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Lj-favicon.png fake_lj_deaths is a LiveJournal community where e-detectives exercise their skills to catch other users faking their own deaths.


LiveJournal-using attention whores occasionally become so unbalanced that they think it's a good idea to kill themselves, but more often they think that pseuicide or fake cancer is a better way to go. Some users have also been discovered inventing illnesses and deaths for their children or SOs, who may or may not also be invented.

Fake LJ deaths exists, according to its members, to end the emotional manipulation and occasional fraud practiced by internet liars. Others freely admit to being there for the lulz, but generally a person who posts to ask about a "friend" will receive sympathy from comm members if he or she has been fooled.

The tone of the community is very serious, with the usual response to a post being not "YHBT" but "Let's ruin that motherfucker." Many members there have been victims of LJ fakers, and hold a grudge against anyone who does the same.

It is important to distinguish between intentional trolling, which the community will no longer deal with, and faked deaths, which are executed by people who genuinely want others to care about them. One is done for the lulz of fooling everybody with ridiculous stories, while the other is done out of a sick need for e-hugs and the desire to cause genuine pain to others.

Textbook fake LJ death

  1. Make a happy post with a hint of foreshadowing, so that people can find it and freak out over it.
  2. Refrain from posting for the next twelve hours, if you can possibly manage it.
  3. Post again, claiming to be a boyfriend, a sibling, or a friend, who just happens to have your journal password. Tell your friends that you're ill or injured, in the hospital, and clinging to life.
  4. If you're satisfied with the attention this gets you, you can return at this point, and spend the next several months recovering with the sympathy and e-love of your friends.
  5. Should you decide to continue, make another post as your "friend," regretfully informing your f-list that you died tragically and beautifully.
  6. Sit back and let the grief of others make your cock hard.

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