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Witness the initiation of the freshman frat boy.

Frat boys are usually former jocks or rednecks that occupy space in a college. Often, these dumb bastards think college is just like Animal House. The jocks no longer work out and usually let themselves go. This is due to the fact that their football days are over. The rednecks do the same thing they did in high school. Frat boys tend to be massive douchebags and pedophiles, as they still creep around their high schools to pick up that underage pussy. The common frat boy tends to gravitate towards groups of like minded people called fraternities. They usually say they're going out to drink with their bros, but in actuality, there's loads of gay sex happening in the fraternity house. Every once in a while, there may be heterosexual sex. But most frat boys know that's a cover for when the chicks and the nerds come around. Because let's face it, bro! They're totally not gay!


In the College Setting

The average frat boy tends to follow the same habits in the college classroom as he did in the high school class room. They fall asleep in class. They force the nerd in the class to do their homework, although they now have to pay the nerd for the work now. And also, they still manage to somehow offend every serious female student in the required sexual education class. However, in college, your professor gives less of a shit than your average teacher. Mom and Dad have no influence on the professor, as he's getting paid regardless of whether or not the frat boy actually pays attention to him. Frat boys usually end up costing their parents lots of money, as the retard can't figure out remedial Algebra or Computer Science III to save his own life.

What frat boys wish to be...

Usually, the frat boy will either spend two years in college after his parents figure out all he's doing is drinking and fucking. Usually, the fact that the frat boy is drinking Dad out of his sugar daddy funds for his secretary helps... Or, the other end of the spectrum, the frat boy will spend eight years in college only to get a general education degree and still end up in the same boat as the frat boy who's parents abandoned ship at two years. Although, these frat boy parents are thousands more in the hole with a fatter basement dweller.

Frat Boys after college

Frat boys have very few options after college . They have to deal with the fact that they've wasted all the money they received off of mom and dad. This leaves them unprepared for the job world. While you actually can flip a burger at Burger King, frat boys don't even know how to punch into the time clock. Which leaves them with...

Seeing those first two options at hand usually drives the frat boys into a deep depression wondering what went wrong with their lives, not realizing that they are the thing that went wrong with their lives. At this point, the frat boy then starts to look for a way out of the life of no money and manual labor. This leads them all the way to option number three, even with a lack of true math skills.

Future as a drug dealer

Seeing as the frat boy doesn't have true math skills, it's easy to outwit this retard if you're needing your glaucoma medication. In fact, the frat boy drug dealer considers everyone his bro, for now. This career path is usually one year in length, as the dumb shit either realizes that he's underselling his product, or he eventually gets shot by his competition.

If this genius survives his first year, he'll realize he needs to get into a drug he actually knows. Steroids. In fact, the frat boy is quite knowledgable about this wonder drug, as he's used it quite a bit to make it into high school football. However, he realizes he'll have to work with someone a bit more knowledgable with drugs... A doctor, who is usually the teammate from high school who actually didn't waste his time drinking and fucking. Yet, he still considers the frat boy a bro. Hilarity ensues.

The redneck frat boy's future

This version of the frat boy usually falls in a straight path. Comes back home, fucks his cousin, and settles back in with ma and pa into the moonshining business. This frat boy usually doesn't get arrested in his home state, because everyone is a raging alcoholic. In other words, sometimes it's better to be a hillbilly...

Identifying a frat boy

The Gallery of Brotastic Proportions

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Frat boys in music?

Why yes, there are frat boys in music. And usually it's the ones you think they are. In fact, see below:

As you can tell, the whole frat boy culture is not gay.

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