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Jeffrey Brisson (adopted name) or Edward Buzzard (birth name)
Age: 41
Birthdate: March 10, 1978
Race: Unknown
Occupation: Prisoner, formerly Computer Repair and Website Hosting
Location: Westbrook, Connecticut
Physical Description:
Organizations: BoyChat, Common Ground, LifeLine
Jeffrey Brisson AKA Edward Buzzard AKA The Night Raven AKA tnraven is a longtime BoyChat member, Co-Webmaster of Common Ground and LifeLine volunteer. He has lived with Aztram, another well-known BoyChat poster for about 7 years.



Jun 1, 2009 Jeffrey Brisson sentenced to 45 years in prison [1]:

Before Jeffrey Brisson, 30, was sentenced Friday to 45 years in prison and 25 years of special parole for the sexual assault of children who had been placed in his care, he defended pedophilia as “human nature” and railed against a society he said just does not understand.

He read calmly from what appeared to be a prepared statement and said our culture refuses to acknowledge that everyone has deep-seeded feelings of pedophilia and lust for children. Most people fantasize about having sex with children, he said, further defending his actions by mentioning child beauty pageants.

He continued to argue about the “ignorance of the system that legislates human nature.” The judge said that should Brisson ever be free, he would have to be monitored almost constantly. He will also be on the sex-offender registry. In our society, we have a responsibility to children to nurture and protect them and not engage in adult behavior before an adult age, the judge said.

Brisson and his roommate, Harold Spurling, became the target of an investigation in 2008, when middle school officials received a “tip” that “pedophiles” were operating nearby, according to the New Britain Herald.

In January 2008, police found evidence in the men's New Britain apartment that they sexually assaulted several victims, police said. The youngest victim was 3-months-old, police said. The oldest was a 14-year-old, who police said had been the men’s victim for eight years, according to the Herald. As police searched the apartment in January, they found evidence, including hard drives and memory cards with graphic pictures of children in the apartment and home videos of acts performed on children, police said.

In March 2008, police added 140 counts to the charges. Brisson pleaded guilty in March to several counts of first-degree sexual assault and three counts of risk of injury to a minor. Spurling, who also faces 60 related charges, rejected a plea deal in March is and scheduled to go to trial.


Due to our tips to local law enforcement, Jeffrey Brisson was arrested by Connecticut police after they conducted a search warrant of his home. Brisson was the roommate of Harold Spurling AKA Aztram who was a featured article of the month for January 2008 and ended up being arrested at the end of that month. Our profiling of these two led police to search their apartment.

Sadly, inside they found a 3-month-old baby girl that the pair had been abusing. They found video evidence of that abuse and the abuse of another minor (a 14-year-old boy). It is believed that they may indeed have many, many more victims.

Jeffrey Brisson AKA Edward Buzzard AKA The Night Raven AKA tnraven is a longtime BoyChat member, longtime member and Co-Webmaster of Common Ground and a LifeLine volunteer. He has lived with Aztram, another well-known BoyChat poster, for about 7 years. The Night Raven is not especially choosy when it comes to boys or girls, as he likes them both. His age of attraction is 2 - 6 for boys and 3 - 8 for girls; however, he does admit that he is 89% a little boy lover and 11% a little girl lover.


What are your AOAs? In general, 2-6 for boys, 3-8 for girls.

Once upon a time on Common Ground there was much debate as to what these childlovers should call themselves. The Night Raven was very clear on what he was:

I'm an lbl. I don't care what it's called, I like little boys, I have friends who like babies and friends who like teens.

Our Investigation

An individual was discovered posting on pedophiliac boards utilizing the username, The Night Raven.

  • Within the posts examined, there was mention of another Website, Common Ground by this user.
  • Examination of the Our Common Ground site confirmed it to be a pedophile activist website. Further investigation turned up the E-mail address: [email protected] as being that of the webmaster for that site.
  • Through the use of Google and web archiving, it was confirmed that this user name was listed as a Lifeline volunteer and also associated with littleboysrule.com, which was found to be another pedophile message board.
  • Continuing our efforts, it was discovered that the Website littleboysrule.com was registered in Westbrook, CT. Further, via whois, the Administrative contact was listed as the following: Administrative Contact: Open Source Computing LLC. Jeffrey Brisson ([email protected]) +1.8603996175 Fax: +1.8600000000 1266 Boston Post Road Westbrook, CT 06498 US
  • Going back to the Common Ground site, it was noted that this user name mentioned having their own server, and customer base for his content in posts there.
  • Continued examination of the pedophiliac message boards confirmed another user, Aztram, mentioning the person with this user name as a roommate of seven years, and primarily responsible for computer upkeep/security at the home.
  • Proceeding with a detailed read of all posts by both users, the alternate user name lblraven was noted. This user name had a contact email located at [email protected] The additional user names/E-mail addresses; [email protected], [email protected], and, [email protected] were noted at this time, as well.
  • Further posts by this user name were discovered, detailing their participation in the creation of the lbl or little boy logo. The user name and contact information also led to a MySpace profile: http://profile.myspace.com/74528048 (defunct), which contains limited personal information, and two hidden friends.
  • Backtracking to the littleboysrule.com site allowed confirmation of the collaborative efforts between user Aztram and user The Night Raven. Further investigation connected the telephone numbers to a confirmed name Jeffrey Brisson.
  • Search engine use revealed the entry regarding Mr. Brisson at the following location - [2]. He states in this entry that he is adopted. Birth name was discovered through searching at this time.
  • Open Source Computing LLC, Previously listed under administrator entries at littleboysrule.com yeilded a business. One that is owned by Mr. Jeffrey Brisson. Address and current contact, including business line and cellphone numbers listed on site, were noted.
  • The decision was made to add him to the Project.

