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Mama Fishing Cat wonders what happened to Fishing Kitten
The chicken incident

Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a large kitty who lives in a small Russian apartment with an extremely ugly Russian couple. Fishing Cat has been appearing on 4chan, especially /an/. The Russian couple have taken many pictures of Fishing Cat attempting to live in the way of his Southeast Asian country cousins. But as the country cousins are frolicking in beautiful subtropical forests and streams, basking in the morning sun, and taking a noon-time splash for some lunch-trout, Fishing Cat's semi-Arctic indoor lifestyle is a bit frustrating for him. Still, he lets a cat-smile be his umbrella, and does the best he can.


Early life

Noone is really sure how Fishing Cat came to live with the Russian couple. It might be possible to learn more if one could read the ridiculous Russian writing, which gives any normal person a headache. We can imagine perhaps that as Russians, they were on a sex tourism trip to Thailand. While walking back to their hotel from the "orphanage," they heard a strange, somehow innocent-sounding animal noise coming from the creek-side bushes. It was a little lost Fishing Kitten.

The Russians quickly perceived that there could be value in this strange-looking cat, and carried him to the hotel. The next morning, they packed him inside a suitcase, and traveled home to their Moscow apartment.

Surviving the trip with only a few small injuries, Fishing Kitten was not very happy with his new life in the apartment. Fortunately, a kindred soul lived there too, a domestic long-hair housecat named Katya. She became like a mother to Fishing Cat, although she increasingly began to believe that he was insane, even for a cat.


Fishing Cat lives here

Because they don't have cat food in Russia, and indeed, Katya herself only survived by eating the numerous rodents and other small fry who happened to creep through the apartment, the problem soon arose of what Fishing Cat should eat. A rat or two each day still left him a hungry kitty, and he was growing much larger than the Russians had anticipated. One day they brought him a live chicken from the market. After torturing it for an hour or so, chasing it around the apartment in the spirit of feline hi-jinks and fun, Fishing Cat killed the chicken and ate it. It was good, but as the months dragged on, and chicken after chicken met its end in the hall closet, Fishing Cat soon wearied of this diet.

One evening the Russians returned home with some catfish they had caught in the local canal, planning to cook them for dinner. As the catfish were still alive, the Russians naturally put them in the bathtub. Fishing Cat was quick to perceive the delightful aroma, jumped into the water and captured the fish. Suddenly, the Russians realized that perhaps this was a Fishing Cat.

They began to bring home catfish as often as they could, and Fishing Cat began his career as a fish catcher.


Lewd Russian man and felines

As average Russians, the couple are always thinking of scams and other ways to make money with the least possible effort. As Fishing Cat grew larger, they began taking him for walks through the city, where he made an excellent decoy for a pick-pocketing scam. While tourists and rich ladies admired Fishing Cat and rubbed his chin, one of the Russians would slyly remove someone's wallet or hotel room keys. Another way Fishing Cat helped them was serving as the star of childrens' birthday parties, for which the Russians would be paid $50 per hour by gangster parents, while swarms of violent little brats punched and poked at the friendly and patient Fishing Cat.

Also, the Russians mistakenly believed for a while that this was a "Phishing" Cat. Despite their best efforts, though, Fishing Cat steadfastly refused to learn how to type on the computer.

Kitty porn

Lewd Russian woman and Fishing Cat

But even this wasn't enough for the Russian couple. For of course they also had tendencies to furfaggotry; they began to take "soft porn" photos of Fishing Cat and themselves in positions they considered rather sexy. These proliferated on the Russian-speaking internets—which consist entirely of porn; scam; phishing and ID fraud forums; and full-browser pop-up ads for fake Viagra.

Finding Fishing Cat

It has become more difficult to find pictures online of this captured Fishing Cat in Russia, for the Russians removed the pictures from most of the free sites where they had been posted. They created a TL;DR shitty Russian site explaining all the things they'll pimp Fishing Cat out to do, along with a few pictures of Fishing Cat which are now heavily watermarked to make them less exploitable; however, a few Russian sites still have unwatermarked pictures. If you put "КОТ-РЫБОЛОВ" (which apparently means "Fishing Cat") into Google, you may find more pictures of Fishing Cat.

The future of Fishing Cat

Fishing Cat's future seems rather bleak at the moment. Could someone rescue Fishing Cat? Fishing Cat would much prefer to be slinking along a jungle riverside.

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