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Taxpayers might be interested to know that a number of pedophiles and sex offenders are being supported by SSDI federal disability payments, enabling them to spend their time on pro-pedophile and/or RSO ‘activism’ instead of using that time to work and earn their own living like most people do.

SSDI Funded Pedophiles
Purpose: Pedophiles collecting SSDI federal disability
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A number of pedophiles and sex offenders are drawing federal disability to fund their pro-pedophilia and RSO "activism"

For example, we have the infamous pedophile Jack McClellan; who has been supported by federal disability for 18 years. However, during this time, he was perfectly capable of traveling around the Seattle-Tacoma area stalking for prostitutes and creating a website giving advice to others on how and where to obtain their services; then traveling throughout the West Coast looking for the best places to stalk little girls and creating another website to share this information with other pedophiles: and taking numerous trips across the country to appear on various talk shows as well. He also felt healthy enough to try going into the business of providing sexual services to women, however this venture was unsuccessful because no women were interested in taking him up on it.

Of course Eide can't harass me through my employment because I don't have any -- and good luck to PJ trying to get me thrown off the federal disability program that has supported me for 18 years...

I believe there are a substantial number of men who have no desire for a relationship, yet still desire sex. I realized how to solve this dilemma in 1985: prostitutes. Since then, I've had intercourse with approximately 150 hookers, have never been busted, and have never caught an STD...I've spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes over the years, but I know some guys spend as much on their wife's breast implants and still don't get laid any more often than me.

When questioned by Los Angeles radio talk show hosts KFI's John and Ken about why he let his parents support him and hasn't worked for most of his adult life, Jack's explanation:

Back in the early 80s like I don't know I just kind of got into the slacker term...did the dope smoking. You know, the "take it easy through life" mentality..

Then we have the registered sex offender pedophile known as Crysta, aka William Adamson. He claims to be collecting disability because of AD/HD and carpal tunnel syndrome; yet has been perfectly capable of spending a great deal of time over several years sitting at a computer downloading child pornography, creating pro-pedophilia blogs, and typing frequent posts on numerous different pedophile boards.

I have no income save for disability and some little tricks up my sleeve...

Another example would be Derek Logue, who actually uses his registered sex offender status as a disability in order to receive SSI payments.

I wish I had some advice but in over three years of this, I can only suggest SSI. I used the RSO status as a disability...

Here is a pedophile using the screen name poppadave, who was fired after being arrested and then decided to take advantage of the system:

Before I was arrested I was a Quality Engineer at a major aerospace co. For 22 years. After release from prison, the very best I could do was a packer in a plastic flower pot molding co. And maintainence man at a campground both of which I was fired from when they found out. Thats when I decided to get a free lunch.

Do some research online. Find out the symptoms so you can tell them how you feel. HeHeHE ! Psyc diseases are the easiest cuase they can only rely on what you tell them.

And this post is from a pedophile named Samuel Allen Kersey, who uses the screen name Memnoch:

Since I am just kicking back and getting SSDI, It would be a great idea for me to volenteer at an autism center

AlbertRoss is a pedophile who was convicted of molesting a 10-year-old girl. He now uses his status as a sex offender to collect a free ride from Canada, which gives him plenty of free time to brag about it all on the pro-pedophile boards.

canada gave me a disability pension, ultimately (if not exactly directly) because i'm a paed with a record. i'm retired at 45, and quite comfortable, if not exactly rich - semantics, i guess, but as far as i'm concerned that makes me a career paedophile

...has determined you meet the criteria for Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers... beginning december 2005 you will be eligible for the following: support rate of $282.92, shelter assistance, earnings exemption of up to $300 per month, $1000 dental coverage, general health supplements, exemption for time limits for receiving income assistance.

and that's only the tip of it - this is in response to the first application i've filed. if the other goes through i'll get a full pension as well.

for 'presistent multiple barriers' read 'because you're a paed'...

even if i don't get the pension, canada has done this paed proud

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