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*[http://firesforum.forumotion.com Fire's Forum]
*[http://firesforum.forumotion.com Fire's Forum]
*<s>[http://penguinvillage.forummotion.com Similar shit, by the same retard]</s> LOL BALEETED
*<s>[http://penguinvillage.forummotion.com Similar shit, by the same retard]</s> LOL BALEETED
*[http://chainzzworld.bestoforum.net/ Chainzz' spin-off, except this one failed hard]
*[https://web.archive.org/web/20071223095620/http://chainzzworld.bestoforum.net/ Chainzz' spin-off, except this one failed hard]

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Typical thread.

On the internet, ruled by various chans, Something Awful and YTMND, there are many lesser-known peasants that sometimes pop up in a small corner on the web. Fire's Forum is one of those little web forum boards that don't have any friends and die alone.

Fireicedude's Forum dates back to 2007, when forums like this were "the totally rad thing" for all of the 13 year old boys. As said above, nobody really gives a shit about the forum or has ever heard of it, but with the members having nothing better to do, Fire's Forum kept on living.

The name does is not really related to fire in any way, it's just that the founder's nickname was FireIceDude and he was retarded enough to name his forum in his own pseudonym.

TL;DR? Join Fire's Forum today!


Fire's Forum very first logo. The work is astonishing.
And one of the newer logo's. I guess they kind of improved.

The website was originally a fan-forum for the piece-of-shit-game Club Penguin, which was then famous amongst prepubescent retards. At that time, there were absolutely NO other Club Penguin fan sites on the web, so Fire's Forum was half dead upon its creation, being a complete piece of shit and not having any members.

The site master, Jew advertised Fire's Forum as much as he could, and eventually the forum finally got its first members - his own brother and some other retard from the official Club Penguin forum.

Suprisingly, the forum managed to stay active, and as more members started registering, the forum grew and grew for many months to come.

As Fireicedude's Forum was celebrating the website's first birthday, some members considered to move on and finally leave the whole Club Penguin thing behind. So, at that point, the great snap had happened, and Fire's Forum, first being a immature forum to discuss pointless things, had grown to be a forum to discuss cool things, pop culture and gaming.

Even after that kind of big change, the forum didn't raise its member count, and actually lost about 10 of them (which is quite much, considering Fire's Forum had only 5 active members at the time).

Currently, not much has changed, except now Fire's Forum has decided to make its own arcade (read more below). The number of members didn't rise, either.


Spam this picture everywhere for great justice!

Fire's Forum can be simply named as a typical forum for 13 year old boys. But sometimes, Fire's Forum stands out from others.


As a part of the "Assburger Community", most of Fire's Forum have decided to join this fucked-up programming language website, Scratch. Fireicedude, who is now recognized as the pro Scratch programmer and hacker, has made most of the projects, and even lets himself call his shitpieces "games".

In fact, the members were so proud of their creations, they decided to make their own "Forum Arcade" out of games they made themselves. But they still can't do any other games other than with Scratch.

Serious Business

The admins at the forum are apparently very strict, which frequently remind that "Fireicedude's Forum is serious business". There are about 20 rules, and if violated, the moderators/admins proceed to grind the living shit out of the "rule violator's" ass. Such rape had happened only about 5 times, since Fire's Forum is "not a harsh place", therefore Fire's Forum is no fun, unless you're a great troll.

So remember, 5 infractions = Permaban!


Some of these highly-feared rules include things that are just fucking sissy. For example, these 16 year olds just recently came to a conclusion to "get rid of the "no swearing" rule". About time you enter the real world, you retards.

There also is a rule, "No adult content". I mean, c'mon, you guys are fucking 16 years old, right? You're on the god damn internet!

But that just makes Fire's Forum easier to piss off.

Flame Wars/Drama


As any other place on the internet, Fire's Forum has its own kind of Internet Drama. Being a friendly place, such battles engage very rarely, however, if they do, they usually commence like this:

  • One member posts a reply about a random topic, "how bad it is".
  • Second member disagrees with Prima, thus engaging an argument.
  • The other members observe the debate, tempted.
  • Eventually, the two retards can't find anything else to say, so they start insulting each other.
  • As the flame war reaches its culmination, one of the forum admins enter the warzone, and tell them to "calm down".
  • The debaters go all "He started it", as more people cut in and try to sort out the situation.
  • The admins consider taking the Banhammer.
  • The two retards pussy out, for the forum is all they have, and apologize each other, ending the flame war.

A good example of the first four points may be seen in the picture on the right.


You didn't pay attention to any of the article, didn't you?

Anyway, the best way to fuck up shit in Fire's Forum is to spam Goatse and Meatspin everywhere, which will result in panic and stress. The moderators only log in once per day, so until they take the banhammer, the whole forum will already be demolished. Take pictures, too.

You can also register as "FireicedudePhone", claim that "The forum founder is using his mobile" and tell everybody to go to the temporal forum, http://firesforum.on.nimp.org. The silly little children have no idea about the internet and how cruel it is whatsoever, so it's an easy bait.


On August 27, 2009, a troll named OverlordXenu registered onto Fire's Forum. No-one but the admins knew what was going on after that, but everything went downhill - Fireicedude disabled registering to the forum, everybody's being tracked and the admins are always wielding the banhammer whenever somebody even farts.

The admins state that the user was posting EXTREME PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES.

As of September 3, "The New account ban that started Aug. 26, 2009 due to a new user posting pornographic images will remain in effect until Wednesday, Septemeber 9, 2009 for a total of 15 days".

A "New account ban" means that you can't register to the forum. They take things way too seriously.


Despite having about 200 members, there are only 20 of them who have actually posted something. Here are the most notable fucktards:

The "staff"




99% of the members are americunts, except the gurl claims she's from Singapore and the Chainzz guy claims he's from the middle of nowhere (which he oftenely mentions and proceeds to tell story lessons about the nation's history).

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