Online Accounts

Known Screen Names

  • The Night Raven
  • tnraven
  • lblraven

Known Email Addresses

Known Websites


Pedophile Websites

Last Known Address

237 Washington St. Apt #2
New Britain CT 06457

Previous Addresses

  • 1266 Boston Post Road Westbrook, CT 06498
  • 23 Bridge St, Old Saybrook CT 06475
  • 6 Sportsman Hill Rd, Madison CT 06443

Last Known Phone Number

  • 860-399-6175
  • 860-304-7203
  • 860-356-0736

Additional Quotes

Toddler tummy rules.

I'm an lbl because I like little boys, not armpit hair. - TNRaven, June 22, 2002

It would simply increase my love for children. Kids screaming and making tons of noise is music to my ears..

What are your favorite physical characteristics of boys? Girls?

lilboys: Short legs, nicely shaped hands wrists and arms are an absoloute fav..Adorable face with a button nose, a back with some spine showing and a cute bubble butt I tend to really like the blond hair/blue eye thing, but I've seen some stunning boys with brown hair too. Black hair is another fav. For cuts, bowl cuts and anything tousled on just the right boy. One note of mention, I just LOVE boyhair that is VERY fine.. It's better than silk

lilgirls: All I gotta say is, CURLY BLOND HAIR! Yikes I like a girl with eyes that can drag you along once you've made contact. Again, nicely shaped hands wrists and arms.. and when it comes to pick clothing I LOVE soft blue denim dresses. *shiver*

If you have ever have had the honor to seen a Raven up close and observe it's behavior, you will understand what I say. They are reserved yet outspoken, Cautious yet adventurous, and righteous yet vicious. Just as I am. Anyone who knows me IRL can attest to that. They can be kind gentle creatures, or they can be your worst enemy. Just as I can be.

I'd like to see Common Ground be the groundbreaking board that takes us off the boards and into the public. How do we do that safely and sanely? Some ideas I have presented elsewhere: I have twenty copies of Vol 2, Brongersma's Loving Boys; if someone can provide twenty copies of Vol 1, I will mail the sets out to university law schools. Also, what about anonymously posting flyers or simply leaving them on busses or at public sites. More letters to editors, news shows, public figures? C'mon we don't need to march in parades, or get on TV, but we have to do something.

And I think CG should be our meeting and planning ground.

I am feeling that I have got this "reputation" that I'm a flake, and if that is so, it is COMPLETELY undeserved.

Additional Information

Related Media:

Links to media sites where articles can be found by searching:

His Business

Open Source Computing, LLC
237 Washington Street, Suite 2
New Britian, CT 06051

His Pedophile "Accomplishments"

  • He and his roommate Aztram developed the LBLogo

There are currently several versions of the BLogo in use today.

Of those, there are none that properly symbolize the attraction we little boylovers feel towards little boys. The original BLogo, while monumental and inspriational, falls short of the desired message us lbl's wish to convey. In a world of labels and symbology it's only ideal that we create an lbl specific logo.

On a visit to the beach with a couple yfs, we thought upon the image of the standard blogo. Easily drawn in the sand with a finger.

We chose to create a variant of the current BLogo as seen at http://www.freespirits.org/blogo/. The main idea behind this variation of the BLogo is that it distinguishes itself by appearing like a young boys scrawl, giving it an enhanced "little boy" flavor. It's rounded, soft shape and lack of hard corners and steep angles, is symbolic of the little boys we love.

We feel that this variation of the blogo, although slightly different will not overpower, or undermine the meaning of the original created by Kalos. It will simply serve to say, this is who we are.. we are lbls.

Contact Us

If you have any information regarding this individual's current whereabouts, contact us at [email protected].

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