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Norbert De Jonge
Age: 29
Birthdate: Unknown
Race: Caucasian
Location: Netherlands
Physical Description:
Other: Refer to photographs
Organizations: PNVD, MARTIJN Association, GirlChat, BoyChat
Norbert De Jonge is one of the founders of, and the secretary for the dutch pedophile political party.

Norbert De Jonge

Norbert De Jonge wanted to be a grade school teacher. Fortunately for the children of the Netherlands, he decided to come "out" as a pedophile activist, and was then expelled from his college, and is not able to get a degree to teach. He and several other pedophiles have started a pedophile political party in the Netherlands called PNVD, which has the goal to abolish the age of consent, among other goals. He is also involved in the MARTIJN Association, another pedophile activist group, along with Marthijn Uittenbogaard.


"When I was twenty years old, I fell in love with Sara, a ten year old girl. I had never been in love before, thus it was a special enriching experience. I constantly thought of her, wanted to be with her as much as possible and her happiness became of essential importance to my own happiness. I enjoyed music even more than usual. I even started writing poems, which I had never expected of myself."

"If I want to touch a girl it has little to do with satisfaction of a physical need. It is not an uncontrollable urge, but a natural expression of the love I feel for her. I think physical intimacy can be pleasant for her, because she can experience my feelings of love, warmth and affection extra strongly because of it. With physical contact I do not think of complete sexual intercourse, but of thousands of forms of playful eroticism, like the mutual enjoyment of being close to each other, cuddling, caressing, horse playing, tickling, et cetera. She could receive sincere and honorable love for a period of time and my positive appreciation of her body can contribute to a healthy emotional and sexual development."

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