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Totally not a Smarmy Creep with an overly fussy, Metrosexual Mustache.

George Alan Rekers (born July 11, 1948) is an headshrinker and ordained Southern Baptist witchdoctor. He used to be the "scientific advisor" to NARTH, which is not a strange magickal realm accessible through a bathroom stall in the local gay bar. It stands for National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, yet another failed "Pray Away The Gay" organization offering "conversion therapy" intended to transform homosexuals into closeted homosexuals. Rekers had testified in court that Teh Ghey was sinful and destructive, and he should know, because he had several mouthfuls of it every day. He was also against parenthood by gay and lesbian people in a number of court cases. You can already guess what he was caught doing.

In May 2010 Rekers paid a he-whore to "carry his luggage" while on vacation in Europe.

Luckily for the Rentboy, George Rekers Package was small and easy to manage.

Very, Very Specific Massages.


George Rekers wanted to teach this Rentboy

Rekers denied any inappropriate conduct and suggestions that he was a gloriously faaaaabulous fruitbasket. The male escort told CNN he had given Rekers "sexual massages" while traveling together in Europe. So, yeah. They fucked like minks in heat.

Glory How he Blew Ya.

He needed someone to carry his luggage, and deal with his tuggage and his pluggage.


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