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Classic Thorpedo.

Fully Sick is an unfunny meme started by a cereal advertisement starring famous homosexual and Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe.


The Thorpedo (penis metaphor) embarassed himself and Australia a shitload of times with his television appearances. These include a pathetic reality TV show called Undercover Angels, in which he directed three women to perform good deeds for people in need. He also loves fashion and has a range of designer jewellery and underwear. He is a bigger closet case than Missy Higgins, knowing well that coming out would fuck any opportunities he has to endorse more shitty products.

In the ad, a mother can't get her two sons to eat disgusting healthy cereal so she rings the company's hotline where Thorpey says to tell them it's fully sick. When she does this they immediately eat it.

After it became apparent to the entire country that this ad was incredibly stupid, 13 year old boys started to use the term IRL fully sick as a sarcastic way describe shit nobody cares about. As all things do, the phrase eventually spread to the internets and became an old meme in less than 99 seconds.

Lebs (a type of wog) have also been known to say Fully Sick when describing either their car, subwoofa or kebab ridden house. Example of wog speech: "OMGAAWD BRAH DID YOU SEE MY FULLY SICK KHEEEBABS WITH DA TABBOULEH AND DA GOLD RIMS BRO?" Scientists are desperately trying to find an answer to this riddle of Lebanese dialect.

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