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The original faggot icon.
The revised, "cool kids" faggot icon, by rfjason.

The faggot icon craze swept through LiveJournal's gay community in 2004, following intervocalic's rant about the word "faggot" being the worst possible thing one could call a homosexual. In response to this, a troll operating under the e-dentity mediacart created an icon which cyclically flashed the word "FAGGOT!" across a photograph of Lj-favicon.png intervocalic.

The subsequent demand for such icons by other gay LJ users was such that JeremyJX and rfjason founded the Lj-favicon.png faggot_icons community. Soon, the "faggot icon" became the must-own fashion accessory of the Fall / Winter.


Samwell is a true icon for faggots world-wide!

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