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F40PH, the killer of furfags!

The F40PH is one of the greatest achievements of modern science and is the most awesome thing ever. It is often used as a counter to the furry menace on Fridays, which have now become F40PHriday. The General Motors Electro-Motive Division model F40PH is a (1.21 GW) B-B diesel-electric locomotive with 3000 horsepower intended to scare children and carry out its service on Amtrak, New Jersey Transit, Metra, and Metro-North Rairoad's intercity lines. 400 F40's were built from 1976 onwards, mostly in LaGrange, Illinois. They run on Vespene gas and mulched fursuits with dead corpses inside of them.


Crusade Against Furries

In an effort to combat furfags on the many chans of the Internet, the F40PH is one of many vital tools that should be used. The best way to do this is to flood any Furry Friday thread with a directory dumper of some sort, alongside the obligatory YIFF IN HELL battlecry. Furfags, as well as moralfag /b/tards, will take this seriously and will engage in epic flamewars. Eradication methods are never without their setbacks, however. Posting the F40PH on Fchan (even just posting F40PH in the text field) will result in an immediate ban; it is suggested you use as many sockpuppets as possible while fighting the good fight.

F40PH Facts

  • It's a Locomotive, not a train.
  • The F40PH is superior to every single locomotive and train in the world. Steam? A Streamliner engine stands no chance. Diesel power? The Dash-9 stands no chance. High speed rail? The ICE, Acela, Shinkansen and not even the TGV stand a chance.
  • Most Chuck Norris "facts" are instead about F40PH.
  • If you own an F40PH, you never lose the game.
  • F40PH wins the game, not its owner.
  • The F40PH is the enraged and vengeful spirit of Bruce Lee.
  • Amtrak junked most of them anyway lolol. P42s are for faggots.


How do I operate F40PH?



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