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Michael Storac AKA Vanguard One
Age: 61
Birthdate: April 12, 1958
Occupation: Computer Programmer
Location: Compton, California
Physical Description:
Pedophile Websites: SOhopeful, SOclear, SOSEN
Michael Resann is a registered sex offender, and an activist for sex offenders. He is an active participant in several RSO advocacy groups, as well as the Webmaster of SOclear

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Michael Resann AKA Vanguard One AKA StungOnTheNet AKA Michael Storac AKA Peter Del Valle was convicted in 2004 for traveling from Indiana to Ohio and attempting to meet someone he thought was a 15-year-old girl for sex. Arriving at the arranged meeting place with Teddy Bear in hand, Michael was instead met by law enforcement and subsequently spent eight months in prison for ATTEMPTED UNLAWFUL SEXUAL CONDUCT WITH A MINOR.

Michael is an advocate for sex offenders and is closely involved with their fight to abolish sex offender laws. Michael is the Webmaster of SOclear and became very active in SOSEN after his good friend Jim Freeman of SOhopeful International was arrested in one of the FBI's largest child pornography busts, using "sophisticated encryption methods" and trading over 58 terabytes of child sexual abuse images. Michael says he may be a witness for the prosecution in Jim's trial and states that he developed computer programs for Jim.

In addition to his typical anti-sex offender law propaganda, Michael maintains an internet presence as a rabid 'anti-sex offender' activist known as Peter Del Valle. Peter visits forums, blogs and news sites including those belonging to victims of sexual abuse to inform people of his 'plan' to deal with sex offenders. This plan includes a constitutional amendment to banish sex offenders into colonies. His motive for posing as someone who wishes to remove sex offenders from general society is unclear although it appears that he's attempting to group 'Peter' in with victims advocates who work to protect children from those who would sexually abuse and exploit them, his intended goal to diminish the power and truth of their advocacy by adding a voice of absurdity as a "straw man". Michael Resann then rails against his own sock puppet and refers to Peter's 'colony' as a concentration camp while referring to those who oppose child sexual abuse as Nazis.

In short, Michael Resann is best known for encouraging sex offenders who are required to register their e-mail addresses to create thousands of them in order to create havoc, even going so far as to encourage them to use the real names of others so that they will in effect be registered sex offenders, as well.

Resann also tries to intimidate others who use the sex offender registry for its intended purpose of informing the public; deliberately trying to mislead people into believing it's a crime and/or threatening lawsuits, although he knows this information is public record and that sharing it is completely legal. In addition, he threatens to sue anyone who may deny him housing in adherence to sex offender residency restrictions.



You know, for screen names, you can use ANY name you wish. Including email addresses.

Yes, including email addresses of other people. ACTUAL addresses. And, by law they must be registered.

When I'm forced to register my screen names at my next registration, they will see a ream of paper. In addition, every republican in the state who has an email address will find that, coincidentally, my own screen names are the exact same name Alas, I must by law register them, and so what if a little birdie chirps to the media that George Runner's state senate email address shows up on Megans' Law? Whoopsie.....

I am a registered sex offender, not on parole, who will be moving to Long Beach in about three months. I am buying the house from a private party (once escrow closes), and I will be living three blocks from a school. If anyone harasses me, calls the radio station, or other forms of harassment, I will press charges with the LBPD. If you convince your legislature to try to make a law restricting me from living in the house, I will sue the city of Long Beach for 10 million dollars because of their infringement on my first, fourth, fifty, eighth, and fourteenth amendment rights of the US Constitution, as well as the Ex Post Facto provision. It's that simple, straightforward, and direct.

Are you willing to pay the $80,000 or so dollars it will take to defend MY suit (I won't settle for less than 1.5 million), plus part me with the money when I win? It's your money.

Unfortunately, Del Valle did not break any laws. That's the problem with this scumbag...he does NOTHING that's actionable. That's what makes him more dangerous than AZ or even PJ... exudes just enough believability without going over the line. That's why he's on my radar more than any of the AZ yahoos.

I am the original creator of the idea to flood the registration office with tens of thousands of active electronic ID's (EID's) and emails. In fact, I've even created a "social networking site" that had over 100,000 members. Of course, I created all the eid's and the passwords for those members, but to be blunt, they are active electronic ID's, with passwords, which by law MUST be turned in.

In addition, many of the eid's are direct copies of email addresses of other people. My personal favorite was "ChestertheMolester (space added to delink the email)," and I also used email addresses of ACTUAL politicians and idiotic journalists as my electronic ID.

(In fact, one of my ideas was to create the id's, then work the Internet by circulating a rumor around the MySpace crowd that "you know, representative Jerry Keene's email is on the sex offender watch list for emails," or something like that and watch the fur fly! )

Since I have been focusing more on the court cases, I've put a hold on such a campaign, but I"m seriously thinking of opening it back up again (not on SOSEN, for obvious reasons). If anyone in their state is required to register email addresses, and would like to consider being a test case for such a campaign, let me know. We will have to take it off the board and the forum do discuss this for obvious reasons.

Again, I'm not sure if I want to revive it, but keep in mind such a campaign would be done to HIGHLIGHT the ABSURDITY of the current law, and to force the hand of the state to try to make it MORE draconian...and such draconinity adds to OUR side when court cases move up the ladder to dispense with all these unconstitutional laws.

