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Georgewilliamherbert is a Wikipedia admin. If he had a real life, in it he would be George William Herbert, who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, with his wife Lee, and six rescue cats, 3 of which weigh over 12 lbs. He works for a few minutes in computer consulting by day, and spends the rest of the time trying to become a bureaucratic fuck. By night, he does precious little aerospace engineering as the owner of Venturer Aerospace and his consulting company Retro Aerospace, and then resumes trying to become a bureaucratic fuck. Herbert writes technical materials, nonfiction, and a little fiction for flavor, concentrating on producing bogus explanations for why he is banning new editors at Wikipedia. One could say that he writes poetry, but he himself confesses, "I produce doggrel [sic] is perhaps a more fair statement."

In October of 2010, Georgewilliam Herbert won a prestigious award, as reported by Global Associated News, "George-William Herbert Shatters Masturbation World Record!"

Herbert is noted for making embarrassing proxy blocks on behalf of Will Beback, and for making the following statement about Wikipedia biographies: "We are an encyclopedia, and an open source content project. Our objective, as a project, is to create and host content. That includes biographies of people who are alive, so that we can defame them."

Georgewilliamherbert is believed to be the inspiration for this superb series of instructional videos at YouTube:

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