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The GNU mascot taking a hit

GNU is an acronym for "GNU's Not Usable", an operating system which forms the basis for Linux.

GNU is an autistic sect of fanatics that hates everyone that does not worship them. Their leader is known as RMS or Richard Stallman, a dirt old fart that never showered himself or used water in his body and has a beard full of crap of not cleaning it over the years that he uses as emergency food while trolling over the Internets.

They invented a license named GPL, an acronym that means Get Paid Less (moar liek Get Laid Less, amirite?). With this license everyone will think you are a moron and will pay you just with used condoms for the most pain work: develop apps for lusers.

They rewrite and create new licenses that people hates even more. GPL version 3 is the most hated of them along with GNU FDL that sucks too, used by the worst sites like Wikipedia or Uncyclopedia. Those licenses makes impossible to use crap from another places or you will get sued by their zealots. If you release crap using one of their licenses, you will look like a retarded GNU zealot and everyone will shit at you.

GNU was designed so that unusable bullshit could be protected by being unprotectable. The freedoms offered by the GPL are all lies invented by their zealots. The GPL works to take away all your freedom by making your shit free to others and able to making even worser. It's a great communist license and governments like China, Kosovo or Venezuela uses it a lot for their weapons of mass destruction.

GNU zealots and modus operandi

These kind of fucktards usually say that Microsoft will disappear in a few years and GNU will conquer the world. They also love Richard Stallman and would like to fuck make Love with him, but they don't know Richard Stallman is virgin and his penis is full of solidified smegma... Anyway, even this article's authors can't imagine how Richard Stallman's Love is beautiful and deep. And strong. But soft. Shit this is a fucking paradox.

Projects under GNU GPL

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