favorite age category for little boys is 13 years old. It is not known if his AoA extends beyond that particular age. He has mentioned two boys, by the initials "K" and "B", whom he has said that he has deliberately avoided because he knew he could not trust himself with them.

Torgerson attended Antelope Valley College, in Lancaster, CA, and was working towards a degree in music. He states that he lives with his mate in Van Nuys, CA currently and that the two of them are also involved with two other males romantically. Torgerson may currently be employed by a business machines company in southern California, in a clerical type position.


I'm 20,and not sure if I'm a boylover or not. I find that i get turned on by boys that can be as young as about 5, I guess, but that 13 is the most "attractive" age to me. It's been this way since I turned 16; and I've been trying to explain it to myself that I just like boys a few years younger than I am; except were that true, I should have seen an increase in the age of the boys I look at. In either case, I have been treating myself as a pedophile

Only after basic reproductive theory was given, would I even start explaining the different choices there are to be made. Boys, or girls? Older, or younger? Related, or not? Animals? and so on. Children are already scared and ashamed of themselves when they start puberty; the 'kinks' as they're called, shouldn't be worried about until AFTER they are at ease with THEMSELVES. This is the main reason why I will not touch the boys in my current favorite age category, 13. They're just starting to 'wake up', and they don't need the added confusion of relations with another maleto make thier adjustment worse.

Our Investigation

  • We received information about a pedophile using the screen name 'Crispy Druid' and his activities on the Internet, particularly in newsgroups and on BoyChat.
  • In searching the internet using his screen name, we discovered he had many profiles listed on a variety of sites. A thorough examination of these profiles allowed us to cross reference matching information in order to prove that they all belonged to the same person. Not only did the profiles match, but he gave out personal information, including his real name, location, college, age and date of birth.
  • With the information that Eric Torgerson so loosely provided in his many profiles, we have been able to confirm that CrispyDruid, and all variations listed herein, belong to the same Eric Torgerson of Van Nuys, CA

Additional Quotes

Molesters don't deserve death. They deserve castration. Death is too simple a punishment for commiting a crime so henious.

Of course, boyloving doesn't correlate to molestation, so that's a relief for me and my friends.

On alt.support.boy-lovers:

I come here because I don't know why I'm attracted to 13 year old boys

As for the 'message'; 'normal' people tolerate me just fine, Risky. Despite them knowing that I have urges that I am not proud of. In fact; they ask me to babysit on a regular basis; and I've not let them down yet. Vm

I know that child molestation happens; but I guess that I put it out of my mind, because I don't see how someone could do that, despite being able to see myself do it.

Online Accounts

Known E-mail Addresses

Known Screen Names

  • Crispy Druid
  • CrispyDruid
  • crispydruid
  • crispydruid00
  • crispy_druid_2000
  • The Crispy Druid
  • Crispy
  • Crispers

Other Online Contact Info

Known Websites

Last Known Address

  • 16401 Hamlin St, Van Nuys CA 91406
  • 43939 Sammy Dr, Lancaster CA 93535
  • 6611 Haskell Ave, Van Nuys CA 91406

Last Known Phone Number

(661) 949-2446

Additional Information


  • Avid Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fan
  • also does some writing
  • occasionally blogs as well
  • Politics
  • LGBT Community
  • Anime
  • Collectible card games
  • Computer graphics, Creating avatars
  • Role playing games
  • homebrew role playing systems
  • is active in local Dungeons and Dragons RPG Group
  • Shota
  • Yaoi
  • Music (Listening and playing)
  • Musician (Trombone/Baritone, various others)
  • marching band
  • orchestra
  • small ensembles
  • Classical, Country, Jazz, Opera, Orchestra, Sixties
  • Video Games (both watching and playing)
  • Theater, Performing Arts
  • Origami
  • Magic: The Gathering

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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