INCIDENTALLY, this post does NOT represent any real or implied campaign that would be considered as illegal nor subversive to SOSEN goals, nor will I actually help anyone go through this campaign. I haven't decided on that aspect yet. But the moral stance behind such a campaign remains firmly grounded. We'll see..

Our Investigation

  • We first became aware of Michael Resann when found him on such sites as SOclear and SOSEN.
  • We noticed registered sex offenders, their families, friends and other supporters gather on these site in an effort to fight what they feel are unjust or unfair laws regarding sex offender registration.

Online Accounts


Pedophile Websites


Last Known Address


65 Pine Ave. Suite 346
Long Beach, California 90802

Last Known Phone Number

  • (503) 389-7679
  • (562) 235-7178

Additional Quotes

Actually, I'm glad that Del Valle posted that nonsense. If RSO's post it, then nobody cares; it's when nut jobs post stuff like that that people tend to notice.

Inadvertently, he probably opened the door to allow law enforcement to actually rethink this email idiocy.

eAdvocate is kinda behind the times on this one. I've already got a database of 2,000,000 EID's that I'm ready to share with ANYONE. Not email addresses, but EID's, which are JUST AS VALID because they are the eid's to my "RSO SOCIAL NETWORKING" site that I'm creating. I'm actually creating dozens of sites so they can't just shut down one, and the name and password will be good for all of them.

I've been told by the brass here that that is rather aggressive and is, in fact, too activist for this site, and I respect them. But just to let you know that eAdvocate is now doing what is already to rock and roll.

In fact, I DO have hundreds of thousands of valid electronic identifiers, and yes, the non-OCR-able script type is my first choice as well. I actually have created a handwriting font that uses three different small letters and two different capital letters on the same character set (256 characters) that looks like real handwriting, not just scriptese. I've designed it in such a way that it can be read by humans relatively easily but not OCR'd easily.

In addition, my electronic ID's are for a site that I have reserved, and will set up according to the person whom I would help set up with the EID's. The funny part is that you can use ANYTHING, including emails that belong to someone else, for a user name. Although my personal favorite is ChesterTheMolestor you can use others such as JohnWalsh Stitches77, XavierVonErke, etc. (NOTE: I doubled up the "@" signs to prevent actual links from formatting). Juicy addresses would include actual emails of politicians. In some states, you can check for offender EID's, so these addresses would show up!

And if they say you can't use them... then sick the First Amendment on their collective butts.

Would you like to dump 10,000 LEGAL, VALID EID's into their system? Once I get a volunteer, I will host a site that will require a username/password entry process, which would mandate those eid's get registered with the state. In addition, I can provide a text file of all the addresses that you can take to the registration office. That registration representative you had on the phone deserves some time to input your email into into the system.

I'd have to say that Del Valle's vision is probably the epitome of every anti's dream and, frankly, the point at which all media's and politician's political capital is all spent out, for they will have killed the golden goose of issues to report on or to run on.

Since you are a Peter Del Valle watcher, Z-man, you may notice that he already has these camps in place for sex offenders.

Say what you will about him, at least Del Valle's vision is the ultimate aim of all the anti's, even if the anti's don't know that yet.

So let me get this straight. If I'm a sex offender, and one of my usernames for a social site is, say, doverbey (remember, it could be ANY combination of letters, INCLUDING AN ACTUAL EMAIL ADDRESS OF SOMEONE ELSE), then I MUST include it? So now when someone is trying to send email to the representative's actual address, that sender may be notified that that email is on the sex offender list, thereaby associating said person with sex offender status (in this case, Rep. Overbey)?

Yes, I see Mr. Peter Del Valle has been rather rambunctious as of late. But one thing to consider...he IS knowledgeable of how people respond to this issue. Don't worry, I've got this guy under my thumb and can put the screws on him if need be...

I disagree. PeopleagainstPervert looks like an ensemble cast of many people, while Del Valle appears to be the work of only one person. In addition, as much as we all hate Del Valle, he seems to have a handle on the sheeple more than anyone else not associated with the RSO issues. As perverse as it sounds, his vision is unfortunately in line with the direction that unchecked regulation will end up.

When the article "There Goes the Neighborhood" came out in 2006 I actually created a business model for using RSO's in purchasing and selling real estate. It was rather elaborate, but it breaks down as follows:

1. Two entities needed: Investor and RSO, and possible security/bodyguard. In general, the higher risk RSO the better, but in some cases a lower-risk RSO may be needed in case of existing residency restrictions.

2. Investor searchs for house in area with the following qualifications:

a. House in upper 50% of value for area.
b. No existing RSO's within quarter mile.
c. Neighborhood must have lots of single-family homes.
d. Located near schools or parks (if not illegal).
e. A city or county official who lives in the same block.

3. RSO moves in and registers.

4. If community notification is not in place, then RSO and Investor sends sex offender notices to all houses in the immediate neighborhood, and other neighborhoods as deemed appropriate. Reference links can include John Walsh's site, the PJ site, and the link to the "There Goes the Neighborhood" article buried in that list. Also, liberal notification of whatever media can be done as well. Remember, we WANT to be noticed!

5. Let the fit hit the shan for a couple of weeks.

6. Offer sale of house at 25% over original purchase price. Do not settle for less than 17.5%.

Rinse and repeat in another neighborhood.

We estimated that we can do this about three times a year, at 4 month intervals. In addition, the same RSO can be used in multiple campaigns, as he has to register every place he owns.

Frankly, I am not being facetious here. I don't know how long this would last, but I imagine that it could last a year until the laws became well known.

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