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Find a Grave is a website dedicated to documenting dead people and their graves. It was founded in 1995, and it shows. This website would've been unremarkable except for the fact that anyone can create an account and create an entry. As long as you know a person's dox, you can create an entry for your favorite an hero. Even if you don't have dox, you can still create minor lulz. You can write messages called "Flowers" for the entry. Flowers include a image and some text. This could allow anyone to troll lolcows even after their death. Nevertheless, one ought to be careful, since flowers can be disabled and removed.


Notable e-graves

  • Simo Hayha - this guy pwn'd 500+ Russian brutes, becoming the deadliest sniper in history.
  • Kimveer Gill - He was the goth autist who shot up Dawson College and only managed 1 frag.
  • Tim Kretschmer - He went postal in Germany, pwning his school and the streets of Deutschland, racking well over a dozen frags, before systematically becoming an hero.


Codey Porter Bel-Air - A typical post on FaG.

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