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Proof of her furfaggotry.
An example of the typical story she'll use to elicit sympathy and donations, which for some unknown reason, no one questions.
In spite of their dire situation, her parents see no problem with spending hundreds on her Christmas gift this year.

A notorious tracer, credit stealer, and all-too-frequent contributor to devianTART, Explosiv22 is the epitome of all things wrong with the art community, and perpetuates the belief that anything shat onto a piece of paper is art. She regularly posts pictures of Robbie, her main character (and only character, as far as we're concerned) in various situations and states of undress. Explosiv22 may claim to have more than one character, but upon looking through her endless mindfuck of a gallery, it becomes painfully obvious that said characters are all the same person, with the only differences being hair colour and clothes.

For all the referencing she claims she does, all of her "characters" (aka Robbie knock-offs) have only one body type: retarded. Not only has she taken it upon herself to rid men of their god-given hips, but they're also cursed with horrible skin conditions on their crotches. No, wait. Those are supposed to be happy trails, and according to her every man alive has one, as well as a carpet to match his drapes and fucktarded nipples.

Explosiv22 also has no grasp of what a penis looks like because no man in Ireland, let alone the rest of the free world, is going to come within a twenty-mile radius of her - unless it's her father, in which case he's going to beat the shit out of her. For this, we applaud him. however, we can see the early signs of attention whorism, since her fucktard Deviant asslicker squad shower her with BAWWW and asspats, but through all this outpouring of heartfelt emotion, all she can think of is if another Tartlet is online. Way to show sensitivity and gratitude, you vapid, insufferable cunt.

However, in the end, she probably doesn't even want to come within a twenty-mile radius of herself, as her skill in drawing the female anatomy is lacking considerably for someone with all the equipment handy.

As a closet furfag, she has done everything from pairing Robbie with his own furry demon counterpart to pairing him with some pink abomination named DJ. Seeing as that Robbie's human, furfaggotry has moved past yiffing and right into bestiality. Considering Robbie is really just Explosiv22 with a sad, floppy dong, one can safely assume that she doesn't speak of having any pets for a good reason.

Recently, Explosiv22 has decided Robbie was in need of a change, and thought the best way to do that was to give him a beard. As you can see, that isn't working out as she had hoped.

God Chooses a Side

The job Explosiv22 once had suddenly vaporized into thin air, due to an overnight fire in the building where she worked. It wasn't ever made apparent that Explosiv22 had a job prior to this, which makes her neverending bawwwing for money from people that actually work hard to earn it all the more fucked up. Unfortunately, her pleas for help became more frequent once her workplace burned to the fuckin' ground. This, naturally, did not compel her to search high and low for new employment. Instead, she did what she always does in times of need, and asked for handouts or commissions. Since nobody in their right mind would actually purchase her "art", what she ended up receiving were likely handouts from the naïve. That is, if she received any help at all.

This is only one of many ways she's tried to guilt people into giving her money, which also include claiming she desperately needs a new tablet and broadcasting to all that her family had received a $640,000 hospital bill, for the time her once normal-looking sister had spent there after getting hit by a fucking car. For all we know, Explosiv22 was the one driving it.

Explosiv22’s latest job is very similar to the last one she had. Fluffy Friends is the name of it, and it’s basically a big furry orgy claiming to be a company that caters for kids' parties. It's all really just an excuse for her to dress up as a furry and fuck other furries.


After receiving several skeptical comments in reply to the heartbreaking news about her sister's hospital expenses, Explosiv22 had threatened to leave DA yet again. This could've been avoided, had she not mentioned the possibility of getting a PS3 for Christmas in the same fucking entry that was made to thank everyone for giving donations. Clearly this means the family that once couldn't possibly afford to pay the six-digit hospital bill no longer has any concerns about it. It's been said they also have spare cash tucked away in their assholes for a rainy day.

Unlike Explosiv, emoticons' captions never lie.
Overpriced shit for you! I know you want it.

Her reactions to any comments made questioning her logic are often overblown, overly aggressive, or a sad excuse for self-defense, which is all the more reason to leave comments and call her out on her bullshit.

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