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A YTMND front page fag with all his friends.

Front page fags (abbreviated as FPFs) are uber nigger n00bz that set YTMND as their homepage and think that anything involving niggas stealing bikes, Brian Peppers, and 10MB GIFs are hilarious. They frequently offer sexual favors to their lord and savior Fourest. There are three different types of front page fags.

The Types of Front Page Fags

The first type is the Celebrity Front Pager. They will create YTMNDs that opt for the safe joke rather than create something with originality. These are the rotten motherfuckers that run your favorite internet meme into the ground. The rat faced sons of bitches will Picard, Conan O'Brien, and Chuck Norris you to the point that you want to quit IRL. Despite their lack of cutting edge humor, they generally have a leet understanding of oh exploitable im4g35!!11 Simply put, they know how to use Photoshop and Imageready. Their general motivation is the pursuit of internet fame and enlarging the size of their E-penis. They have no allegiance to the lulz.

The second type is the Parasite Front Pager. This is the type that are generally born without talent, originality, or limbs. They will try their hand at creating a whimsical or intellectually stimulating YTMND by stealing somebody's images, somebody's music, compiling it into an animated gif, slapping their name on it and calling it their work. These sites always fail, even by their own ridiculously low standards.

Noob front page fags ecstatic after finding out there is a new Put shoe on head YTMND.

The third type is called the Noob Front Pager. They have no positive redeeming value and do not create YTMNDs often, if at all. They are synonymous with the typical American retard that simply consumes and approves of whatever the the masses find funny. Their only purpose is to "upvote" the same boring bullshit so that it ends up on the front page of YTMND in the Top Viewed, Today's Most Voted On, or Up and Coming YTMNDs sections. Tactfully utilizing 70% of the YTMND voting system, Parasite Front Pagers will often distribute "5 star votes" like a black person distributes AIDS.

General Activities of a Front page Fag

Front page fags occasionally enjoy excersize!

Front page fags spend much of their time browsing YTMND for the same joke they have seen a thousand times with a minuscule twist. It is scientifically verified that if you create a site which includes a single frame including a meme that is at least 100 years old, Front page fags will bombard your comments page with praise, overused internet acronyms, smilies, and sexual propositions.

It is a rule of thumb that they will go absolutely apeshit over any site that displays an animation that requires 3 gigs of ram to watch or a sound loop they have heard a million times before. Speculation exists that new sound loops are a cornerstone for a successful YTMND, but there is evidence to the contrary. Only users that are currently receiving blowjobs from the Noob front pagers can bring new material to the table. This new material will be replicated and regurgitated a thousand times over by the Parasites.

They also spend much of their time antagonizing and their frequenters for stealing content. Some argue that they engage in these activities because they have never seen boobies irl.

Front Page Fags and the YTMND Forums

YTMND forum members and front pagers regularly engage in conflict. Front page fags often log on to the forums seeking help from their internet friends but their questions such as "how dO i animutate a jay peg???" are usually answered with the pain series or links to Last Measure.

Owning a front pager is like swatting flies.

Another point of dispute is that front page fags have a n00bish respect for owner Max Goldberg. While YTMND forum members have already caught on to his Jewish money hoarding and gentile trickery, front page fags have not. These forum members can be identified by their highly original screen names, usually containing a reference to one or more dreadfully unfunny YTMND memes, followed by their year of birth.

YTMND front pagers and forum members repeatedly dispute which group is the "real YTMND fan." Some argue that their time would be better spent trying to get laid for the first time.

Ways to fuck with Frontpage Fags

Gay niggers give front page fags nightmares.

Getting an unusually shitty, racist, gross, or illegal YTMND on the front page is considered an awesome way to fuck with front page fags. Reading comments such as "what is this crap," "dude is that a dead baby," and "hey that's not cool my best friend is a nigger" is a great source of lulz.

Additionally, you can make a YTMND with a deceptive title to lure in front page fags such as "ZIDANE BREAK DANCES`[email protected]," "brian PePpErS does teh HoKeY PoKey," or "Bill Cosby likes 2 party HARD!"

Now, with your deceptive title chosen do the following:

1. Upload a really loud sound file, preferably containing a black person.
2. Upload picture of a gay nigger with a big dick.
3. ???
4. Take a break.
5. Make sure that noise you heard wasn't your mom coming home.
6. Profit.

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