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Fanpop is a site created for annoying oversensitive over-obsessive 13-year old fangirls who have no life outside the internet, and never do anything but sit on the computer all day and go gaga over various shit that nobody likes.

Fanpop is such a fail, even itself knows how big of a fail it is


Fanpop was created by four lonely middle-aged guys who wanted to get some pussy one night, so they found out the perfect way to win the pussy they desire: create a social networking fan site. Once they got it up, the chicks were quickly flocking to the site, which the four guys called "Fanpop".

A token male user of Fanpop


A typical South Park fangirl on Fanpop

Most users on Fanpop are:


A lot of people hate Fanpop, however due to the site's (and especially the users') zero tolerance for hating, they do it elsewhere, such as Encyclopedia Dramatica. So if you plan to hate on Fanpop, be prepared to get PMS bitched at by all the butthurt fans on the site.

A well known hater ranting against Fanpop

Gallery of Typical Stuff From Fanpop

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