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Peter Christian
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, BoyLove Media Watch
Peter Christian is a pedophile and co-creator of BoyLove Media Watch (AKA Media BLytz), a site dedicated to seeking out news and stories about other pedophiles, while encouraging other pedophiles to go to the sites where the articles are posted and to leave comments with intent to spread pedophile propaganda.

Peter Christian and David Riegel started a Website called BoyLove Media Watch in late 2006. They post news stories then encourage other pedophiles to go comment on them in order to spread their propaganda about age of consent laws, "pedophile rights," etc. They call this activism "MediaBLytz."

Media BLytz is dedicated to conveying to the media and the reading public the message that a consensual sexually expressed relationship between a boy and an older male, or "responsible boylove", is a good and positive experience for the boy who freely chooses to investigate, explore, and enjoy his burgeoning sexuality in this manner. This concept, of course, is hotly contested by many people, but their arguments for the opposing "harm" theory are based largely on a lack of information, on misinformation, or even on nothing more than ignorance, hate, and religious superstition. However, a careful reading and examination of valid and unbiased studies based on empirical evidence finds no substantive support for harmfulness in consensual situations; in fact, these studies, which date back nearly a century, consistently find not only little harm, but many positive benefits.

Here's how Peter Christian et al define "responsible boylove":

Responsible boylove is the premise that in any relationship between a boy and an older male, whether sexually expressed or not, the legitimate interests of the boy must take precedence over the interests of his older friend.

Responsible boylove is a relationship between a boy who has a desire for a close and intimate friendship with an older male, and an older boy or man whose love for that boy encompasses enjoyment of the boy's companionship and a desire to provide a mentoring and nurturing environment. The nature, vitality, and duration of the relationship, as well as the extent of nurturing and mentoring, are determined by mutual consent, with the boy's wishes taking precedence. The relationship also includes a definite pedosexual attraction on the part of the older, and may include a desire for sexual experimentation, exploration, play, and gratification on the part of the younger. It is, however, a fundamental tenet of responsible boylove that any physical expression of sexuality is only acceptable with the age appropriate understanding, encouragement, and consent of the boy involved. However, both parties must also carefully take into consideration that any such physical expressions, no matter how completely consensual, are considered a criminal act under the present legal systems in most of the world.

Common misconceptions:

Responsible boylove does not include, support, nor in any way condone non-consensual sexual activity. It does not try to excuse or justify such things as attempts to seduce an obviously unwilling boy, molestation, or predation in any form. Those who subscribe to the responsible model of boylove are as appalled by such crimes as anyone else; indeed, perhaps more so, because of their love for all boys, and the pain they feel when one of them is molested, raped, or murdered. The public and the media seem to know only one word when there is sexual contact between a boy and an older male, the ugly and pejorative label of "pedophile." But the current use of that term is a total corruption of the original meaning, it is a malicious creation of misguided academics, radical religionists, malignant feminists, and prejudiced politicians, and as such is considered unacceptable by a large percentage of boylovers.

Peter Christian is often seen around various BoyLove sites promoting his own BoyLove Media Watch Website. He has also been quite active in contacting media outlets nation-wide in attempt to influence reporters to run stories from a more "pro-pedophile" standpoint. He provides reporters with mis-information and skewed studies (often those of Riegel himself) To date, he has claimed to have contact with over 200 such outlets. Much as with his BLMW partner, David Riegel, Christians' goal remains same: to use pedospeak and propaganda to try to make pedophilia and pedophilic activities seem more mainstream and acceptable; and to discuss ways to change the laws so that he and his pedophile brethren can have consequence-free sex with children.


When a boy falls in love with a man, they deserve respect and support from individuals and institutions, including the gay institutions. No use of situational power politics, no exploitive manipulation in the media, no police interrogations and coerced confessions, and no destruction of the innocence (that means absence of malice, not absence of knowledge) of their love. No excuses.

The kids come first - yet in many many cases the kids never complain, enjoy themselves, and have a fond memory for the first older person to take them seriously as a full fledged member of the clan. All the excuses of the assimilationists for sacrificing Freedom are crap.

I've been contacting reporters for almost 3 years now to present the other side of boylove so that they might present a more factual and accurate and less defamatory representation of the subject to the general public. The idea came to me when the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation generated a press release attacking boylovers. I figured boylovers better make their own press relation campaign if we were to be stabbed in the back and fed to our mutual enemies by people who owe their own success to the hard work of the boylovers who founded the entire homosexual movement.

I also hope to recruit other boylovers and friends to help this effort. I know fears and concerns about privacy and staying in the closet exist. Please know that it is possible to affect change through anonymous action. My letters have been published in small newspapers and part of one was read over the radio airwaves to millions of people despite that they were submitted via only my hushmail email account.

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