Fag trap

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A fag trap is an instant messaging technique where you get someone to essentially admit to being a gay, then posting it for friends and relatives to see, thereby pwning them. Usually done for lulz or great justice.


homogay1991: hey is this mike?
thisismike: yeah this is mike, whos this
homogay1991: john, i added u on FB too
thisismike: o cool whar do i no u from
homogay1991: i go to stamos high school w/ u
thisismike: oh cool.
homogay1991: can I ask u a ?
thisismike: sure
homogay1991: r u gay or bi? cuz i am and its ok if u r. i just wanna kno
thisismike: idk. sometimes i think i might be. i have a girlfriend but sometimes it just feels like i should be with a guy...but dont tell anyone!! lol
homogay1991: hahaha fgt im posting this on FB have fun getting kicked off the football team queer
thisismike: WHAT!

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